7 Motivating Mad Men Quotes that Sum Up Event Marketing


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Mad Men is so classic in its industry wisdom that we've collected 7 standout quotes that sum up trade show and event marketing today.

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7 Motivating Mad Men Quotes that Sum Up Event Marketing

  1. 7 Motivating Quotes that Sum Up Event Marketing Image credit: businesslogos.com
  2. 1.
  3. – Don DraperImage credit: themaude.com
  4. Image credit: galleryhip.com Event Marketing Wisdom:
  5. get to the of what attendees think & give them a chance to weigh in! Start the dialogue about your brand through crowdsourcing— Image credit: espressocommunication.com
  6. Image credit: bbc.co.uk
  7. Include: And use a social media content strategy to stay top-of-mind Live product demos Unbiased product reviews Real-life case studies & nurture dissatisfied customers! Testimonials Image credit: infinityconcepts.net
  8. 2.
  9. – Joan Harris Image credit: portable.tv
  10. Image credit: galleryhip.com Event Marketing Wisdom:
  11. on our toes Image credit: morguefile.com
  12. the needs of your target audience & potential customers Proactively anticipate Image credit: happyfitcoaching.com
  13. 3.
  14. “If you can’t tell the difference Image credit: bustle.com between which part’s the idea and which part’s the execution of the idea, you’re of no use to me.” – Peggy Olson
  15. Image credit: galleryhip.com Event Marketing Wisdom:
  16. Understanding the difference between Image credit: innervoicegroup.net concept & execution is at the core of an event marketer’s discipline.
  17. Image credit: bustle.com Creativity & an idea spark can only get you so far… Image credit: katrinbo.com You need to ask more questions…
  18. What is your brand’s core differentiator? Image credit: calpolycru.com
  19. What aspects of your messaging Image credit: conversationswithhealers.wordpress.com that differentiator and position?
  20. Image credit: bustle.com Image credit: blogs.psychcentral.com Where is the bar set? Psst… if the bar is here, you have to raise it! Keep informed and stay hungry! What do your competitors’ booths look like?
  21. 4.
  22. – Don Draper Image credit: madmen.wikia.com Make it simple, but significant.
  23. Image credit: galleryhip.com Event Marketing Wisdom:
  24. Your event programs don’t always have to re- invent the wheel Image credit: delta-associates.com
  25. Image credit: thestrengthsfoundation.org And they don’t need to be overly complex!
  26. Image credit: ibmsystemsmag.com You can still stand out from the crowd with a simple idea
  27. Image credit: ictsd.org Tap into the interests and motivations of your audience
  28. Image credit: finelinesupply.com Think about their care-abouts… & how the idea supports your brand story
  29. 5.
  30. That’s life…one minute you’re on top of the world, the next minute some secretary’s running you over with a lawnmower. – Joan Harris Image graphis.com
  31. Image credit: galleryhip.com Event Marketing Wisdom:
  32. From trade shows to corporate summits, event marketing can be summed up in 3 words Image credit: learnenglishpodcast.com
  33. Image credit: creativedelivery.net Expect The Unexpected
  34. Think ahead for potential blind spots Missing booth elements Image credit: picturescollections.com Larger than anticipated crowds Staffing issues
  35. and always make sure you have a back-up plan …and a Plan C
  36. 6.
  37. “Our worst fears lie in anticipation.” – Don Draper Image credit: huffingtonpost.com
  38. Image credit: galleryhip.com Event Marketing Wisdom:
  39. Image credit: designwebkit.com Without a doubt, the worst anxiety event marketers have is the anticipation leading up to the event
  40. Image credit: gsalam.net Ensure you have a strong strategy where you’re confident in your success
  41. Image credit: turnlevel.com but be aware there will always be opportunities for improvement
  42. Image credit: www.huffingtonpost.co.uk Although you can take steps to increase your chances for success, event marketing isn’t always an exact science
  43. 7.
  44. “I keep going to a lot of places and ending up somewhere I’ve already been.” – Don DraperImage credit: harrysnotes.com
  45. Image credit: galleryhip.com Event Marketing Wisdom:
  46. Event profs strive to avoid the same old-same old, amplify key messages, & cut through the clutter Image credit: larry-phelps.com
  47. Use personalization & make your experience unique to each attendee! Image credit: morguefile.com
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