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Sxsw social storytelling presentation


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Most of today’s content strategies involve publishing hundred of bits of content per month across social networks, without any cohesive story or narrative behind the content. These random pieces of information tell a story to your fans and customers, whether intended or not.

Are you telling the right brand story?

This hands-on session will help you:

· Identify the genre or type of story that you want to tell

· Develop a monthly story arc in your content calendar

· Create compelling, interesting characters your customers will want to engage

· Invite your customers to be in your story
· Frame your story within the Facebook Timeline layout

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  • Extremely interesting presentation. What I found especially great if the suggestion to embed users' personal stories or comment in a pre-designed story. Reminds me of the relationship writers as Dickens has with their audience when writing feuilleton. A balance between structured stories and feedback if for sure required. We have been lacking relevant content for too long.
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Sxsw social storytelling presentation

  1. 1. StorytellingThe next wave of social media marketing Presented by @MarkWilliams & @CarriBugbee #storytell #sxsw
  2. 2. #storytell #sxsw
  3. 3. About @CarriBugbee• Join @PeggyOlson’s creative team (new saga!) at• Social TV explorer, social media marketing strategist & speaker; advertising/PR pro• Social TV columnist/analyst & editorial board member of• Contributing author: ―The Big Book of Social Media Case Studies, Stories, Perspectives”• @socialTVtrends, @PeggyOlson, @JazzC rowd• Bio & other profiles (G+): #storytell #sxsw
  4. 4. About @MarkWilliams• Director of Social Strategy & Content Programming, LiveWorld• Theater Actor, Director and Producer• ―Forest Gump‖ of social media• BA in History, MFA in Theater• Travel in 6 continents, 50 states Client history includes: • Kraft• Foods, HBO, MINI, QVC, S print, TJX, a major sports league and…• • #1 retailer in the world • #1 CPG • #1 Travel & Financial Services • #1 and #2 Pharmaceutical #storytell #sxsw
  5. 5. Workshop Agenda• Introduction (15 min.)• What is Social Storytelling and Who Is Doing It? (30 min.)• Break (10 min.)• Developing A Storytelling Framework/worksheets (35 min.)• Freightliner video (5 min.)• Break (10 min.)• Audience Participation – Lightening Round! (35min.)• Social Samba (5 min.)• Wrap up (5 min.) #storytell #sxsw
  6. 6. Workshop Agreements1. Be Kind FrieNDA1. The Timekeeper Rules1. You Know When The Break Is FIVE2. Have Fun and Participate3. The Timekeeper Rules #storytell #sxsw
  7. 7. Why Are You Here? #storytell #sxsw
  8. 8. Social ―Engagement‖ Has Come To T #storytell #sxsw
  9. 9. And this? #storytell #sxsw
  10. 10. And still more like this? #storytell #sxsw
  11. 11. Until We End Up With This. #storytell #sxsw
  12. 12. Storytelling has always been at the core of smart marketing―Its not called theWheel. Its called aCarousel. It lets ustravel the way achild travels.Around andaround, and backhome again... to aplace where weknow we areloved.‖ - Don Draper #storytell #sxsw
  13. 13. And Still Is Today #storytell #sxsw
  14. 14. This is the Next WaveSocial storytelling:• Includes customer stories as part of the brand story• Conveys brand attributes in a more memorable context• Entertains customers and keeps them interested• Teaches and educates in a fun, non-preachy way• Inspires customers to spread the word about you• Builds fans and advocates• Maybe even goes vir… (the marketing tactic that must not be named!) #storytell #sxsw
  15. 15. Share What We See Offer A PathInspire Your Next Step #storytell #sxsw
  16. 16. What Is SocialStoryTelling?(and who is doing it well?) #storytell #sxsw
  17. 17. Case Study: Old Spicewith special guest Dean McBeth Formerly senior digital strategist at Wieden+KennedyNow SVP of digital strategy and content at Ketchum Digital #storytell #sxsw
  18. 18. Old Spice guy started in a ―superbowl‖ commercial (actually just on the Web) #storytell #sxsw
  19. 19. Old Spice on Twitter #storytell #sxsw
  20. 20. Old Spice on Youtube #storytell #sxsw
  21. 21. Old Spice on Facebook #storytell #sxsw
  22. 22. Old Spice Website #storytell #sxsw
  23. 23. Top 10 Tips for Social Storytelling1. Customer comments/actions will guide good story ideas • What are customers are doing/saying now? Expand on that. • Even negative comments can inspire ideas.2. Social stories are often non-linear • You may have to work hard to maintain a consistent thread and story arc; people in social spaces are ADHD. • People will pop in and out; look for ways to pull them back in.3. Stories should be both structured and improvisational • Create a plan, but know some of it will change. • Pay attention to what people like and do more of that. • Respond in the moment to create surprise and delight. #sxsw #storytell
  24. 24. Top 10 Tips for Social Storytelling4. Use each social media platform to its best advantage • Create stand-alone platform experiences that are enhanced by cross-platform participation. • Need team members who really know your platforms— technical and community expertise.5. Give people something to do—and reward them • Build in incremental payoffs along the way. • People want to know how hard they’re going to work and what they’ll get for their time.6. Highly visual • Tell your story in pictures as well as words. • You can even tell a story with just pictures (or video). #storytell #sxsw
