Salute To Seuss by Connor S


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Salute To Seuss by Connor S

  1. 1. Salute to Seuss. By Connor S Year 4
  2. 2. votes VOTE/S FOR THE LORAX: 6 Vote/s for The Cat in the Hat: 0 Vote/s for Cat in the Hat Comes Back: 0 Vote/s for other: 9 Vote/s for Hop on Pop: 6
  3. 4. lorax The last seed of the last truffula tree. I’d better be quiet while I plant this last seed. The wind was picking up and the seed blew out of my hands - nooooooo. I chased it every where until I lost it. But no one, knew that it planted it’s self. No one knew not even me. One week later I saw a shadow. That was the first truffala tree. Then I saw something moving, getting bigger and bigger. It was all the Lorax’s friends coming back. When the truffula tree drops seeds the Lorax’s friends will help the seeds grow. They will bring water and spread the seeds around to make copses for the animals to live in.
  4. 5. Puahue school environment. Lorax environment. sa me No lake lake trees grass shops No lorax lorax No shops Clean our environment. Don’t clean their environment. animals playground Native birds
  5. 6. books!!!
  6. 7. Truffula Tree In the future this tree will give more seeds to make more truffula trees. My truffula tree will give five seeds at a time. Those five seeds will give more five seeds. And they will need to be grown in a 20 mile wide paddock. They will grow 16 meters high.
  7. 8. my favourite dr.seuss book My favourite Dr Seuss book is Hop on Pop because there are rhyming words. Someone called Pat sits on a hat, bat and a cat, and Pat was going to sit on a cactus. It said, “no Pat no, don’t sit on that.”
  8. 9. When did dr.Seuss die? September 24 th 1991. When was dr.Seuss born? March 4 1904. Dr Seuss biographical information. Dr.Seuss respected little kids and wrote books for kids a lot. He also joined the army in world war II.
  9. 10. Lull: to soothe or calm. flapjack: a pancake. Fare: the price that you pay on a bus, plane etc. Lisp: To speak imperfectly . Dr.Seuss word meanings Clipper: a boat.