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A Struggle to Survive a Legacy- 1.04 (Edited)


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A Struggle to Survive a Legacy- 1.04 (Edited)

  1. 1. Last Time: Tara finally broke down and admitted to Jesse that their youngest twins got theFBD Syndrome from her and it was the main reason she was adopted in the first place; Jessewas quick to point out he didn’t care and that he loved her, in his own words, all the same.Tara was quick to get back on her feet and just in time for Elijah and Ericka to go throughtheir 3rd Age Transition.Cecelia and Oliver went through their 2nd Age Transition but discovered that school wasn’t allfun and games when they found themselves being bullied; this was luckily resolved beforethey went through their 3rd Age Transition.Both Jesse and Tara got their finale promotions and as a reward they decided to go out,leaving Elijah in charge.Things don’t go according to plan though as Elijah finds himself confronted by a DarkWarlock who quickly knocks him unconscious.
  2. 2. “Elijah! Elijah wake up.”“’Lijah, please wake up.”“Elijah get up!”
  3. 3. Elijah woke up with a gasp at the sharp pain in his leg; as if on automatic he kicked his footout catching Ericka’s own leg in retaliation as he did every morning.As he sat up though he realized he wasn’t in his bed but actually on the cold hard floor andhis head was throbbing.Then everything came rushing back; his parents going out, spending time with Puck andfinally answering the door to see a Dark Warlock standing there.“’Eri, are you alright? What happened?” Elijah demanded noticing his twin was shakingslightly.“I don’t know. One minute I heard you answer the door and next I heard this loud thump,when I went to check it out I saw you on the floor with this boy standing above you with awand.”
  4. 4. As Elijah looked around he realized Oliver and Cecelia were with him as well; they probablywent with the warlock willingly after seeing their older siblings unconscious.Cecelia was sobbing while Oliver tried to calm her down but Elijah could see he was holdingback the urge to cry too.The next heir then noticed a familiar red head leaning against the wall.
  5. 5. “Puck! He got you too?” Elijah gasped as he pulled his boyfriend into a comforting hug; Pucksmiled just a tiny bit but Elijah could see pain clear as day in his blue eyes.“Sadly it was easy for him to grab me after casting so many spells.” Puck admitted vaguelybut Elijah accepted that as he started to look around.“Where the hell are we?”“That doesn’t matter now, ‘Lijah! We need to get out of here.” Ericka pointed out just beforea laugh sounded around the room.
  6. 6. “I’m afraid the only way you 5 are leaving this rooms are in urns!” The boy who had takenthem from their home laughed; he had a girl with him this time and as they stood togetherthey become familiar to the Junior teens.“Alissa and Sebastian?” Oliver whispered as he recognised the two who had bullied himwhen he was a child; the two in question smirked twin smiles as if they were pleased theyhad been remembered.“It’s a good thing you remember our names because it’ll be the last ones you’ll be hearing!”Alissa laughed, watching as the youngest siblings stepped back in fear.
  7. 7. “What do you mean by that?” Elijah demanded angrily as he felt Ericka step up beside him;Puck though was forced to lean against the wall as a horrible feeling of queasiness welled upinside of him, something in the air of this place wasn’t agreeing with him at all.“Well it should be obvious nephew, we’re going to kill you.” Sebastian chuckled as hewatching Elijah narrow his eyes in confusion.“Don’t call me that! I would know if someone like you was related to me.” The brown hairedboy hissed causing Alissa to laugh.“Why would you? Your father is a selfish thief, so why would he tell you he had siblings?”Alissa questioned causing Ericka to growl angrily.“Don’t you talk about our Dad that way you snake! And he’s the most selfless person Iknow!” Ericka retorted causing both Dark teens to laugh loudly.
  8. 8. “Then allow us to prove you wrong. Your father is both selfish and a thief because he stolewhat was meant to be ours.” Alissa explained, enjoying the way her niece and nephews faceswas pale with rage.“You’re a liar!” Ericka retorted as Elijah held up his arm to stop her charging forward.“If that’s true then what did he steal from you?” Elijah demanded causing Alissa to smirk.“The title of ‘Founder’.” She hissed watching as all 5 teen’s eyes widened in shock.“You see originally it was either me or Sebastian who was going to be chosen; we had heardthe whispers of fate ever since we were toddlers and it was when we were children that wedecided that both of us would be the founders when Fate came for us.”
