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Tim Arnold - Digital Marketing - Digital In Kent 2013


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Tim has been in marketing all his working life; as a director of the London office of one of the world’s leading ad agency groups to founding one of the UK’s largest independent marketing groups. He was kind enough to speak at the event we hold called Digital In Kent, here are his slides which he presented to the audience.

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Tim Arnold - Digital Marketing - Digital In Kent 2013

  1. 1. • Just what is Marketing today? • Making the right choice of media • The way to integrate Traditional and Digital • Some things don’t change • Nourishing your brand in the Digital Age
  2. 2. <you>
  3. 3. 1. It’s NOT the same as SALES 2. The medium is NOT the message 3. Nourish your brand in the digital era 4. The customer is all
  4. 4. Marketing creates the best environment for your selling.... Sales Marketing Targets Units Products Benefits Buyer Turnover Objectives Market Share Brand USP & Values Customer Profit
  5. 5. • Switching • Churn • Retention • Pricing
  6. 6. Publicity & Marketing Manager Head of Marketing Business Development Director Consumer Marketing Manager Head of Digital Customer Marketing Vice President (Marketing and Commutations Manager) Promotions Coordinator Marketing Director Customer Marketing Controller Marketing Team Leader Insight Director On-line Manager Trading & Acquisition Marketing Manager Sales & Marketing Director Marketing and CRM Manager Proposition Development Manager E-Commerce Manager Senior Affiliate Marketing Manager Internal Communications Associate Marketing & Communications Manager Corporate Marketing Director Head of Product and Proposition Strategy Social Marketing and Commerce Manager Marketing Services Executive Shopper Marketing Team Leader Market Insight Manager Segmented Pricing Manager European Poultry Business Manager Marketing Database Analyst Head of Marketing Services Marketing Campaign Manager Business Communications Manager PPC Executive eCRM Executive Roadshow & Event Coordinator Online Marketing Manager Marketing Project Manager Partnership Marketing Executive Product Planner Customer Experience Manager Web Analytics Specialist Acquisition Conversion Assistant
  7. 7. “To create and capture customer desire for what the company does at a sustainable profit.”
  8. 8. A Sale starts with a Search To Google everyone is equal Social Media costs nothing but TIME Experience is Expertise 1 2 3 4
  9. 9. Media is in the hands of the consumer It’s a two way thing It has to be worthwhile + mutual
  10. 10. 90% Ownership 2014
  11. 11. • Two way dialogue – Talking WITH not AT • A slow burn …yet • Platform + set up • Involvement • Management time • Support Media Engage with the customer on their terms… It all should point one way…to sales and the web
  12. 12. CUSTOMER
  13. 13. 1.Provides the creative ‘umbrella’ 2.The centre of all Marketing
  14. 14. Products are PEOPLE Brands are FRIENDS We have relationships with friends!
  15. 15. Look Logo Tone of voice Positioning Creative framework Images Messages Typeface Graphics Brand Values
  17. 17. Best know the customer! Use research! Customers + competitors
  18. 18. How the brain works The psychology of buying Evolutionary biology Anthropology of culture Intuition or considered Choice + reasons I want to belong
  19. 19. Plan the touch points + interactions Interpret creatively with the brand values Importance of search What is being searched for?
  20. 20. • Marketing is more than a series of activities • Marketing is the only business function that delivers growth 1. More of the same… 2. More from the new…