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Setting The Bar High - Governance In The Digital Workplace


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With technology constantly evolving, the digital workplace is becoming common everywhere. Here is how to govern the digital workplace to ensure success.

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Setting The Bar High - Governance In The Digital Workplace

  1. 1. info@live) @LiveTilesUI Se#ng The Bar High: Governance In The Digital Workplace PRESENTER CHIEF PRODUCT OFFICER info@live) @LiveTilesUI 1
  2. 2. info@live) @LiveTilesUI The Digital Workplace •  Comfortable rela)onship between employees and the workspace. •  Encouraging crea)ve engagement through social media. •  Establishing a clearer line of communica)on between companies and consumers. info@live) @LiveTilesUI Photo Credit: h$p:// workplace/digital-workplace-framework •  the issue of governance in the digital workplace needs to be addressed immediately. •  managing a digital workplace is a vastly evolving process.
  3. 3. info@live) @LiveTilesUI 3 info@live) @LiveTilesUI Keep It Tidy Organiza)on is key. How many )mes have you heard that? It never stops being true, and the need for it is amplified tenfold when it comes to online technology. Crea)ng a well organized intranet through a service like LiveTiles and ensuring that it’s set up in a way that’s easy for your employees to use is an absolute necessity. Ensuring that your employees workplace is readily accessible, both where they’re siJng and where they’re virtually conduc)ng their work from, is a simple step toward keeping chaos and confusion out of the workplace. Ensuring that employees know when to use certain features of your intranet is another maKer en)rely. It’s important to ensure that there’s no confusion when it comes to what purpose an employee will use certain applica)ons for. Highligh)ng the difference between what should be posted on a site like Yammer for every employee to see versus more par)cular informa)on that’s best kept in an email adds to the )diness of the workplace in that irrelevant informa)on isn’t being broadcasted to employees that don’t need to see it. 3 Some of the )le op)ons available when using a LiveTiles template to design your digital workplace.
  4. 4. info@live) @LiveTilesUI 4 info@live) @LiveTilesUI Cross collabora)on is the basis for all successful digital workplaces. IT personnel will be mixing with HR personnel and this means their interac)ons need to be monitored to ensure that proper informa)on is being relayed. Designa)ng certain members of each department to be in charge of briefing alterna)ve personnel is one way to promote this. ensuring employees understand the need for compa)bility and cross departmental educa)on is a tac)cal move that will unify the digital workforce and create employees that are more in sync with your companies goals. 4 Encourage Employees to Play Nice
  5. 5. info@live) @LiveTilesUI 5 info@live) @LiveTilesUI 5 The word “work” doesn’t necessarily have the same effect as “amusement park” but it’s important to understand that the digital workplace is about elimina)ng the more mundane parts of the typically universally loathed work day. The digital workplace is meant to be an exci)ng environment that promotes relevant tasks that maKer to employees so that they spend their )me wisely. Maintaining a stress free, enjoyable atmosphere is the biggest responsibility when it comes to governance in the digital workplace. This can be accomplished by promo)ng something as simple task orientated contests Promote Excitement
  6. 6. info@live) @LiveTilesUI 6 info@live) @LiveTilesUI 6 Never Stop The InnovaJon Train Improvements to your company’s intranet should never be considered “done.” Redesign and playing around with formats and processes is key to finding the perfect fit for your digital workplace. Live)les offers a service that allows organized and easy to use experimenta)on and restructuring capabili)es to con)nuously beKer your companies intranet. Finding new, crea)ve ways for employees to collaborate is the highlight of governance. The best strategy is to have mul)ple strategies and with that in check, establishing a well run digital workplace is all but a guarantee. Photo Credit: h$ps://
  7. 7. info@live) @LiveTilesUI Live Tiles is a digital workplace plaMorm that brings all your organizaJonal content into an engaging common user experience, and them empowers the every day user to evolve the experience as the business changes MAJOR BENEFITS •  Rapid delivery of business solu)ons •  Users can evolve the experiences as required •  Design experiences is drag-and-drop •  Content can be pulled from essen)ally anywhere •  Mobile, responsive and engaging •  Updates released every 2 weeks •  Custom )les can be built CUSTOMERS ARE SAYING “You’d probably rather not spent your )me on the phone. But when you have to, it’s nice to put a face to a name and voice. Skype, the original video- conferencing sobware, is s)ll the perfect u)lity for small and growing businesses. With long roots in the industry, and millions of users, Skype remains free to call for other users and you’re able to buy credits to cheaply call landlines and mobiles (even interna)onally !)”. 7 7 What Is Live Tiles? OTHER EXAMPLES
  8. 8. info@live) @LiveTilesUI Live Tiles is a digital workplace plaMorm that brings all your organizaJonal content into an engaging common user experience, and them empowers the every day user to evolve the experience as the business changes Try Live Tile here CONTACT Chief Product Officer info@live) @LiveTlesUI 8 8 In Summary IN SUMMARY
  9. 9. info@live) @LiveTilesUI LiveTiles is a global technology company headquartered in Times Square, New York, and Melbourne, Australia. We offer modern, user experience-focused technology soluJons to the enterprise, educaJon and SMB markets and are an award- winning Microso^ Partner. Our soluJons include LiveTiles Design for SharePoint and Office 365, LiveTiles Build, LiveTiles Push NoJficaJons App and LiveTiles Mosaic for Office 365 EducaJon. 9 9 ABOUT US Our customers represent a diverse range of global sectors and are spread throughout the United States, United Kingdom, Asia Pacific and La)n America. Since being launched as a standalone products company in 2014, LiveTiles solu)ons have been deployed for some of the world’s most iconic brands across the Retail, Manufacturing, Finance and Educa)on industries. We are also very proud to have many leading Microsob service providers as members of our LiveTiles Partner Program globally. Contact us at info@live) or for general sales enquiries sales@live)
  10. 10. info@live) @LiveTilesUI HEADQUARTERS NEW YORK CITY UNITED STATES 11 Times Square, Level 15 New York, 10036 +1 646 329 6640 SYDNEY AUSTRALIA Level 5, 137-139 Bathurst Street, Sydney NSW 2000 MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA Level 6, 60 City Road, Southbank, VIC Australia 3006 10 10 CONTACT US Stock )cker: LVT
  11. 11. info@live) @LiveTilesUI THANK YOU Organize scaKered business applica)ons and design beau)ful dashboards and sites on Microsob SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure. Give teams the freedom to spend )me collabora)ng, not coding.