  9. 9. “Of course Fate did come but he didn’t come for us. Instead he chose our older brother Jesseforgetting about us completely.” Alissa spat furiously and beside her Sebastian took a deepbreath.“We were asleep when it happened and we didn’t find for a few days. We were constantlyasking questions, where was Jesse, why are you so sad, what’s going on but no one of our socalled family answered us.”
  10. 10. “In the end we overheard what happened from our grandfather as he tried to comfort ourstupid big brother Shawn. It was then that we realized that some how Jesse had took Fate’sattention away from us and in the process stole what was ours.”
  11. 11. “But Dad never wanted something like this! He’s told us about what happened when Elliefound him, it’s only recently he’s started to getting used to the idea of being a founder!” Elijahobjected causing Alissa to scoff.“That’s just proves he’s even more selfish than even we thought. He obviously took our thronefrom us because we had it.”“That’s not true!” Oliver shouted but Sebastian continued on undeterred.“When we found out we started planning. Our idiotic parents were too busy mourning to carewhat we were doing so we continued to try find out a way to makes things right and claimback our thrones.”
  12. 12. “But we were careless and our thoughts were caught by our Grandfather and our UncleLucius. They found out what we had planned and Grandfather was preparing to come andbind our powers for good; making us worthless mortals.” The green skinned boy hissed beforeAlissa smirked beside him.“We couldnt let that happen."
  13. 13. “So we made a deal with a powerful creature. He promised to give us full use of our powers aslong as we allowed him to brand us as his servants. We agreed and that night we killed all 49members of our family, including our parents and older brother.” Alissa admitted without ahint of regret watching as the teen’s faces paled in horror and disgust.“Y-you killed your entire family?! And for what? For the chance at being a Legacy founder?”Elijah demanded furiously watching as his Aunt and Uncle smirked.“Of course.” They shrugged in perfect sync but Elijah felt nothing but disgust towards them.“You’re both monsters!”
  14. 14. Both powerful teens laughed loudly before Sebastian crossed his arms and smirked at theteens in front of him.“That may be true but we only become this way because of your father. What does that sayabout you?” Sebastian questioned but before anyone could answer Alissa pulled out herwand.“And it’s because of your father that you’re all going to die by our hands! If we kill his kidsthen Jesse will gladly hand over his title as Founder.” Sebastian shrugged as Alissa licked herlips hungrily.“Now let me hear those screams!” She ordered before she flicked her wand.
  15. 15. The zombie teen growled to himself angrily as the screams of the teenagers started to echoaround the house; it was as if something snapped inside of him, hearing the screams ofpeople who were actually children when compared to him, he knew he couldn’t stand byanymore.
  16. 16. “Just hand on kids. I’m going to get help.” He whispered before he walked as fast as he couldwith his dead leg.He hoped he would make it in time.
  17. 17. Elijah groaned as he struggled to push his acing body upright; Cecelia, Ericka and Oliver hadlong since passed out from the torture that they were receiving from their so called Uncleand Aunt.Behind him Puck released a horrible whimper of agony and Elijah looked over his shoulder tosee the half-breed clutching his head, his red hair being gript tightly between his fingers.In front of him Alissa laughed loudly.
  18. 18. “Having trouble there, half-breed? That’s one of the downfalls of having both human and elfblood, when there’s too much magic in the air you body starts to shut down; slowly.” Alissacackled and watched as Puck fell down to his knees, blood starting to drip from his nose.“Stop it!” Elijah shouted as he rested his hands on Puck’s shoulders, feeling the boy tremblebeneath his fingers.“I shouldn’t worry so much dear nephew! You’re going to be joining him now.” Sebastiansmirked as he and Alissa traded a look before she pulled out her wand again.
  19. 19. “We purposely saved you for last Elijah! The whole world will tremble the moment the GrimReaper comes for your soul!” Sebastian cackled while Alissa prepared another spell.“This Legacy is now ours!”“I think not!”
  20. 20. At the sound of the gurgled voice both Alissa and Sebastian looked up in shock; standing infront of them was the zombie that had been there servant for many years now, except thatfor the first time since they had branded him he was glaring at them.Alissa didn’t have a chance to react before the zombie let out a horrifying shout of ragebefore shoving at her with all his strength.
