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Designing the Digital Transformation

Join us in this Lab to explore how to use Design Thinking and Agile methods to drive Digital Transformation.

Design thinking, Agile and Digital Transformation are current buzzwords and in order to not use them lightly, there are some essential questions which need to be asked: What exactly is Digital Transformation? What needs to change for it to happen? How can Design Thinking and Agile methods be meaningfully combined to drive transformation? What are the advantages of each individual method?

Find the answers to these and other question in this LILab presentation! During the Lab, the participants also worked on a hands-on practical examples where they got to test these frameworks and discover techniques on how to drive change.

Speaker Bio: Natalia Startseva is on a mission to disrupt enterprise architecture in the corporate environment. Combining a startup mindset & corporate experience, she is an enabler of organizational culture and mindset change.
Natalia has 10+ years of international experience in digital, online, IT and eCommerce endeavors across different industries. She is a Design Thinking and Lean Startup expert, certified in SCRUM and Agile project management.

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Designing the Digital Transformation

  1. 1. Live Innovation Lab 1 Discussion Remember when you changed something in your life lately. Share you lifehacks and choose 2 major ones with your partner.
  2. 2. Live Innovation Lab 2 Short intro who are you? what are your 2 superpowers? what do you expect from the lab?
  3. 3. Live Innovation Lab 3 Live Innovation Lab Design thinking & Agile methods to drive digital transformation
  4. 4. Live Innovation Lab 4 What we will talk about Digital Transformation is like teenage sex: everyone talks about it, everybody wants it, nobody really knows how to do it. - Unknown source • What is digital transformation? • Why do we need it? • Can we drive it? • What helps us drive it? • DIY lab
  5. 5. Live Innovation Lab 5 Why i am here #givefirst Miracles happen outside of your comfort zone“ “
  6. 6. Live Innovation Lab 6 Digital transformation #whatweknow What does it mean?
  7. 7. Live Innovation Lab 7 Why? #customers VUCA world Ecosystems & platforms New technologies New trends & lifestyle
  8. 8. Live Innovation Lab 8 What? #people #mindset #process Can we drive it? Bottom up vs top down Leader vs manager Colours of organization
  9. 9. Live Innovation Lab 9 How? #frameworks #tools Design thinking Agile
  10. 10. Live Innovation Lab 10 Design thinking #frameworks #empathy #customer Uncovering latent needs of customers Empathy Pain points *Strascheg centre for entrepreneurship
  11. 11. Live Innovation Lab 11 Agile #frameworks #delivery #customer Scrum Kanban XP FDD SAFe LeSS Agile Hybrid …
  12. 12. Live Innovation Lab 12 Lab Combining design thinking and agile methods Insert your pain point here.
  13. 13. Live Innovation Lab 13 Lab 1. Individual pitch 2. Get in groups of 4-5 3. Define the pain point 4. Empathize 5. Derive insights 6. Brainstorm 7. Choose 1 idea 8. Pitch it 9. Derive 3 user stories to develop MVP 10. Prototype it 11. Final pitch
  14. 14. Live Innovation Lab 14 Pitch Tell a story why the pain is worth solving and how do you propose to solve it in your team
  15. 15. Live Innovation Lab 15 What we talked about “When digital transformation is done right, it’s like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, but when done wrong, all you have is a really fast caterpillar.” George Westerman | Principal Research Scientist with the MIT Sloan Initiative on the Digital Economy • Digital transformation reinvents organisation/product • We need it because • We can drive it • People, mindset and frameworks • Have fun!
  16. 16. Live Innovation Lab 16 THANK YOU Questions ?
  17. 17. Live Innovation Lab 17 Find us @ @LiveinnovationLab company/liveinnovationlab liveinnovationlab @liveinnovationlab LiveInnovationLab
  18. 18. Live Innovation Lab 18 Share your story