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#RampUp17: 7 Truths of Programmatic Marketing and Doing it The Right Way


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Andrew Douglas, Vice President, Data & Analytics and DDM Strategy, IBM Digital

Published in: Marketing
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#RampUp17: 7 Truths of Programmatic Marketing and Doing it The Right Way

  1. 1. February 2017 7 Truths of Programmatic Media
  2. 2. Marketers Make Better Decisions When Based On Data ▪The idea of personalization in data driven marketing 2 Tenants of data driven marketing Drives Awareness, Brand Equity, Sales & ROI Segmentation Channel Mix Media Mix Content/Copy Journey/Pathing Sensitivity Value measurement Personalization
  3. 3. It is about creating value for our clients and efficiency….▪It is simple, Programmatic Media is Data Driven Marketing Definition: Any automated method where the activation of marketing creative is informed by data, while considering the price and optimizing for performance. Specific Effective Efficient The Outcome: 3
  4. 4. It is about technology and marketers working together The confluence of creative optimization and technology allows us to bid more efficiently for a commodity that provides a stronger return 4
  5. 5. Better Implementation of the Stack Systematic Collection, Categorization, Activation, and Sharing of Data Audience Management Manual simple Pixel: “this browser is on this page” Complex Pixel: “All these events happened on this page” DMP DSP Flexible architecture capturing permutations of audience across categorical, contextual, behavioral, product level Interest for discretization, sharing across deployment AdServer Browser Caching Targeting ActivationPixelling URL targeting Interest: Content, Keyword, Style Event: Click, hit, enter, widget (component) Paid: Media, Search referral, Social referral Cross Device: App, Event, Sales CRM Behavior Collection Now: Future: Single Tag Retarget Single Network Links to all activation platform across media type/channel for personalization of message CMS Unica More specific activation of audiences including inclusions and exclusion business rule criteria in better RT page performance viewability No prioritization Limited Visibility into Activation Aggregation Optimization on single ID and inclusion of supply side data MPW 5
  6. 6. Better Control of Optimization Levers The New IBM MarTech stack allows for more integration and activation across entirety of the IBM business and allows for the development of automated cognitive solutions 6
  7. 7. Better Automation and Connectivity of data through Activation and Usage Vision: E.G., Cognitive Audience - First Party Data Collection and Audience Automatic Tag Deployment and Management -- Tag Management Programmatic Media Stack -- DSP -- Native, Video, Mobile Personalization Platform Stack -- CMS -- Dynamic Personalization Usage And Versioning – InApp SDK Behavioral Audience Definition and Curation -- DMP Content and Contextual Classification -- Alchemy API Business Definition and Site map architecture -- Registry Marketing Automation -- Unica Marketing Performance Data WarehouseFire hose of Behavior and Audience Classification More complete integration across platform Visibility into post purchase opportunities MPW 7
  8. 8. The 7 truths of programmatic marketing align to the “rights” Technology Fit and Deployment Channel/Media Tracking and Optimization Cognitive Dynamic Creative Team Execution Behaviors to Audiences 8
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