A Struggle to Survive a Legacy - 2.04 B


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A Struggle to Survive a Legacy - 2.04 B

  1. 1. Last Time: Puck and Elijah woke up to discover their kids were gone and Jesse was quick tocall my Simself. We found out that Tara hadn’t informed them about the fact Jessicashouldn’t have existed, or so we thought. My Simself quickly ordered the remaining Juniorsto go to their new house while she took care of the kidsMeanwhile with the Lopanes Fabian is feeling the effects of magic and his nose startsbleeding, the Lopane twins then force the 3 siblings to drink a strange potion that wouldmake the unable to become Heir/Heiresses. Fabian and Imogen collapse but Jessica remainedunaffected. My Simself quickly appeared just as the twin killed Imogen, who jumped in frontof the spell that was meant to kill Jessica.Fate appears in front of my Simself during Imogen’s funeral saying he can restart thedimension and change Jessica’s DNA just enough so she would classed as a human Sim andnot a Half-Breed; my Simself agreed and Jessica lost her Elven Markings.Fabian goes to college but Jessica admits that she remembers what she looked like before therestart and she’s scared because everyone else seems to have forgotten.Jessica grew up into a teenager and on the same night Jesse and Tara passed away.
  2. 2. It was a bright summer day as Jessica slowly walked to school that morning. In her arms sheheld the books she was returning to the library.It wasn’t a long walk 30 minutes tops but that was because she had to cross a bridge that wasraised if she didn’t get there in time.
  3. 3. Moonlight Secondary School was an elite Private School made especially for those that wereeither talented in one subjected or extremely rich.Jessica, of course, had not only received a scholarship for her high points in Creativity butalso because her family had quite a bit of money in their banks.Of course they didn’t like to flaunt it around like some families so people just believed shewas a scholarship baby and treated her as such.---American High School II – twoflower (Mod The Sims)
  4. 4. As Jessica walked towards the entrance of the school she caught sight of two identical boysthat could only be told apart by the fact one was wearing a hat.“Hey you two where’s your brother?” Jessica questioned with a smile but then groaned whenthe two of them looked at her with impish smiles.“I don’t know. Brother of mine, where has our nerd of a brother disappeared to this finemorning?” James Curious asked dramatically.
  5. 5. “You see, Miss Junior, my brother and I are neither a geek nor a nerd. As such we have noidea where our geeky brother has disappeared too.” Nero Curious retorted before the twostarted laughing as Jessica rolled her eyes.“You two are such children.” She sighed and waited for them to catch their breaths; Jamesrecovered first and he grinned at her apologetically while adjusting his hat.
  6. 6. “I think he’s in the library with Justin.” James said and Jessica smiled at him gratefully.“Thanks James!” She called while running up the front steps of the school.
  7. 7. The library was held on the 2nd floor of the building and by the time Jessica got there she wasslightly out of breath; that didn’t stop her from smiling though as she finally found the personshe had been looking for.“I should have known you would be here from the start. Haven’t you got anything better todo than spend the whole of your life with your nose in a book?”
  8. 8. “You shouldn’t say such things Miss-I-Picked-Knowledge-For-My-Aspiration-Because-I-Want-To-Learn-New-Things, it makes you seem like a hypocrite.” Benji Curious stated as he lookedaway from his book to smile, ever so slightly, at his girl best-friend.
  9. 9. “Yeah but it’s normal for a Knowledge Sim to be reading, as a Family Sim that makes youstrange.” Jessica smirked as Benji rolled his eyes and stood to his feet.“Oh shut up you freak.” Benji retorted causing Jessica to giggle.“You know Jess you don’t fit the criteria for a Knowledge Sim, the only time your in thelibrary or reading is when you’ve got no choice.” Justin Cleveland pointed out as he movedto the side so Benji could put his book back.
  10. 10. “Oh yeah? Well you know what Mr Brainieack? I think you’re being awfully cheeky to theperson who knows where your ticklish!” Jessica grinned before she tickled Justin’s sidecausing the poor boy to burst out in loud giggles.“No! Hehehe! Stop it hahaha Jess!”“Apologize!”“N-never! Ahahaha!”“Oh for god sake you two...” Benji groaned as he covered his eyes with his hand, trying todisappear from the strange looks they were receiving.