  21. 21. It’s a well known fact that the Water of Fate is deadly to the Seers who use it as a window tothe future; as such the moment her hand fell into the small pond, Alissa screeched in utteragony as she yanked her hand free and stumbled away.
  22. 22. “Ali!” Sebastian cried out as he watched Alissa fall down to her knees while gripping her headas it started throbbing in agony; with a snarl he turned to face the group of teenagers in frontof him.
  23. 23. Elijah flinched back slightly so he was directly in front of his younger siblings, who was slowlystarting to around as Alissa’s curses wore off; Sebastian cursed as he realised there wasnothing he could do, with Alissa in the state she was in there was no way he could continueto torture the group of teens.He had no choice but to retreat and try again another day.“You will pay for this! No matter how many generations it takes I will personally make sureyou pay for your father’s selfishness!” Sebastian hissed before his grey eyes settled on thezombiefied teenager in front of him.
  24. 24. “You on the other hand, I no longer have a use for. When a dog turns on it’s master there’sno point in keeping it. It has to be put down!” Sebastian hissed before he summoned his ownwand and flicked it towards the zombie.
  25. 25. Electricity surrounded the teen’s form causing the poor boy to scream as he fell down to hisknees; the Junior teens screamed out in shock as they tried to think of a way to help him.
  26. 26. “Farwell Big Brother! I hope you enjoy actually staying in the afterlife!” Sebastian called as agolden light surrounded him and the whimpering form of Alissa.“Oh and don’t think I’ve forgotten about you my dear nieces and nephews, I will come afteryou again. You can count on that! This won’t be the last time you will be seeing us! Until nexttime!” The golden light shone so bright that the teens had to look away but when theylooked back the two evil twins were gone.
  27. 27. On the floor the zombie let out a groan as the spell continued to suck away the last little bitof life he had left; his eye sigh was fading and his hand was placed firmly on his alreadyunbeaten heart.Someone he managed to whisper one last thing though.“ twin...” He chocked before he collapsed to the floor.
  28. 28. Silence fell across the dungeon as the teens tried to make sense of what just happened; thiswas the first time they had seen death at work and everyone of them wished they never hadto see it again.
  29. 29. The entrance of the Grim Reaper went unnoticed as it should have been.“I’ve been waiting for you to join me for some time. I’m sorry about what has happened toyou all this time but your family is waiting for you in the Spirit Realm.” The Grim Reaperstated before he crouched down and brushed his bony fingers against the zombie’s coldcheek.“It’s time for you to go home, Shawn Lopane.” He whispered before the body disappearedleaving a grey urn in it’s place.
  30. 30. The moment the urn appeared on the floor Elijah quickly snapped back into action.“Run! Quickly! “ The next heir of the legacy shouted as he crouched down beside the urn,hearing the sound of rapid footsteps as his orders were obeyed.“’Lijah are you coming?” Ericka questioned and watched quietly as Elijah carefully picked upthe urn and followed her to the door.“Let’s go.”
  31. 31. The 5 teenagers had barely touched the curb outside before they heard a cry that only arelieved mother could make.“Puck!” Titania Summerdream shouted causing the half-breed to turn around in shock,revealing the dried blood underneath his nose.“Deshmieve*! Deshketai*!” He shouted, not at all caring about what Elijah would thinkabout using his native tongue as he allowed Titania to pull him into a tight hug.-Elven, the Language of the Elves.*Deshmieve- Mother*Deshketai-Father
  32. 32. “Oh Aidan* I’m so glad your safe. Shol ford*.” Titania whispered and Puck felt her handswarm briefly on his back before all his aches and pains disappeared.“Tania, you shouldn’t use your powers so casually.” Oberon warned but Puck could see hissmile proving he was only teasing.For the rest time in many house Puck felt himself relaxing; when he had awoken in thathorrible room he had thought for a couple of seconds that he had been discovered. He wasrelieved to finally be back in the safety of the Summerdream haven.As if she could hear his thoughts, Titania squeezed her son just a bit tighter.-*Aidan- Little Flame & Puck’s Elven name. Meaning if he’s confronted by other elves, hewould be called Aidan.*Shol Ford- Heal, Love (Could be used for soul mate, Best friend or Family).
