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DGTL12002 Working with Social Media course Team 5 (flex) presents "LiveLocal Australia" following their Collaborative Social Computing Workshop

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LiveLocal Australia

  1. 1. What is LiveLocal?LiveLocal is a user-generated gig guide site where users can add,access and share information on live music events around Australia.LiveLocal is dedicated to informing its online community of the mostup-to-date information on live music events, artists and venues fromall around Australia – as experienced first hand by its users.LiveLocal Beyond is a proposed expansion of the LiveLocal websiteinto the global arena.LiveLocal has been created by a team undertaking a CollaborativeSocial Computing Workshop for their DGTL12002 Working with SocialMedia course. Please note that the LiveLocal project is still in itsdevelopment phase and the actual site is not yet up and running.
  2. 2. What are LiveLocal’s objectives?LiveLocal‟s objectives are: to create a one-stop website that provides ample information to users about gigs, artists and venues by ensuring users are more effectively connected with other like-mindedusers, social media sites, technologies and systems, to facilitate users being able to add their own gigs, personalize their own gig guide, and share their experiences and opinions with other users through reviews, live chats, discussion forums, news, search options, competitions and links, to allow users to add future suggestions for gigs as they would like to see them appear at a particular venue, and to give users a „voice‟ so that they can rally together for additional gigs if tickets are already sold out for a gig or if a particular artist is not playing at a preferred venue.
  3. 3. Who is behind LiveLocal?Coordination Caroline Jepsen Ashley Clark ResearchAndrew Reynolds Design Technical Rebel-Blu Woodham The LiveLocal team all live in different parts of Australia, come from different walks of life, and have very different life experiences which have contributed to the overall project delivery and outcome.
  4. 4. Who is LiveLocal’s target audience?The target audience for LiveLocal was considered to be: the adult general public in Australia - of all demographics, cultures, genders, sexual orientations – for people over the ages of 18 years; music lovers who enjoy going to live bands and music events; critics and reviewers of live music; and online adult users with interests in live music events.Due to the nature of the live music and the possibility of alcoholconsumption and the research on laws regarding marketing to individualsunder the legal purchase age, children have not been considered to be inthe target audience. This however could be reviewed in the future.
  5. 5. What is the social need or desire being fulfilled by LiveLocal? In order to understand exactly how we should create our social web page and what it should include, we conducted a user survey which was handed out to various people over 18 years of age. From this user survey and review, we discovered that:  the social need or desire most relevant for users was for them to be able to generate their own personalized gig guide and site,  incorporation of other media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, was important to engage more users,  the site would be user-generated in contrast to one generated or driven by artists, promoters or venues,  the site would need to be easily accessible on different devices - whether it is on a mobile, laptop or computer, and  the site would need to provide users with up-to-date information anytime and anywhere. The fact that LiveLocal is user-generated also allows a community to be created within the site. Live Local also aims to give independent artists a more level playing field.
  6. 6. LiveLocal’s 1. What are your favourite music genres? user survey 2. Describe your ideal music venue? 3. What is the most important information you would like to see on a gig guide website?Here are the questions 4. What type of artists would you prefer tofrom the user survey access information on?form that was created 5. What areas within Australia would you prefer to have information about live musicto receive feedback on events?the social needs and 6. How often should a gig guide be updated?desires of potential 7. How much would you spend at a gig? What is your budget?LiveLocal users. This 8. How much time ahead would you need toformed the basis of the plan to attend a gig?structure and design for 9. Are user reviews important? If so, why? 10. Is there any extra information that you wouldthe site. like to see included in the website? parking, transport, accommodation, food, maps?
  7. 7. ACCESSING Putting users into live gigs!CONNECTING SHARINGCONNECTING The one-stop site for live gigs! EXPERIENCING EXPERIENCING
  8. 8. How useful will LiveLocal be to users?LiveLocal is totally user driven and created. LiveLocal Users will be able to: provide genuine feedback and reviews for other live music goers by adding their own gig information, generate their own personalized gig guide based on their own preferences, interact with other users via chat and discussion forums, rally for additional gigs, suggest events for venues, and buy music and tickets online.LiveLocal users will have the ability to influence the future of live musicevents.
  9. 9. What uses will LiveLocal achieve for its users?Here is the Use Casemodel for LiveLocalwhich shows how itis intended for itspotential users tointeract.