  25. 25. Top 10 Tips for Social Storytelling7. Focus on share-ability • Create moments that’ll make people want to spread your content. • Incorporate the right tools to do this (obvious and easy to use).8. Use data to personalize the experience • Track what people like and what they say. • Gather social data via authentication tools and apps.9. Track your biggest fans—pay it forward & give back • They’ll help seed your content & be your champions. • They might also be your test group.10. No storytelling talent on your team? Get outside help—and develop internal team (may take awhile) • Hire experienced writers/storytellers for project work. #storytell #sxsw
  26. 26. Fans got the ball rolling #storytell #sxsw
  27. 27. Other fans thought it was a ―real‖ campaign “…now it looks like the shows marketing team has stepped up the game again by really jumping into the social media space.”
  28. 28. #storytell #sxsw
  29. 29. Brand-enabledUCG forMad Men #storytell #sxsw
  30. 30. Brand-enabled UCG(In response to user-initiated events) #storytell #sxsw
  31. 31. Mad Men partnered with Banana Republic Fashion as transmedia #storytell #sxsw
  32. 32. Break(10 min) #storytell #sxsw
  33. 33. StoryTelling BuildingBlocksWhat do you need to tell astory? #storytell #sxsw
  34. 34. Elements of a Story (check out pages 4-8 in the handout) Resolution & Denouement Time Limits | Rising Action Initiating Action | O b s t a c l e sCharacters | POV | Objectives #storytell #sxsw
  35. 35. Three Ridiculously Easy Ways To Improve Your Brand Story NOW• Change Your Perspective: It’s About Customers, Not You• Weave a Theme into your Messages to Create an Arc• Incorporate Fan Responses to Advance the Story #storytell #sxsw
  36. 36. Five Elements To Telling Any Story1. A Character We Identify With2. Context For The Story • Place – literal, channel/medium (text, images, video) • Time • Relationship With Another Character3. A Challenge To Overcome4. A Story Arc with an Ending #storytell #sxsw
  37. 37. Why Do People Participate In Social Netw • To Express Themselves • To Connect With or Make Friend • To Gain Attention • To Gain Status #storytell #sxsw
  38. 38. A Short Brand Story… #storytell #sxsw
  39. 39. Let’s Break It Down1. Who Is The Character We Identify With?2. What Is The Context For The Story? • Place - • Time - • Relationship With Another Character –3. What Challenge To Overcome?4. Is There A Story Arc with an Ending?5. Is It A Social Story? #storytell #sxsw
  40. 40. Worksheets (30 minutes) #storytell #sxsw
  41. 41. Platform strengths & usage opps (online)1. Facebook A. Big audience potential B. Multi-media—video, photos, interactive apps C. Offline component—events, check-ins, deals D. Threaded conversations E. Robust advertising platform F. Real people with mostly symmetrical relationships2. Twitter A. Discovery—people can find like-minded people and topics of interest B. Tagged conversations—hashtags make it easy to find/track info C. Trends—organic and paid D. Brevity #storytell #sxsw E. Becoming multimedia (nascent with video, aka Vine)
  42. 42. Platform strengths & usage opps (online)3. Pinterest A. Visual B. Heavily skewed female (fashion, beauty, weddings, gifts) C. Aspirations, interests and hobbies D. Topic-based E. Self-branded identities4. Location-based apps (FourSquare, etc.) A. Geo-targeted campaigns/activities B. Distribution to other social channels C. Mapping D. Augmented reality (with third-party add ons) E. Tips and reviews #storytell #sxsw
  43. 43. Platform strengths & usage opps (online)5. Instagram A. Creative and playful B. Highly mobile C. Time and place (easy to track)6. LinkedIn A. B2B focus B. Other ideas?7. YouTube (and other video sites)8. Blogs (on domain)9. Owned communities10. Branded mobile apps #storytell #sxsw
  44. 44. Case Study: Freightlinerwith special guest Tom Bennett Formerly sr. strategist at The New Group Now strategy consultant with XPLANE #storytell #sxsw
  45. 45. Case Studies #storytell #sxsw
  46. 46. Case Studies #storytell #sxsw #storytell #sxsw
  47. 47. Case Studies #storytell #sxsw
  48. 48. Case Studies #storytell #sxsw #storytell #sxsw
  49. 49. Break(10 min) #storytell #sxsw
  50. 50. Lightening Round/Breakout! (35 min) #storytell #sxsw
  51. 51. MINI USA: Identity Converges • ―Not normal‖ • Brand built around shared customer stories • Wedding photos • Car as profile • FB timeline app #storytell #sxsw
  52. 52. Case Study: Nortonwith special guest Aaron Williams CEO and founder of SocialSamba #storytell #sxsw
  53. 53. Social Storytellingwe turn characters into social ―friends‖ that fans love to engage
  54. 54. Norton’sCybergeddonSaga:
  55. 55. Deep Engagement:• 9.98 min / visit• 2.82 visits / unique• 32% referral traffic• 7,171,626 in-story comments 2012 Emmy NomineeProductive Customers Interactive Television Programming SocialSamba Inc. The Leader in Social Storytelling Aaron Williams Co-Founder, CEO p: 408-337-2622 e:
  56. 56. Three Things To Remember1. It’s an EVOLUTION, not a revolution2. Give people something to do and reward them.3. Plan to adapt: listen, respond and react. #storytell #sxsw