  33. 33. It was Cecelia who noticed two familiar figures running towards them with relief clear ontheir faces.“Mum! Dad!” The youngest Junior daughter cried out catching her siblings attention as shetook off running; at the sight of their parents though her siblings were soon following.
  34. 34. “Oh thank god.” Jesse breathed as he wrapped his children in a giant bear hug; when he andTara had returned to an empty house they fell straight into a panic and called for help.Help though came in the form of a zombiefied teen begging them to follow him.Elijah smiled as he pulled back from the hug, watching as his parents fussed over his youngersiblings and quickly took a look over to where Puck was.
  35. 35. The half-breed was surrounded by his adopted siblings, all of them with strange markings ontheir faces and all of them with delicate pointed ears; Elijah smiled once again before lookingback at his father, who had pulled back so he could look at all 4 of his children.
  36. 36. “Let’s go back home.” Jesse suggested and the 4 teenagers were more than happy to agree.
  37. 37. Surprisingly enough the house the teens were kept in, wasn’t that far from where the Juniorhouse stood. So it didn’t take long for them to get back home and after saying goodbye to theSummerdreams, who had a car waiting to take them back to Veronaville, Elijah turned to facehis father.“Dad...I grabbed this before we got free. It’s that zombie’s who saved us.” Elijah explained ashe held out the still hot urn; Jesse’s eyes showed sadness but none the less he reached out totake it.“If it wasn’t for him, we would have never found you kids. It was a good thing you grabbedthis Elijah. Alissa and Sebastian would have probably broke it.”
  38. 38. “Did you find out his name?” Jesse questioned, holding the urn carefully in his hands; Elijahshook his head sadly.“No but dad that boy, Sebastian, he called him ‘Big Brother’ and before he died the zombiewhispered your name.” Elijah admitted and watched as Jesse’s eyes widened in horrorbefore he searched desperately for the name engraved on the urn; Elijah knew when hisfather found it because he paled horribly.“No...Oh god, twin...” Jesse whispered horrified and Elijah couldn’t stop theshiver that ran through his form at how similar his dad sounded to the zombie had before hedied.Elijah wasn’t surprised when his dad asked to be left alone for some time nor was hesurprised when he walked by his parent’s room he heard his dad crying.
  39. 39. 6 Hours LaterThe news of the capture and rescue of the Junior kids and Puck Summerdream reached mequickly but I couldn’t make myself go and check on them until well after dark.I knew very well that if Alissa and Sebastian had started moving forward then Jesse surelyknew the fate of his family.With a heavy heart I knocked on the door and waited.
  40. 40. I wasn’t shocked when Jesse saw it was me he walked outside and closed the door behindhim before he crossed his arms and glared at me furiously.I could see his eyes were slightly reddened and my heart clenched for the man I had come tocare for very much.“What are you doing here?” Jesse demanded angrily and I sighed sadly.
  41. 41. “Jesse you have every right to be angry at me-” I began but Jesse cut me off with a furiousgrowl.“Angry at you? I’m not angry at you Ellie, I’m f***king furious!” He shouted and I flinched atthe obvious swear word but I forced myself to continue on.“Jesse just let me explain, alright? I know you’re curious about what happened so just giveme a few minutes and then I’ll leave.” I pleaded and watched as Jesse looked to the side inthought.
  42. 42. “You have 10 minutes.” He finally stated shortly before he turned and unlocked the door,finally allowing me entry into his home.
  43. 43. “That’s all I’m asking for.” I whispered mournfully before walking inside.
  44. 44. “Right explain! What happened to my family and why didn’t you tell me?” Jesse demandedthe moment he sat down on the couch and I took a deep breath.
  45. 45. “Fate has been following you and your siblings around ever since you were first born, Jesse.You come from a very powerful bloodline but at the same time you weren’t as connected tomagic as some of your other family members were.” I explained when placing my hands onmy hips.“You see when a Simself decides they want to start a Legacy they join up with Fate andsearched the Sim World for someone who would be perfect for them; that’s when I foundyour family.”
