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Communication document for the Business Schools

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Lfc communication

  1. 1. LIVE FROM CAMPUS Provide a new content The Eduniversal Student Social Network Enhance the attractivity of your Business School
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION TO LIVE FROM CAMPUSEduniversal has launched the largest and unique worldwide young reporters’ community:Live From Campus (LFC).This new free service is exclusively dedicated to the 1000 Best Business Schools of the www.live-from-campus.comEDUNIVERSALs Official ranking.The main goal of Live From Campus is to provide information from students to students.The principle is simple:• Live from Campus is a network of blogs dedicated to the Eduniversal Business Schools.• A student is selected on each campus to become an Official reporter for Live fromCampus.• Each school has its own dedicated blog. All the blogs are connected through the LFCplatform.• The blog is mainly an opportunity to highlight the special features of the school, andcreate a greater proximity with students.• The reporters are guided and awarded by the Student World News Agency team.• Each blog contains different topics in order to respect the LFC charter.• The object is to inform students in a constructive way, to help them gain a betterunderstanding of what it means to be a student in a particular campus.With Live From Campus, we give students a real opportunity to share the daily life oftheir Business School and its environment.Student opinion is one of the most important factors in the choice of a Business School. Are your students involved in your communication activities?
  3. 3. ADVANTAGES & BENEFITS TO INVOLVE IN LIVE FROM CAMPUS Having an official reporter on LFC, represents an opportunity for the visibility of your BS: Students who are interested in your campus will be able to find useful information that is difficult or impossible to provide by the BS itself. This information is offered in a serious and controlled environment and meets the growing demand from students who are looking for a BS. We offer you the opportunity to establish yourself on this powerful communication platform.For the InstitutionGive a new dimension to your campus : led by informationfrom daily life in your Institution For the StudentsTake free advantage of a dynamic and innovating media, We provide the student a blog and technical tools in order tobringing a new type of information to students execute Reporter missionRely on a motivated student who is supervised by the Acquisition of a recognized professional and publication of newsStudent World News Agency. and other content of the ReporterThis Ambassador of the school will share qualitative anduseful information to other students Challenges and competitions, awards and prizesSubmit an orignal activity to your students Networking with the Reporter from around the worldHave your Ambassador student in the Eduniversalsystem! The student must come from one of the 1000 Best Business Schools (according to the Eduniversal Ranking) The student is already enrolled in one of your programs (whatever field of study) The student is in Bachelor, Master or PhD Degree No technical skills required Only one student will be selected per Institution
  4. 4. PROCESS TO BECOME A REPORTER To « hire » the student who will represent your Business School, we have decided to set up a genuine “journalism” office. The Student World News Agency (SWNA) is a worldwide agency of reporters who are in higher education, seeking to promote exchanges and communication between students from across the globe. Our objective is also to help Student Reporters to develop their skills in the fields of journalism and communication, and to acquire their first international working experience. The visibility of their blog will give a better insight into their Business School, while at the same time improving their professional prospects for the future. Application form ENROLMENT PROCESS 1. Student apply on www.Student-World-News-Agency.com www.student-world-news-agency.com 2. The candidate has to fill in a detailed form, including his or her CV, hobbies and revealing his or her motivations to become a reporter. A DEDICATED WEBSITE FOR ENROLMENTStudents apply online, by filling in an application form, describing their 3. The Student World News Agency Official Committee will asses the quality of themotivations and skills in communication and journalism, and all the assets that candidate and his or her motiviation. A reporter and a substitute will be chosencan enhance their candidacy. in each institution.The Eduniversal Official Selection will consider all the applications and choose The name of the selected candidate will first be communicated to the Dean or thethe most appropriate student to represent your School. Communication department of each institution. Then, the new reporter will be able to start doing his or her reporting activities.
  5. 5. LIVE FROM ... YOUR BUSINESS SCHOOL! LIVE FROM ... YOUR BUSINESS SCHOOL!Through a series of 7 topics, your reporter will produce some articles each month (6 per month) that will help studentsaround the world to have information regarding the everyday life of your Business School. Welcome to my campus Events, Arts, Sports Presentation of the campus: its organization, its News and information on the sports teams, the events various premises and offices, the opening hours within the Business School, the expositions and any kind of each service of activites organized within the School premises International Students Campus faces All the essential information for a foreign student who plans Interviews of various personalities of your campus to come study at your Business School (accommodation, (Dean, Professors, Major Students...) paper procedures, associations,etc.) Tips & Tricks Some tips transmitted from student to student, the useful information and hints to integrate quickly to the community Programs Insight All the information on the school’s programs; some complete reporting on a program rather than a brief description of a course Lifestyle Information on good places to eat in town, some nice places to go out…in short everything to spend some good time after School hours
  6. 6. MULTI-CHANNEL STRATEGYLive from Campus is part of a multi-channel communication strategy. Fully focused o The international ranking of the institutionand aware of the social network of every country, the platform has everything to o The programs’ contentsincrease the visibility of your school. o Life on the campus and the students’ opinions and advices The information on the website is accessible to students from every corner of the on the Business Schoolworld. It is for this particular reason that Live from Campus, Eduniversal-Ranking andMoreover, we are aware of the various types of information a student needs to Best-Masters, are all strongly linked, giving your school an extra edge regardingchoose the appropriate Business School: all the criterias looked upon by students in the choosing of their Business Schools. www.eduniversal-ranking.com www.live-from-campus.com www.best-masters.com From our networks... to your enrolment process
  7. 7. HOW TO INVOLVE YOUR BUSINESS SCHOOL IN LIVE FROM CAMPUS? You want to be completely involved in the Live From Campus network? You want your Business School to fully benefit of Live From Campus? Thank you for the contact details of people who can share information to students We need to get in touch with the right people Who will transmit the official information to the students in your Business School ? Student Office Manager Communication Officer Program Directors etc.We provide you all the tools to succeed and maximize your communication to your students Share information about Live From Campus to your students Title: The Student News World Agency is recruiting one student on Please use the various communication tools available to you and our campus! feel free to post articles on your various communication media (web, You have always dreamed of be- intranet, email, social media, etc.) coming an international reporter?! The student’s world news agency is being launched to give you an opportunity to express yourself and to Flash banners be considered as part of the best student reporters in Email to your student the world. challenge will also be taken intd your applications in News to publish on your websites the next coming days on http://student-world-news- Link to the Student World News Agency platform agency.com
  8. 8. Communication Departmentcommunication@live-from-campus.com Join us @ Live From Campus www.live-from-campus.com www.student-world-news-agency.com