  11. 11. Lucky for Benji the embarrassment was brought to an end by the sound of the 1st bell.“Okay I’ve got Art first and then P.E so I’ll see you at lunch. It wouldn’t hurt to smile everynow and then Benji.” Jessica rambled as she pulled the alien into a friendly hug which Benjinervously returned.“Y-yeah. See you at lunch.” Benji mumbled as the two boys watched as Jessica skipped off toher first class.
  12. 12. “You know, you could just admit that you have feelings for her.” Justin pointed out with hishands on his hips but Benji looked at him in horror.“I can’t do that! Can you imagine how much attention that would get me? Everyone would bestaring at me for the rest of the year!”
  13. 13. “You’re not the only boy in the school who notices how attractive she is you know.”“What do you mean?” Benji questioned wearily and Justin smirked slightly while tapping hisbottom lip with his finger.“If you don’t admit your feelings for her soon, someone else will.” Justin pointed out allthough he knew full well that Jessica only had feelings for Benji.“Lalalalala! I can’t hear you!” Benji sung as he stuck his fingers in his ears, not at all wantingto hear about Jessica dating someone else.
  14. 14. Justin was nice enough to not mention the Jessica issue again with Benji and the school wentby quickly and quietly.Sadly because of the fact the 3 of them live in completely different towns, Benji inStrangetown and Justin in Belladonna Cove, it was impossible for the 3 of them to walk backtogether.But they had long come to a mutual agreement that they would walk to the bus stop outsidethe school before splitting up.Sometimes though, things are a bit differently after school.“Oh god they’re at it again.” Justin sighed as he crossed his arms over his chest .
  15. 15. Angela and Lilith Pleasant were getting into one of their daily fights with the entire school surroundingthem.Ever since Dustin broke up with Angela the fighting between the two of them had become so much worseeven their parents had given up on stopping them.They were just too similar now.Angela was bitter and vengeful thanks to Dustin and Lilith was angry at the world for treating herdifferently.
  16. 16. Lucky enough their fight was stopped before it turned into a full blown brawl like it had donemany times in the past.“Would you kids go home already?! I may not be able to give you detention but that doesn’tmean I can’t call the police to have you removed! What do you think your parents wouldreact better to?!” Principal Kyle shouted breaking up the fight between the Pleasant Twinsbefore he stormed off back inside the school.None of the students knew if he was serious or not but they weren’t willing to risk it.
  17. 17. They were 4 buses that came to the Moonlight Schools.The first one stopped at Veronaville, Belladonna Cove and Desiderata Valley which meant it held the kidsfrom both the Monty and the Capp family; it was always a tense ride as neither family would allow thetwo rebels to sit with each other. Romeo and Juliette were forced to say goodbye by the bus station anthen board the same bus.The second one went to Riverblossom Hills and Bluewater Village; the bus was more of a mini van reallyseeing as there were never many kids who went to either of the Moonlight Schools.The third bus went to Pleasantview but because that is so close to Moonlight Valley it goes there as wellmeaning that when it was impossible for Jessica to walk she got the pleasure of being stuck with the kidsfrom Pleasantview.
  18. 18. The fourth bus was given the task to go to the two towns people wanted to avoid the most.Strangetown and Downtown Cherryville.Because there was never any kids coming out of Cherryville that meant the bus was onlygoing to Strangetown; which also meant that everyone who got on the bus was related insome way.“Benji! Move your ass I need to get you 4 back before nightfall or Uncle Pascal will kill me!”Simon Curious shouted in annoyance only for Benji to glare right back.“You’re only 1 year older than us, Simon! Stop treating us like kids!” Isabel Curiouscomplained with a sigh causing Simon to glare at her over his shoulder.“You shut up, Izzy otherwise I’ll tell Uncle Pascal who really caused the fight between thePleasant twins today.”.Which meant Benji had the wonderful pleasure of being stuck on the same bus as not only hisQuadruplet siblings but also his 6 cousins; all of which were alien spawns.
  19. 19. “You got any aspirin?” Benji asked with a tortured expression and his two best friends shooktheir heads sympathetically.“You can borrow my music player if you want though.” Justin suggested and Benji was morethan happy to accept the offer.“So I’ll see you Monday?” Justin asked and Jessica smiled with a nod.“Of course I’m not going anywhere.”Benji was strangely silent. The sun had just caught Jessica’s hair giving her a beautiful glow,suddenly the fact he had no outgoing points didn’t matter.He really liked Jessica and he didn’t want to lose her because he was afraid of the attention.He waited until Justin was walking towards the group that would be getting on Bus 1 beforeacting.
