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23 Ways to Say Thank You


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Learn 23 different ways to say "Thank You" from the language learning platform, Living Language.

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23 Ways to Say Thank You

  1. 1. 23 WAYS TO SAY THANK YOU UNITED STATES • ENGLISH The languages included in this map are those with existing Living Language courses. The countries representing each language were selected based on population. EUROPE ASIA EURASIA AFRICA S. AMERICA N. AMERICA FRANCE Merci. FRENCH GERMANY Danke. GERMAN ITALY Grazie. ITALIAN CZECH REPUBLIC Dekuji. CZECH GREECE ef-khah-ree-STO. GREEK CROATIA Hvala. CROATIAN NETHERLANDS Dankjewel. DUTCH HUNGARY Köszönöm. Ευχαριστώ. HUNGARIAN JAPAN arigatoo gozaimasu. JAPANESE POLAND Dziekuje. POLISH SWEDEN Tack. SWEDISH ありがとうございます.. ˛ ˛ N&S KOREA gamsahamnida. 감사합니다. KOREAN CHINA xièxie. 谢谢。 CHINESE ISRAEL toda. . T धन्यवाद। HEBREW INDIA dhanyavad. HINDI VIETNAM Cám on ‚ ban. . תודה. VIETNAMESE EGYPT shukran. ARABIC RUSSIA spah-SEE-bah. RUSSIAN TANZANIA Asante. SWAHILI TURKEY Tesekkür ederim. TURKISH Спасибо. BRAZIL Obrigado/Obrigada. (male/female) PORTUGUESE MEXICO Gracias. SPANISH FFrroomm LIVING LANGUAGE visit