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Inspiration from Leaders in AdTech


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#RampUp16 had endless quotes from some of the smartest minds in AdTech. Check out our favorite quotes here.

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Inspiration from Leaders in AdTech

  1. 1. Inspiration From Leaders in AdTech March  2016  |  #RampUp16
  2. 2. “Data - in it’s most basic sense – is knowledge, and knowledge equals power, which equals revenue.” Ken  Zachmann |  V12  Group  |  #RampUp16
  3. 3. “We’re at this stage where everyone understands data’s importance and there is a lot of data, but there isn’t a lot of time spent evaluating the quality of the data.” Konrad  Feldman  |  Quantcast |  #RampUp16
  4. 4. “Even if you’re using the absolute bleeding edge technology, you have to change your process and implement things differently so you are collecting data in a way that it’s usable.” Josh  Manion |  Ensighten |    #RampUp16
  5. 5. “It’s not just about getting the data in one place, it’s about getting the data to do something.” Joe  Zawadzki |  MediaMath |  #RampUp16
  6. 6. “Learn to tell the good data from the bad data, and use that data to understand the incentives people respond to.” Stephen  Dubner |  #RampUp16
  7. 7. “If you have a good dataset – and you set up your measurement problem, question, and answer in the right format – at the very least you can make informed and directional decisions against it.” Marc  Vermut |  MarketShare |  #RampUp16
  8. 8. “Stop thinking about data as an output. Start thinking about all this data as an input to every part of the business process from strategy to planning to product design.” Joshua  Lowcock |  Universal  McCann  |  #RampUp16
  9. 9. “Data as an asset goes way beyond the purpose of media activation: it goes to measurement and then eventually becomes a marketing strategy around data connectivity.” Diego  Panama  |  LiveRamp |  #RampUp16
  10. 10. ”Data is only an asset if you can organize it and make it actionable, otherwise it’s a pile of bits.” David  Dowhan |  TruSignal |  #RampUp16