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LiveWorld Social Scorecard


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Use these 12 questions to score the marketing effectiveness of your brand's Facebook Page.

See our full blog post on the Social Scorecard here:

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LiveWorld Social Scorecard

  1. 1. Social Scorecard To grade your brand’s current Facebook marketing efforts, and identify which areas could use improvement, score your Page on each of the questions below. EngagEmEnt Rank your Facebook Page on a scale of 1-5 points for each question, with 5 being the best: 1 2 3 4 51. Does your brand publish fresh content on a consistent basis? 2. Do your status updates feature an appropriate mix of industry-related, brand-related, and pure social content?3. How often do your fans respond to your Wall posts in the form of likes, comments, and shares?4. Does the content mix include a variety of media: text, photos, videos, slides, apps, games, and special offers? 5. What is the overall quality of fan engagement? tonE & CulturE Rank your Facebook Page on a scale of 1-4 points for each question, with 4 being the best: 1 2 3 41. Are there published participation/moderation guidelines that clearly define acceptable and prohibited behaviors on the Page?2. How appropriately are conflicts and problems addressed? 3. Does the tone of the Page reflect positively on the brand? 4. Does your brand have a persistent and engaging presence?
  2. 2. Social Scorecard Results markEting intEgration Rank your Facebook Page on a scale of 3 points for each question, with 3 being the best: 1 2 31. Is there content on the Page that fans actually want to share? 2. Are you integrating elements of your corporate site into your Facebook Page (store locator, customer support, online storefront, etc.)?3. Are you extending your Facebook Page’s presence back to your corporate site, with the “Like” button and other Facebook social plugins?Beginner: 11-20 You’re probably new to social media marketing, but at least you’re in the game! Pick one area to focus and improve on. We suggest spending time defining your brand’s social Tone & Culture as a starting point.advanced Beginner: 21-30 Surprisingly, many big “name” brands score in this range. You’re doing a few things well, but likely aren’t generating enough Engagement around your posts to fully reap the benefits of Facebook marketing. To raise your score, work on posting about topics that your fans really care about and that motivate them to respond!Intermediate: 31-40 Most Pages in this range are scoring well in two of the main categories, but need improvement in the third. Typically, your brand hasn’t hit the sweet spot with Engagement, or doesn’t have the staffing time/ resources to carry out full Marketing Integration. In either scenario, it should be obvious what your team needs to focus on next.Expert: 41-49 Being called a “social media expert” can sometimes cause a backlash, but if your brand’s Page is scoring this highly, you probably deserve the title! Your Page is performing well in all three key areas of Facebook marketing, and with just a few tweaks, you can reach 50!