  20. 20. With a deep breath he took hold of Jessica’s arm, pulled her forward and than pressed asweet but loving kiss to her lips.“I’ll see you on Monday.” Benji whispers when he pulls back before he takes off running towhere Bus 4 was waiting for him.
  21. 21. Jessica stood frozen in place as she watched the bus disappear down the hill, a couple ofseconds later her mind restarted and she brought a shaky hand up to her lips.“He..he kissed me.” She whispered in shock before she took of running, hoping to get homequickly so she could hide her blushing face from the world.
  22. 22. Lucky for Jessica the next day was Saturday which meant she had 2 days to work out whatwas going on her head before she had to confront Benji again.Unless of course he came around for a visit.‘And there goes my ability to concentrate.’ Jessica thought to herself in frustration as sherealised she couldn’t finish her homework with her mind this messed up.
  23. 23. So she waited until the sun had risen fully in the sky before dialling a number that she hadmemorised for times like this.“Stritford University directory. Who would you like to be connected too?”“Fabian Junior.” Jessica said in a clear voice having learned from experience that recordingwould direct her to anyone similar to Fabian’s name is she didn’t say it clear enough.“’ello?” Jessica found herself relaxing immediately at the sound of Fabian’s drossy voice,obviously he had either just woke up or just got back class.“Fabian? It’s Jess I need you help.”“And this couldn’t have waited until a decent time?” Fabian complained and Jessica foundherself pouting.“”I waited until 7.” She muttered and heard Fabian sigh.
  24. 24. “Okay. What’s so important you had to call me at 7 in the morning?” Fabian questionsarcastically and after a couple of seconds of silence Jessica decided to just blurt it out.“Benji kissed me at school yesterday.”“What?”“I had my first kiss with Benji on Friday and now I don’t know what to do. He’s so shy Fabian,he’s got no outgoing points at all, and he’s so serious too; it’s hard to talk to him sometimes. Imean how do I respond to this? The most shyest boy in school kissed me!” Jessica paused tocatch her breath only to narrow eyes as she listened to her brother.“Stop laughing at me Fabian! This is serious!”“Hehe. I’m sorry Jess, I don’t mean to laugh at you but the fact your getting into such a stateover this is hilarious.”
  25. 25. “Fabian...”Jessica whined in annoyance and Fabian chuckled for a couple of seconds beforecalming himself down.“Okay well you’re really panicking over nothing, Jess.”“What do you mean?”“Well if he’s too shy to do anything, what’s wrong with you making the first move? You dohave 8 outgoing points.” Fabian pointed out dryly and Jessica fell silent in shock.She honestly had never thought of it like that before.“Hey you’re right. If he can’t make the first move then I should do it instead! Thanks Fabian!”Jessica grinned and after a couple more minutes of mindless chatter Jessica hung up feelingmuch more relaxed and fully prepared to spend her weekend relaxing.
  26. 26. When Monday came around Jessica boarded the school bus with an excited grin thatwouldn’t disappear even when the dark clouds above the town turned into a full blownthunderstorm during P.E.
  27. 27. 1 month has passed since Jessica had her First Kiss with Benji and things had been going greatbetween them. They weren’t dating quite yet but Jessica was confident tonight was thenight.It was her parent’s birthday and she was allowed to invite anyone she wanted and, of course,Jessica invited Benji.“Tonight. Tonight I’m going to ask him to go steady with me.” Jessica stated clearly as shecarried on gussying up in the mirror.
  28. 28. Benji arrived just as the sun was going down but a little bit earlier than the other guests.When Jessica heard the doorbell she practically ran to the door, grinning when she saw Benjilooking at her through the glass.
  29. 29. “Hey Benny. Glad you could make it.” Jessica said as she wrapped her arms around Benji’swaist.“You know it’s not considered a nickname when my original name is shorter.” He pointed outwith blushing cheeks causing Jessica to roll her eyes.“Oh shut you nerd. Come on the hot tub is upstairs, we’ll hide out up there until it’s caketime.” Jessica suggested with a smirk as she dragged the spluttering alien inside the house.
  30. 30. Lucky for Jessica there was a more concerning matter for her fathers to attend too.“Uh oh.” Puck gulped as he dropped the bug spray and looked at his now green hands incomplete shock.
  31. 31. Puck quickly ran inside, trying to avoid being seen by the guests, and after changing out hiswork clothes he looked at himself in the mirror.“Crap.” The newly formed Plant!Sim whispered as he wrapped his arms around himselfrevealing the vines than run up his arm.“This wasn’t supposed to happen. What am I going to do now?”“Puck? Are you alright?” Elijah suddenly called outside the door but before Puck could shoutback the brunet walked inside.“N-not really.” Puck stuttered as Elijah stared at him in shock.
