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Live Pc Expert


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Live PC Expert is the One Stop Shop for all online computers technical support for any windows based computer. Live PC Expert provides Remote PC repair to customers who own a computer and wish to fix their computer.
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Live Pc Expert

  1. 1. Live PC Expert isthe One Stop Shopfor all onlinecomputerstechnical supportfor any windowsbased computer.Live PC Expertprovides RemotePC repair tocustomers whoown a computerand wish to fixtheir computer.
  2. 2. Set-up & Install New PC• Setting up a new PC is as easy as lighting up a candle. First thing to be checked is to carefully examine the content inside the box of your new PC. The box should have cables, printer, mouse, keyboard, tower and a monitor. All the interconnecting cables are made in such a manner that they only fit the right slot. User can also take help of manual. These days most of the manufacturers have stopped sending manuals along with PC box in order to shore up green initiatives and to conserve nature. So user can take the help of online manuals instead. Another option is to take the help of vendor for having no knowledge of system assembly. Once the system is booted to operating system, a window is prompted asking ownership information like preferences, password and user name. In the next step the user will be asked to activate online in order to verify the product. Personalization, customization and Installation of software follow in the next step. Productivity software, computer diagnostics, data protection, virus removal and spyware removal are basic software to be installed. For Online Technical Support Call Us Toll Free No. +1 800 208 0798
  3. 3. Pc Optimization• PC optimization is gaining lots of popularity these days. The role of online PC optimization has been accepted by experts as well as users. A good PC optimization online service like the one provided by Live PC Expert has become a necessity for all PC users. Before using the service we should learn the role of PC optimization. This means thoroughly checking the system for reasons of its slow performance and then removal of the same. This service provided by Live PC Expert makes your PC more smart and efficient.• Live PC Expert’s PC optimization service saves valuable time of users facing PC errors. Live PC Expert ensures that the system is free from any type of unwanted files or viruses. One of the most important concerns of Live PC Expert is that your system should be free from all viruses and this is the reason we provide the best PC optimization service in the market. Viruses affect the valuable data stored in your PC and Live PC Expert understands this need and provides PC optimization service worth using. This service also removes all kind of system errors and makes the system faster. For Online Technical Support Call Us Toll Free No. +1 800 208 0798 Website :
  4. 4. Virus Removal• Worried About Virus ?• The advanced technology facilitates users exchanging information conveniently. Computers and Internet play a pivotal role in this direction. One of the main concerns of users is safety of data stored on hard disk or the data exchanged through Internet. Most of the businesses buy or sell products online in order to get finest deals. People save lot of their time and energy by carrying out their business online. Viruses are curse for all PCs across the world and Live PC Expert is fully committed to eradicate them from each and every computer device. We help you to connect to your friends without the interruption of viruses. Live PC Expert’s services even provide solutions to prevent data loss and save lots of your time, energy and efforts to safeguard your priceless data. Provide us the honor of providing you our reliable and most trusted services. For Online Technical Support Call Us Toll Free No. +1 800 208 0798 Website :