  10. 10. How will LiveLocal function?The LiveLocal site has a wide range of functions to provide its users withthe one-stop site for all their live music interests: search features to find artists, gigs and venues, search options to look up gigs based on current timing periods, feedback form to add information about gigs to share with other users, a calendar of events to show gigs in chronological order, a mobile application download, a community discussion forum, regular news updates with constant news feed available, and a live chat facility where users can discuss live music events.
  11. 11. LiveLocal’s proposed sitemapHere is the proposed sitemapfor LiveLocal. This shows theproposed pages that users willbe able access from theLiveLocal site. Users will haveto sign up to access all ofthese pages.
  12. 12. LiveLocal’s proposed Sign Up / Log In pageAnyone can Find a Gig on theLiveLocal site. However tointeract and connect withother music lovers, users willhave to sign up to becomemembers. Once they havebeen accepted, they will needto log in each time to be ableto interact with other usersand to edit their content orprofile.
  13. 13. LiveLocal’s proposed Find a Gig search optionsLiveLocal users can use different search options to find information – via artist, venue,location (town/postcode) or timings (today, tomorrow, this weekend or this month).
  14. 14. LiveLocal’s proposed Find a Gig search result page (artist)LiveLocal members will receivea consolidated search resultabout their selected gig, artistor venue. Here is an exampleof what could result if aLiveLocal member searched fora particular artist - forexample, clips, posts, photogallery/video montage, tweets,chats, reviews, rally (to make anew event happen) feature,calendar, lyrics, buymusic/tickets.
  15. 15. LiveLocal’s proposed Find a Gig search result page (venue)Here is an example ofwhat could result if aLiveLocal user searchedfor a particular venue. Itis also proposed thatLiveLocal memberswould be able tosuggest future gigs for Suggestvenue here.
  16. 16. LiveLocal’s proposed Find a Gig search result page (timings)Here is an example of whatcould result if a LiveLocalmember searched for liveevents for “this weekend”.From this page, members couldalso click on the artists orvenues to find out morespecific information.
  17. 17. LiveLocal’s proposed Find a Gig search result page (location) (via town or postcode)Here is an example of whatcould result if a LiveLocalmember searched for aparticular location.
  18. 18. LiveLocal’s proposed Add a Gig pageLiveLocal members canadd gigs by going to the“Add a Gig” page on theleft menu bar. It hasbeen proposed that thismenu bar will bechanged to more clearlyidentify menu choices.
  19. 19. LiveLocal’s proposed Add a Gig formLiveLocal members canthen add information abouta gig on a form to sharetheir experiences withother users. Followingfeedback from potentialusers, it is proposed to splitthe comments field intoclearer sections, forexample - food, transport,parking, atmosphere, etc. Submit
  20. 20. LiveLocal’s proposed Add a Gig result pageAfter a LiveLocalmember hassearched forinformation abouta gig, they will bedirected to a pagethat shows themall their gigs on amap and acalendar listing oftheir gigs andcorrespondingcomments.
  21. 21. Does LiveLocal offer any support to its users?If users encounter problems, they can go to the Help page which providesanswers to potential questions that users may need answers for. WhenLiveLocal is fully functioning, users will also be able to complete a helpform and submit this directly to LiveLocal. Alternatively, users can contactLiveLocal directly by accessing their Contacts page.If users encounter inappropriate or illegal content, they can click on theSite Moderator or Report Abuse link on relevant page.LiveLocal is currently developing systems to implement and review ContentManagement, eCommerce and CRM Customer Relationship Management toachieve service quality and also to ensure support is offered to users in allareas.
  22. 22. LiveLocal’s proposed Help/FAQ page COMPETITIONS Does LiveLocal hold competitions? What prizes can I win? How will I be notified if I won a prize? GIGS How can I add a gig (do a gig review)? What times are you able to add a gig (do a gig review)?
What happens after a gig has been added (a gig review has beenHelp page which completed)?
Can I later edit or delete gig information that I have added?provides users with How can I search for a gig?answers to potential MEMBERSHIP Do I require membership to use the LiveLocal site?questions or problems Can my child/teenager use the LiveLocal site? Can another person use my membership?they might encounter How do I become a member? Should I use my real name?whilst using the How many personal details are required to sign up as a member? How much does it cost to use the LiveLocal site?LiveLocal site: Can I find other members by searching their personal details?