  32. 32. Elijah quickly snapped out of his shocked state when he saw the way Puck was holdinghimself .“Puck you know I don’t care what you turn into right? Your still the man I love no matter howyou look.” Elijah reassured as he reached forward and touched Puck’s chin gently.“Really?”
  33. 33. “Yes really. Now here, I’ve got something for you.” Elijah said before he held out a neatlywrapped gift causing Puck’s eyes to widen in shock.“Oh ‘Lijah you shouldn’t have. I-I didn’t...” Puck stuttered and Elijah laughed.“It’s alright, Puck. Ellie gave me this downstairs, she said you might find a use for it.” Elijahexplained and Puck’s eyes grew misty as he saw an orange coloured potion waiting for him.“Elijah...”
  34. 34. “But don’t take it if you think it’s going to be better for me. Take it if you want to changeback.” Elijah ordered quietly before he pulled Puck into his arms and kissed him passionately.
  35. 35. Elijah and Puck eventually managed to pull themselves away from the bedroom to blow outtheir candles.Puck had ended up taking the potion, deciding that he was already considered part Elf, therewas no need to add Plant!Sim to list.So together as human Sims, kinda, they made their wishes and blew out their candles.
  36. 36. All in all the two of the didn’t look to bad.Puck hadn’t changed really except for his grey hair but now that he was older Elijah’ssimilarities to his mother were much more obvious.All in all, the two of them admitted they turned out alright.
  37. 37. Jessica also finally asked Benji out, when her parents were going upstairs to change, and hewas more than happy to accept.That night turned out to be a very good night for the 3 Juniors.
  38. 38. 3 days went by and the Junior’s once again settled into a routine. Jessica had started takingup piano lessons and she would be scene playing music everyday after school.Today was no different.“You play beautifully Jessica. Just like you brother.”
  39. 39. “W-what? P-Papa?! What the hell happened to you?!” Jessica gasped as she stared at Puck incomplete shock.
  40. 40. “What do you mean? And watch your language young lady!”
  41. 41. “Papa you...Papa your green!” Jessica pointed out while covering her mouth in shock.
  42. 42. “What?! I thought I felt something strange out in the garden but Michael said everythinglooked alright to him.” Puck explained in embarrassment as he rubbed the back of his neck,carefully avoiding the leaves that were now his hair.“Well that should have been your first clue, to Michael you being a Plant!Sim would benormal.” Jessica pointed out sarcastically before she sighed.“Papa I think is a sign that this is what your meant to be, at least until you pass on control ofthe garden to me after college. Otherwise this is going to keep happening.” Jessica said,inwardly hoping this would happen to her when she sprayed the plants; being a Plant!Simwas defiantly different.
  43. 43. “I guess your right, Jess. I’m going to go talk to your Dad, Okay? Don’t stay up too late.” Puckwarned before he hugged his youngest tightly; when he let go he walked up the stairs sadlywith Jessica watching him, while shaking her head in exasperation.
  44. 44. When Puck finally made it to the bedroom he was greeted by Elijah’s smile was he relaxed onthe bed.“So I can’t help but noticing that your a Plant!Sim again.” Elijah said and Puck narrowed hiseyes knowing his husband was teasing him.“How did you-?”“I saw you change from the bedroom window.” Elijah shrugged and Puck sighed beforejoining Elijah on the bed.“Jessica thinks I should stay like this for a little while, or at least until she gets back fromcollege.”
  45. 45. “I agree with her.” Elijah said easily causing Puck to look at him in shock.“What? You do?”“Yes. Puck you have no idea how absorbed you get when you do your gardening or whenyour painting, you block out everything even your own needs; it’s very worrying that I wouldcome home from work one day and find out you died from starvation while talking to theplants.” Elijah stated bluntly as he pulled his husband closer to him.“As a Plant!Sim it would be easier for you to take care of yourself but understand that I’m notforcing you to stay this way. If you want to turn back then your more than welcome too.”Elijah reassured and Puck smiled as he wrapped his arms around Elijah’s neck.“I guess I could give it a try for a little while.” Puck said and Elijah grinned before pushingPuck back on the bed and kissing him.
