5 #Sochi2014 Olympic Tie-Ins for Gold-Winning Event Marketing


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With the Olympics just a couple of days away, go for the gold with your event marketing programs with these inspirations to:

-Use the power of community to supercharge attendee focus on your brand and story.
-Integrate a cause marketing initiative to make people feel good about who you are and what you have to offer.
-Show video highlights or testimonials to create a long-living inspirational story.
-And of course, everyone loves the thrill of victory, so tap into the competitive spirit to build excitement!

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5 #Sochi2014 Olympic Tie-Ins for Gold-Winning Event Marketing

  1. 5 #Sochi2014 Olympic Tie-Ins for Gold-Winning Event Marketing Image credit: harida.net
  2. We will soon be captivated by the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia. While producing an experience of this scale isn’t exactly what most of us are doing, consider these key lessons to inspire your next event!
  3. Image credit: en.wikipedia.org
  4. 1 The Power of Community During the Olympics, we’ll transform into a unified global community, collectively experiencing a colossal event that transcends international, social, and economic boundaries. Look for creative ways to unify attendees around your brand messaging.
  5. • Intel’s community collaboratively built “SiMan”, an 18-foot tall, LED-lit representation of the future of intelligent solutions. • At the end of the conference, attendees gathered to watch as “SiMan” came alive. The Power of Community Dive Deeper!
  6. Image credit: viralheat.com
  7. 2 Social Games With the 2012 Olympics dubbed as the first “social games”, sharing on social networks will undoubtedly be unprecented this year. Fans can more easily connect with their favorite athletes via the new Olympic Athletes’ Hub app. Implement social media strategies that are relevant to your audience & continue excitement that creates a bridge to future events.
  8. • Besides the usual Facebook and Twitter mainstays, the IOC is relying on VK—a social network that’s all the rage in Russia—to reach fans in the Games’ host country. • The official Olympics page on VK now has 2 million subscribers—the IOC is personalizing the experience to make it more meaningful for attendees! Social Games Dive Deeper!
  9. Image credit: uvureview.com
  10. 3 A Good Cause The Olympics inspired one of the world’s most famous cause marketing events, The Special Olympics. Getting attendees to participate in booth activities that drive charitable contributions will trigger an emotional response that will make them feel good about your brand.
  11. • When Abbott Diabetes hosted HealthFest in Chicago’s Grant Park, attendees were educated about healthy lifestyles through learning activities, entertainment venues, and refreshment areas. • All of these elements tied in with Abbott’s core brand messaging. A Good Cause Dive Deeper!
  12. Image credit: photographyblog.dallasnews.com
  13. 4 Now Playing Who hasn’t been moved by watching Olympic video highlights? Video testimonials showcasing attendees talking about how a company’s solutions have helped them can be a powerful tool on or off the show floor.
  14. • Bard captured video throughout their three-day National Sales Meeting, concluding with a video summarizing the most inspirational moments. • The video had a long lasting impact on their attendees and became a popular download for the entire company. Now Playing Dive Deeper!
  15. Image credit: gearjunkie.com
  16. 5 The Competitive Spirit The thrill of the competition is the heart of the Olympics! Let the Games provide inspiration to leverage the power of the competitive spirit to focus attendees on your brand and story.
  17. • Smith and Nephew Wound Care Management invited nurses to a “face-off” competition to see who could apply wound dressings to anatomical models in the fastest time. • Large crowds cheered on the competitors as the benefits of the brand’s wound dressings were brought to life. The Competitive Spirit Dive Deeper!
  18. If you’re looking for even more ideas for your next event program, click below to check out our latest trend forecast!
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