  23. 23. LiveLocal’s proposed RULES AND REGULATIONS Help/FAQ page What are your terms and conditions? Do you have a privacy policy? (continued) Does LiveLocal have a site moderator? Does LiveLocal sell, transfer or give out users’ details to third parties? What happens if another user breaches the rules and regulations set out in the Terms and Conditions and/or the Privacy Policy?Here are more sections TECHNICAL Do I need permission to link to LiveLocal from my website?from LiveLocal‟s Will LiveLocal link to my website? What is an RSS Feed? Does LiveLocal use cookies?proposed Help page Which internet browsers work best with the LiveLocal site?which provides users How can I view video clips on the LiveLocal site? Where can I find LiveLocal on my mobile?with answers to GENERAL Where does LiveLocal operate?potential questions or Where can I find LiveLocal stuff?problems they might How can I find out the latest LiveLocal news? What happens if I forget my username or password?encounter whilst using How do I apply for a job or work experience at LiveLocal? What happens if I have a problem accessing the site or editing mythe LiveLocal site: profile or gigs?
How do I lodge a complaint?
  24. 24. Does LiveLocal have any rules, policies and regulations?LiveLocal has developed a Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions to clearlyexplain to its users their rights and responsibilities so they know what they areconsented to do and how they are expected to behave. LiveLocal can enforcethese to ensure the safety and security of their site and its users, as well asthe confidentiality of all its users‟ personal information and privacy.Policies governing the sharing, editing, usage, protection and disclosure ofusers‟ personal information, their interactions with third parties and onlinetransactions have been established in the Privacy Policy which will be madeavailable from the bottom of any page on the LiveLocal site. Rules andregulations governing copyright, registration, liability, complaints and generalconditions applying to all LiveLocal users have been established in the Termsand Conditions which will be made available from the bottom of any page onthe LiveLocal site.
  25. 25. LiveLocal’s proposed Collection of Personal Information Privacy Policy Sharing of Personal Information Usage of Personal information Protection of Personal Information Editing and deleting personal information Accessing personal Information Age requirements Third party linksHere are sections from Online transactionsLiveLocal‟s proposed Changes to this Privacy PolicyPrivacy Policy page: Disclosure of information. Disclosure of information to third parties Terms and Conditions Contact details
  26. 26. LiveLocal’s proposed Terms and Conditions General ConditionsHere are sections from CopyrightLiveLocal‟s proposed Terms Registrationand Conditions page: Liability Comments and Complaints
  27. 27. How can LiveLocal users interact?The majority of information on the LiveLocal site is user-generated. Userinteractivity is very important so LiveLocal users can: recommend live music events to other users, view comments, photos and videos posted by other users, post comments or queries to other users about gigs, participate in forums or live chats with other users about live music events, suggest other gigs to venues, listen to music samples from other users or sites, and rally with other users to encourage additional or new gig possibilities.User interactivity is intended to be at a proactive level with a high level ofvarying transactions from keyboard messages, mouse clicks and voicecomponents to mix it up to appeal to as many of the users‟ senses so that userengagement and experience can be maximized.
  28. 28. Who or what can LiveLocal users interact with?Users are able to interact with the LiveLocal site (people to product orprocess), for example - users can personalize their own gig guides.Users are able to interact with technology (people to technology), forexample - users are able to view maps to automatically show wherevenues are located or where venues are in their preferred area. Userscan greatly benefit from application programming interfaces (API‟s) forthis functionality.Users are able to interact via different means (people to devices), forexample - users could be chatting on smart phones from gigs whilstothers are at home on their personal computers or laptops. A mobileapplication would be available to all users and could be easy to downloadand use.
  29. 29. Is LiveLocal appealing and engaging?LiveLocal appeals and engages its users by: using a simple and minimalist design approach, adopting a layout which is easy to navigate and use, establishing links which are easy to see and use, incorporating large text which is easy and simple enough to read, and incorporating images, photos, videos, music and audio to engage users.LiveLocal also is investigating the possibility of users creating avatars toassign to their profiles and developing games to engage users, for example, toguess a segment of a song or arrange a song that has been broken into partsand mixed up.Please note that the main focus of the site prototype has been on functionalitythan on its actual design because of the limited time available for this project.Therefore, appeal and engagement can mostly be implied but are stillconsidered important for a final prototype.
  30. 30. LiveLocal’s proposed Competitions pageAll LiveLocal membershave the opportunity toenter competitions toforthcoming gigs byaccessing the Competitionspage. Competitions havebeen proposed as a way ofenticing new users to thesite as well as to engageexisting members.