  46. 46. See the lights See the party, the ball gowns I see you make your way through the crowd I say hello, little did I knowThat you were my Romeo, you were throwing pebbles And my Daddy said stay away from Juliet And I was crying on the staircase Begging you please dont go And I said Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone Ill be waiting all theres left to do is run Youll be the Prince and Ill be the Princess Its a Love Story Baby just say yes Love Story- Taylor Swift
  47. 47. It didn’t take long for Puck to realise that both his husband and daughter did have a point.Being a Plant!Sim was much easier for him he only needed to concentrate on getting enough sunlight, gettingwater and also getting attention; all of which were very easy to come across.Especially when you have a husband who is willing to lay with in the middle of the rain, holding your close, whilethe two of you watch the grey clouds.
  48. 48. Meanwhile Jessica was getting her own form of live from her boyfriend Benji. He was stillvery shy so it was Jessica who took the lead but they both agreed they wouldn’t be goingover the line until college.Which the two of them would be leaving for in just a few days.
  49. 49. “So I got my acceptance email to Stritford today. I also got 4 scholarships to keep me going aswell.” Benji admitted as Jessica laced their fingers together.“I don’t know how many scholarships I’ve had yet but I don’t think I’ve got that many. I thinkthey send them out to the people with the most first and then work their way down.” Jessicamused causing Benji to smile at her bashfully.“I love it when you go all knowledge sim on me.”“And I love it when you go all lovey dovey family sim on me, Benny.” Jessica retuned beforeleaning forward for another kiss.
  50. 50. Tara and Jesse started making their appearances around the house, scaring all 3 Juniorswhenever they were downstairs.Poor Puck was constantly down there because of his art section as such he was usually theone they targeted.
  51. 51. He did persuade Jessica to try some of his freshly picked tomatoes though. The youngestJunior wasn’t a big fan of the red fruit herself but she had to admit a glass of tomato juicewas perfect for when she was running late for school.
  52. 52. Sadly though winter made it very hard for Puck’s newly growing strawberries to comethrough, even with Elijah and Michael tending to them.
  53. 53. Things just weren’t getting any better for Puck. Thanks to a bad chance card Puck foundhimself demoted 2 levels. It turns out his boss was rather sketchy about having a Plant!Simworking for him and Puck’s bad luck just gave him the excuse he needed.It was the last straw for Puck though. He knew that being a Plant!Sim did help his motives butit seemed to be making everything else turn out bad.Enough was enough, it was time he want back to being a half-breed Sim again.
  54. 54. Here is the list of scholarships you have been awarded with: -SimCity Scholars Grant - $1000 -Quigley Visual Arts Grant - $750“That’s not much.” Jessica admitted to herself sadly. She had never really had time to doskilling what with what happened with the Lopanes and then she starting dating Benji whenshe turned into a teen.Honestly Jessica was surprised she managed to get the ones she got.“Oh well it should be alright considering I will be moving to the Greek House in mySophomore Year anyway.” Jessica shrugged before she turned off the computer.
  55. 55. Teary goodbyes were given as Puck and Elijah said goodbye to their youngest.They new she would be back in 4 years but with her leaving, the house would seem a lot emptierthan normal.They really didn’t want to see her go.
  56. 56. But despite her parent’s reluctance Jessica jumped into a taxi with a smile.“Stritford University, please.” Jessica requested as she took one more look at the house, witha deep breath Jessica slowly closed the door.“I’ll be back in 4 years.”
  57. 57. “So we’re all alone now.” Elijah mused a few hours later and wrapped his arms around Puck’sshoulders.“Yeah. It’s too quiet.” Puck complained and Elijah chuckled as he squeezed Puck’s shoulder inreassurance.“It’s only 4 years, Love. Then Jessica will be back with her Spouse and the house will be filledwith bouncing babies.” Elijah reassured and Puck realised a sigh of relief.“That’s good but seeing as we’re alone....”Puck trailed off as he turned to look at Elijah with ashy smile.“...How about we take advantage of it?” He suggested quietly and Elijah’s only response washis familiar impish grin as he pulled Puck into his lap.
  58. 58. He knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring And said Marry me, Juliet Youll never have to be alone I love you and thats all I really know I talked to your dad, go pick out a white dress Its a Love Story Baby just say yes. Oh, oh oh, ohCause we were both young when I first saw you Love Story- Taylor Swift
  59. 59. The room was covered in red wood that gave it a dark atmosphere, the floor was covered inexpensive ruby carpets and different paintings and status decorated the room.A dark figure with long black hair stood in front of a burning fireplace staring into the flames;his wings were once a beautiful white colour but now were strained black and grey from thesins he had committed.“So you failed?”
