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Formula to Achieve Your Goals: The Secret of Reverse Engineering- Live With Power


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Learn the secret to achieve your goals with internationally licenced NLP trainer Anita Kozlowski.

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Formula to Achieve Your Goals: The Secret of Reverse Engineering- Live With Power

  1. 1. The “Why” is your Real Goal Before committing to any goal, decide your reason for wanting to have achieved your goal. If you don’t have a powerful reason, you will not achieve your goal, and if you achieve it, the change will not last. Example: “ I want to have a million dollars in my bank account.” A million dollars is only a million dollars. Wanting a million reflects what that million means to you. Only you know what that is. It could be a sense of safety, freedom to do whatever you want to do, a possibility to contribute. Before you decide to set a goal, decide what is your value in having achieved it. Step into the future where that goal has been achieved, and decide how has your life changed as result of having achieved it? What value has having achieved that goal brought into your life.
  2. 2. Examples of Poorly and Well Formed Goals In order for a goal to be achieved, it has to be written in a format that aligns your neurology with its achievement. Example: Poorly Stated Goal “I want to have more money” Example: Well Stated Goal “It is now (specific date) and I (your name) have one million dollars in my bank account Can you feel the difference?
  3. 3. The Formula To Achieve Your Goals – That Works In Order For Your Goals To Be Achievable, They Need to be Stated In A Particular Way: Concise – Stated in a Nutshell Format Realistic – Determine What IS Possible Ecological – Good for Me, Good For You, Good For The World at Large A – Stated As If Now T- Time Specified E- Evaluative – I Know When I Have Achieved It
  4. 4. …Another Secret To Achieving Your Goals In order for goals to be achievable, they must be initiated by you. These goals must be your goals, not someone else’s goals for you (unless you make obedience to them your goal). Goals must be stated in the positive Example of a Poorly Formulated Goal: “I don’t want to work all the time” Reframed into a Well Formulated Goal: “I want to experience more freedom in my life”
  5. 5. C R E A T E Formula to Achieve Goals C – Concise Your mind likes specifics. When presented with vague information it will create a specific meaning from it. The problem is it may not formulate an accurate representation of what is hidden. To achieve a goal, it must be specific and stated in a concise manner. Example of a Poorly Stated Goal “I want to be rich” Example of a Well Formed Goal “I have a Million dollars in my bank account”
  6. 6. C R E A T E Formula to Achieve Goals R – Realistic Here you need to dig deep into your Why. If your Why is powerful enough, you will find resources to step outside your comfort zone and step into the next level of your ability. People have been known to achieve extraordinary things when driven from within by a higher purpose. I found a million dollars in an afternoon when I needed it to save other peoples’ investments. I did not have a million, nor did my family or friends have a million. I knew someone who had it, and he was not my friend. I asked for it. He gave it to me based on the power of my conviction. He responded to my Why.
  7. 7. C R E A T E Formula to Achieve Goals E – Ecological Ecological means, good for me, good for you, good for the world at large. Example of an un-ecological Goal: “I want a million dollars no matter what” (including stealing it from someone) Interestingly many sales organizations disregard this principle and train their teams to achieve their goals regardless of the consequences for the consumer.
  8. 8. C R E A T E Formula to Achieve Goals A – As If Now When we state something in the future, our brain creates a distance between us and that something. Sometimes we position our goals in the future and as we get closer to it, it seems to be moving further from us – approximately the same “distance” we covered getting towards it. When we step into the future point NOW, we have eliminated that distance and an inherent subconscious amount of time needed to cover it. We are exactly in the moment when this goal has already been achieved. Your neurology aligns itself with something having already been achieved. “It is Now (future date you decided on) and I have……..
  9. 9. C R E A T E Formula to Achieve Goals T – Time Specific Now that you have decided upon the date for having achieved your goal and brought the future into the now (which is just as easy as bringing memories of the past into the now), you must state that date. Example: “It is now July 2020 and I (your name) have one million dollars in the bank, allowing me to explore the world and contribute to my family’s secure future.
  10. 10. C R E A T E Formula to Achieve Goals E – Evaluative You must have very clear criteria for having achieved your goal. In other words you must know when you have achieved it. A million dollars in the bank is clearly a verifiable goal having been achieved. Having stepped into your perfect weight of 150 lbs. is a verifiable and measurable goal having been achieved.
  11. 11. Re-Creating - The Key to Creativity We are always creating. When we dig deeper we recognize that anything we create starts with a single thought and that thought came from an inspired moment. That inspired moment IS the brief moment in time when we have created something, and it felt right. Creating is really re-creating something perfect from a place within our minds. When Beethoven wrote his 9th Symphony he heard this music in his mind and re-created on paper that which existed deep inside. The time it took him to write it was the time needed to re-create something that existed deep within himself. When you step into Your Vision and set goals according to the CREATE formula, you are recreating that which you have already created in your mind. Your neurology is aligned with something that has been accomplished. Your actions to achieve it are only a natural sequence of events taking place in alignment with your creation.
  12. 12. Reverse Engineering – The Genius Formula Everything starts with a thought. All inspired thoughts contain all the ingredients of something having been created. It only takes a fraction of a second for your brain to compute the necessary processes needed to create an inspired state on the basis of the ingredients being there. When you are taking the time to re-create all the ingredients and the processes inherent to that inherent thought, you are reverse engineering something perfect and complete. The 9th Symphony is a perfect example of reverse engineering. Beethoven accessed the inspired state, heard the music inside and took the time to recreate what he heard. The process of writing what he heard inside was the process of reverse engineering the perfect structure into its inherent components. The question is – What Do You Want To Create?