Salute To Seuss by Josh


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Salute To Seuss by Josh

  1. 1. salute to seuss By Josh Year 4
  2. 2. Venn diagram Lorax country School environment Red leaves lake birds Swings courts Blue sky Green grass Swimming pool Maypole Trees
  3. 4. Its made of red fathers , yellow and black paint, green pipe cleaners, a piece of old card board and a handy towel tube. The Once-ler comes in his wagon and it is very peaceful and quiet. It’s got pink, yellow, red and orange trees.
  4. 5. My Favorite Dr Seuss book . The Lorax is my favorite book, because it has lot’s of neat tongue twisters and cool pictures.
  5. 6. The Last Tuffula Seed I saw a little seed on the ground. I looked at it and then a thing popped out. I jumped. What is it? The dust cleared. It’s the last truffula. I took it home and then I buried it. The next day I looked at it. It was huge. I waited until the next day. I fainted because a whole forest had grown overnight from just one seed! Last truffula tree
  6. 7. biographical Informaton Dr Seuss was a friendly person and loved writing picture book’s and loved children as well.
  7. 8. word meanings Lull: To cause to sleep or rest. Fare: To pay extra money on travel. Flapjack: Pancake. Clipper: One that cuts, shears or clips. Lisp: A sound of or like a lisp.