  60. 60. “W-we apologize, Master but unlike last time our failure was not our own.” Alissa stutterednervously from the wheelchair she had been forced to use ever since she had become blind.“T-the simself of t-this dimension interfered. She forced us to retreat before we had achance to finish.” Sebastian explained as the two of them stared at their master’s back infear.If he wanted to he could strip them of their powers and force them to take on their trueappearances; 84 year old elders.
  61. 61. Destiny sighed in frustration at his subordinates babbling as they tried to apologize to him.Honestly he would rather do all this himself but he couldn’t risk being caught by his brotheror the Simself.“Fine I won’t do away with you two yet. Take in mind that if you fail me again, there will beconsequences.”
  62. 62. “Thank you, Master.” The twins breathed as Destiny turned to face them.“Now I have another job for you.”“Already? Isn’t it a bit too soon to go after the next generation?” Sebastian questioned as hetried to think what date it was. If he remembered correctly then the youngest of thisgeneration would just be going off to college now.
  63. 63. “Who says we’re going after generation 3? The Simself seems to have a soft spot for thisgeneration otherwise she wouldn’t have interfered. What’s the point of waiting 17 yearswhen we can simply go after them now.” Destiny pointed out before he waved his hand outto his left.
  64. 64. Sebastian’s eyes widened in shock as he noticed the horrifying looking playpen that held alittle girl around 8 and a toddler who looked about 3.
  65. 65. “Who are they?” Sebastian questioned curiously and Destiny smirked.
  66. 66. “They are our bargaining chips. With these two in our hands I have a perfect pawn ready to doanything I say, as long as I don’t hurt his siblings.” Destiny explained before the little girl let out awhimper.“M-mummy...I-I want m-my M-mummy.” The girl sniffled but sadly she was ignored.
  67. 67. “Oh I see! With these two you can get their big brother to get close to the Juniors and makethem let their guard down.” Sebastian summarized and Destiny chuckled as he crossed hisarms over his chest once again.
  68. 68. “You almost had it. You see the children’s big brother is already very close to the Juniors, infact he’s been at college with the eldest for 3 years now. This plan is already in motion andwith the youngest now joining them, it won’t be long before they fall.” Destiny said with achuckle that eventually turned into full blown laughter.“Then we shall see who is the one who leads the Sims down their true path, brother ofmine! With the Juniors fall everyone will realise that it is Destiny they should be followingand not Fate!” He laughed loudly before his purple eyes flashed darkly.“Juniors! It’s time for you to meet your Destiny! Your Destiny with Death!”
  69. 69. Yes as you can see Puck not only become my first Plant!Sim in the main hood he also become my first Werewolf!Simin the dummy hood where I shot the scenes with the Lopanes and Imogen’s funeral.I preferred him as a Plant!Sim as the moment I finished filming his scene with Elijah he starting doing ‘love or love menot’ interaction and looked so happy when he realised Elijah loved him.So that is it! Generation 2 is over and done with and now it’s on to Generation 3! I must say I’m very proud of myself,I’ve never made it this far with a Legacy so I’m glad that I’ve managed to stick to this one.I think it’s because I turned it into more of a story instead of an actual challenge which means I’ve got to think upstorylines to follow.So what did you guys think of Fate and Destiny? It took me ages to get them how I liked; I knew they would havewings and I also knew that their colours would show the definition of darkness and light but I didn’t know how tomake them look. In the end I made Fate look innocent with a slightly feminine face while Destiny look devious withangry eyebrows.So who are the two children? If you’re a hardcore Sim fan you can probably guess who the little girl is related toobecause she is a splitting image of her mother except with higher cheek bones.Destiny has finally had enough of Alissa and Sebastian’s failure and stepped up to the plate, instead of waiting untilthe next generation though the three of them are once again going to target Fabian and Jessica. Will the 2 remaningJuniors of Generation 2 survive another attack? You will have to wait and see!Happy Simming everyone!
  70. 70. Jessica Junior (Heir) Stats: 7/8/6/4/4 Star Sign: Aries Hobby: Music & Dance Aspiration: Knowledge/PopularityLife Time Want: To Become a Mad Scientist Turn Ons: Black Hair, Logical Turn Off: Stink Preferences: Males (Straight) Genetics:- -Hair: Red/Red -Eyes: Light Blue/Light Blue -Skin: S2/S2 Spouse: Benji Curious