  31. 31. What technology has LiveLocal applied?In order to maintain the very best of social media technologies, LiveLocal will utilizethird party Web 2.0 applications and other functionalities to help its userscommunicate and engage with each other on a regular basis. This will enable thefollowing features: user reviewing and commenting functions, discussion forums and live chat facilities, photo and videosharing,video montage creation and downloading, buying and downloading music online via links from site, buying tickets online via links from site, rallying for gigs if tickets are sold out or concerts not at preferred venue or location, personalized profile, personalized calendar and gig guide, share, vote and like buttons, and links to other social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
  32. 32. LiveLocal’s proposed Calendar featureLiveLocal members can click on the Calendarimage icon to open a feature that allows users toeasily view and update their own personalized gigcalendar.A member‟s gig comments will also be able to beviewed, edited and deleted from here.It is proposed that LiveLocal members will beable to access their own personalized gig calendaras a content column within the layout of the gigguide, gig reviews and directories pages.
  33. 33. LiveLocal’s proposed Video montage featureLiveLocal members can uploadvideo clips from gigs that theyhave been to and can enjoyspotting them in a collectivelycreated video montage withother users‟ contributions. Thisfeature will be incorporatedinto the user‟s personalized gigguide. Php scripting would addimages and video clips into themontage. Crowdsourcing wouldensure this continued to becontributed from members andfurther developed.
  34. 34. How will LiveLocal apply technology?LiveLocal anticipates using joomla as it is free and has an open sourcesoftware licence. It also supports custom php and jQuery scripting, andallows for third party extensions, plugins and installations, such as,eCommerce, calendars and maps.LiveLocal is interoperable so users have the ability to exchange and useinformation within the LiveLocal community network. A number of Web 2.0technologies will be utilized by LiveLocal to enable various interactivefeatures. These include the Google Maps API, RSS feeds, ChatStat live-chatsoftware, as well as popular social networking platforms such as Facebook,Pinterest, Twitter, Google+. It is anticipated that incorporating these formsof social media technology will have the potential to greatly expand theLiveLocal community by connecting different circles of friends via so called„weak links‟.
  35. 35. What are some examples of LiveLocal applying technology?GEOTAGGING: Members will be able to tag on maps the gigs or artists they have experienced. Ithas been proposed that LiveLocal would be apply this using Google maps.PHOTO GALLERY: Members can submit photos via JPEG, PNG and GIF files which will beincorporated into a photo gallery using a jQuery script. It is proposed that there will be a ReportAbuse button where members can report an image deemed inappropriate.PAYMENTS: Members can purchase music via links to iTunes using their account or vouchers.Members can purchase tickets by accessing third party ticketing or artists’ sites. It is proposed thatLiveLocal in future will facilitate their own online transactions as a means of raising funds.LiveLocal has considered using PayPal and credit card transactions for all payments.VIDEO MONTAGE AND GALLERY: Members can submit video clips via MPEG, MP4, AVI andSWF files which will be incorporated into a video montage using PHP scripting. It is proposed thatrestrictions will be placed on the files extensions and sizes that can be uploaded. Members willreceive an error message if uploading anything other than: JPEG, PNG and GIF image files orMPEG, MP4, AVI and SWF video based files.INTERNET BROWSER: LiveLocal has planned that it can operate effectively across all majorinternet browsers, for example - Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, andSafari. It is proposed that these would be hyperlinked and users would be directed to downloadthese free browsers should our site detect they are running on an older version browser.
  36. 36. Can LiveLocal users connect to anything anytime anywhere?“Ubiquity unites the power of connected devices, socialized contribution and bigdata to transform and empower our everyday lives.” (Prackin presentations 2012).LiveLocal has developed its site applying technology and its ability to furtherconnect to social media sites to users who can generate their own contributionsto create effective databases.LiveLocal aims to connect its users to anyone and anything at anytime and fromanywhere. LiveLocal Beyond will help users connect with gigs in other countries.
  37. 37. LiveLocal’s potential Voting updates: GC 676 venue voting map John Butler Trio Arts votes Centre 476 votes December 2012 .. 900 votes inHere is a potential Byron Bay will Seagulls Tweed pull a concert Headsvenue vote map which there 382 votescould occur when userswant to make a gighappen at a venue near Byronthem either because Entertainment If you want a Centre concert at these 745 votestickets have sold out or venues:the artist just hasn‟tcome there yet: VOTE NOW
  38. 38. For Aussie live music lovers! Email Address:
  39. 39. References Prackin presentations, July 2012, Thriving in the age of the ubiquity – finding opportunity in the new, always on digital ecosystem, viewed 18 September 2012, Bibliography Holmes, A., 2010, DGTL12002 Working with social media – lecture notes, Central Queensland University, Australia Sims, R, 1997, Interactivity: A forgotten art? viewed 18 September 2012, University of Technology, Sydney,
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