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21 Ways to Say Hello


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Learn how to say hello in 21 languages. You'll be able to greet new friends wherever you travel.

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21 Ways to Say Hello

  1. 1. The languages included in this map are those with existing Living Language courses. The countries representing each language were selected based on population. EUROPE AFRICAASIA SOUTH AMERICAEURASIANORTH AMERICA FRANCE Salut! FRENCH GERMANY Hallo! GERMAN ITALY Ciao! ITALIAN CZECH REPUBLIC Ahoj! CZECH GREECE YAH sahs! GREEK CROATIA Bog! CROATIAN NETHERLANDS Hallo! DUTCH HUNGARY Üdvözlöm! HUNGARIANΓεια σας CHINA Ní hao! CHINESE POLAND Czesc! POLISH MEXICO ¡Hola! SPANISH SWEDEN Hej! SWEDISH JAPAN Kon’nichiwa! JAPANESE N&S KOREA Annyeonghaseyo! KOREAN ISRAEL Shalom! HEBREW THAILAND Sah-wahd-dee khrup/kah! (male/female) THAI こんにちは 안녕하세요 ‫שלום‬T สวัสดีครับ / สวัสดี ค่ะ EGYPT Marhaba! ARABIC RUSSIA ZDRAHVDZ-vuee-tyeh! RUSSIAN KENYA Hujambo! SWAHILI TURKEY Merhaba! TURKISH Здравствуйте BRAZIL Olá! PORTUGUESE FromFrom LIVING LANGUAGE visit{ { HELLOHELLOHELLOHELLO 21 WAYS TO SAY21 WAYS TO SAY21 WAYS TO SAY