New Conferencing - the changing role of events


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New Conferencing - the changing role of live events
The shift from information heavy to ideas led events
Five areas of value for audiences attending events
Four approaches to designing events to maximise delegate value

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New Conferencing - the changing role of events

  1. 1. The backdrop to New Conferencing is a fundamental shift in therole of events in the digital age. !!Events have been freed by other more efficient communicationchannels from the need to deliver detailed, information heavy,content. Today the best events bring people together to share anddevelop big ideas - ideas that can create real value.!
  2. 2. Beyond the corporate sector hugely popular events such as TED,The Do Lectures and the Aspen Ideas festival all reflect this shift.!
  3. 3. With this in mind, what is the value of attending conferences fortoday’s audiences? !
  4. 4. At Live Union we believe that the value for employees andcustomers in attending events lies in 5 areas.!
  5. 5. How can we design ideas led events that deliver real value foraudiences?!