Five Reasons


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Five reasons why you should consider experiential when devising your marketing plan.

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Five Reasons

  1. 1. Five Reasons why you should consider experiential within your marketing plan LIVE UNION As an experiential agency, you’d expect us to be evangelical about the role of live, and we won’t disappoint! The world has changed and more and more brands are placing ‘you-had-to-be-there’ experiences at the heart of their marketing. Here are five reasons why.
  2. 2. Reason One Human Desire LIVE UNION Simon Jenkins uses the expression ‘the magnetism of human congregation’ to describe the basic human need to come together as a group. This is expressing itself more keenly than ever before.
  3. 3. LIVE UNION The boom in live happenings is evident in everything from Obama’s inauguration, to the ten fold growth in music festivals in the last ten years.
  4. 4. LIVE UNION Not to mention our hunger to experience TV formats face-to-face.
  5. 5. LIVE UNION In the digital age where all other media can be downloaded, shared and consumed, any time any place, consumers are flocking to non- repeatable, one off, live experiences.
  6. 6. Reason Two Harness Mass Behaviour LIVE UNION Consumers respond to brands that ‘do’ rather than just ‘say’. Today’s most successful brands get people talking and interacting around them, live experiences are a great way to achieve this. Here are two examples that we like.
  7. 7. Nike’s Human Race engages a global audience with their passion for running and cleverly integrates ways for people to spread the word – such as sharing training routes and challenging people in different locations to races.
  8. 8. Method use live experiences to dramatize their product story. Pop-up stores appear in US cities running a ‘toxic turn in’ programme, where people can exchange their chemical based cleaning products for non- toxic Method products. They use the theatre of staff in chemical protection suits disposing of their rivals’ products, to generate conversation and energy around the brand.
  9. 9. Reason Three Light a Fire LIVE UNION People talk about the importance of building a big fire at the heart of your marketing and then using all the tools at your disposal to fan the flames.
  10. 10. LIVE LIVE UNION Live spectacles offer that opportunity, and the tools, be they digital social media ones or more traditional, are particularly adroit at fanning the flames of live.
  11. 11. LIVE LIVE UNION This creates exciting new ways for people to engage with the live experience and amplifies the content to a far larger audience.
  12. 12. Reason Four Move the Needle LIVE UNION For brands that have some heavy lifting to do, and most do somewhere, be it changing consumer perceptions or engaging a new audience, live events have proven powers beyond other channels.
  13. 13. Whatever the reason for wanting to get closer to your audience, great live experiences, create long lasting memories and change behaviours.
  14. 14. Reason Five Demonstrate Value LIVE UNION The integration of digital channels offers new ways to measure the effect of live experiences.
  15. 15. LIVE UNION Enabling us to demonstrate the power of live as it amplifies beyond the face-to-face audience.
  16. 16. The Live Lab LIVE UNION Many brands are, for the first time, thinking about using live experiences within their marketing. In order to help them think about what live could do for them; how it could integrate with their other marketing and to understand more about developing live properties, we run a workshop called a Live Lab. We help the brand frame a particular challenge that live could help with and then create a Live Lab, run by ourselves, that brings together internal and partner agency people to evolve and explore the role that live could play.
  17. 17. Define a particular challenge around the use of live experiences Briefing Inspiration Market Strategy The Live Lab Audience Practical Competitors Measurement Internal Staff Agency partners Interesting thinkers LIVE UNION Depending upon the challenge, the output can be specific live ideas or more strategic thinking around the role that live might play – either way it is always a fun and useful process to go through.
  18. 18. LIVE UNION We hope this presentation has been useful. If you’d like to learn a bit more about our experience and our combination of in-house strategic and production skills, please do get in touch.