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#RampUp17: Optimizing Call Conversions with Display


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Jonathon Schuster, Head of Product, DialogTech

Published in: Marketing
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#RampUp17: Optimizing Call Conversions with Display

  1. 1. Using Caller Data to Generate More Leads 1
  2. 2. 2 Comfort Keepers background ▪ Leading provider of quality in-home senior care ▪ 700+ global franchises and company-owned locations ▪ Run marketing to acquire both new clients and caregivers ▪ Campaigns across PPC (Google, Bing), display, YouTube, and Facebook ▪ 70% of conversions that come in are phone calls ▪ Calls are most valuable leads, ready to convert ▪ Emotional purchase, want to talk to human
  3. 3. ▪ Franchises are independently owned and operated ▪ Contribute to national marketing fund ▪ Data does not have to be shared ▪ When someone calls into call center, they are transferred locally ▪ No way of proving national marketing was driving call conversions Calls Going Into National Call Center Independently-Owned Franchises Large Visibility Gap With Customer Calls 3 Comfort Keepers call attribution challenge ▪ Toll-free phone number on Comfort Keeper’s website ▪ These calls go to a 3rd party call center ▪ Calls then routed locally to franchisees ?→
  4. 4. What Drove the Call Marketing Channel Campaign & Ad Search Keywords Email or Direct Mail Webpages Viewed The Conversation Location or Franchise Called Call Duration What Was Said Did That Marketing Source Drive a “Good” Call The Call & Caller OS & Browser Phone Number Geographic Location Caller’s Name & Past Call Activity Day & Time of Call Comfort Keepers gains call insight from DialogTech 4
  5. 5. Audience Building with Call Conversions 5 Scale, less targeted 3rd party data Great engagement, limited in scale 1st party data Great engagement, expanded scale of high intent 1st party call data Changing the way you think about re-targeting and look-a-like models
  6. 6. 6 How Comfort Keepers created audiences based on call data 2. DialogTech matches visitor identity to LiveRamp’s, then captures complete data on the marketing source, caller, and call 1. Visitor comes to the website from any source, including direct, and calls a franchise location 3. LiveRamp ingests call data from Dialogtech on a daily basis and sends calls for matched users to Quantcast 4. Quantcast uses call information to create a custom audience and uses lookalike modeling to activate
  7. 7. The Numbers – Audience Building 7 Audience Building ▪4x more calls than the next best tactic ▪4x higher call CVR ▪Expanded reach of relevant audience
  8. 8. 8 Based on data from our most valuable offline lead-generation trigger, Quantcast and DialogTech have defined, delivered, and unlocked a live custom audience; finding interested people picking up the phone to set up a consultation. – Bryan Huber, Comfort Keepers