  46. 46. “Aissa and Sebastian said that they had heard the whispers of Fate since they were toddlers.”Elijah admitted and I nodded in agreement.“That would be correct and that’s because, originally, it would have been either Alissa orSebastian that would have become my Founder.”“But Fate didn’t pick them, Fate picked Dad.” Ericka pointed out and I nodded.“That’s right and that’s because of Frantisek Lopane, Jesse’s grandfather and your great-grandfather. Somehow he saw what would have happened if those two had taken up thethrone and he managed to convince Fate to choose someone else; in the end he had pickedJesse.”
  47. 47. “But because I was picked, my baby brother and sister are now out hunting for my bloodbecause they think I’ve stolen the ‘throne’ from them.” Jesse growled and I sighed whileshrugging my shoulders.“That’s why you shouldn’t try and change the future. What you see may be bad but you canguarantee what will happen instead will be a lot worse.”“What about my family?” Jesse asked next and I sighed once again.“I’m sorry to say that they are all dead. Every one of them were killed by Alissa andSebastian.” I admitted and watched as Jesse looked down sadly.
  48. 48. “There’s something else. They admitted they had made a deal with a powerful creature.”Cecelia hinted and I reached up to scratch the back of my neck.“That’s also true, it’s the reason they were so powerful. I have no idea who they made a dealwith but whatever it is, it’s given them part of it’s powers. That’s also why their so psychotic.”“That’s what those tattoos on their faces were, right? They were ownership markings?”Oliver questioned and I nodded silently.
  49. 49. “Wait, if they’ve been after me since I was chosen to become your founder why are theyonly coming after me now?” Jesse questioned and this time I smiled slightly.
  50. 50. “Because you had protection wards on you. They not only stopped them from seeing youwith their Seer powers but they also stopped them from doing anything to you if they did findyou.”“But they wore off.” Jesse said and I nodded.“Yes. Just after you graduated college. They were stupid enough to come after me thoughand even though the wards were broken they were incapable of doing anything to you.” Iexplained simply and Jesse nodded, accepting that answer.
  51. 51. “You still haven’t answered the true question though. Why didn’t you tell me all this in thefirst place, why keep it from me?”
  52. 52. “When we become Simselfs, we all take up a vow. ‘I must be fair to the Sims in my pocketdimension, I mustnt interfere with the ways of Fate and above all I must protect the familythat is my Legacy’. You are my Legacy family Jesse and it’s my job to keep you from harm,even if it meant keeping secrets from you. I’m sorry for hurting you and for lying to you butas a father you must understand I did what I did for a reason.” I pleaded and watched asJesse sighed.“10 minutes are long since over. I’ll show you to the door.” He whispered and got to his feet.
  53. 53. “I can’t forgive you, not yet. I understand why you did it Ellie but that doesn’t take away thehurt I’m feeling, the rage. So give me time and I will try and forgive you but I can’t make anypromises.”
  54. 54. I couldn’t even bring myself to smile as I crossed my arms over my chest.“I understand.” I whispered before giving him a nod and walking down his the stairs to thecurb.
  55. 55. I was emotionally exhausted after revealing everything to Jesse but I was also feeling guilty.I was still keeping something from him, something he would never find out about.With a sad frown I looked back to the house that held my beloved legacy family beforewalking away.I’ve done all I can, now it was up to Jesse.
  56. 56. After everything that happened life still continued on in the Junior Household.With a completed Life Time Want, that meant a new one had to take it’s place. Jesse’s newLife Time Want was for him to become a Celebrity Chef.It didn’t take him long to find a job in the culinary field as a Prep Cook.
  57. 57. Tara also got a new Life Time Want and hers was to become Chief of Staff; just like husbandshe easily got a job in the Medical career track as a Surgeon.
  58. 58. Jesse’s cooking skills were loved by his boss and he was promoted to Sous Chef on the firstday; he was also lucky enough to get 3 days off work before he had to go to his new job.
  59. 59. He found discovered though, that even with maxed skills Tara still couldn’t fix or cookanything; as such those tasks once again fell to him.It didn’t surprise anyone the next day they used the bath it was full of dents.
  60. 60. When Tara returned home from work it was with her own promotion; her boss wasimpressed with her skills and thought she would be perfect for the Medical Researcherposition that had just opened.Tara accepted the promotion with a smile, pushing her closer to her completing her 2nd LifeTime Want.
  61. 61. Here is the list of scholarships you have been awarded with: -SimCity Scholars Grant - $1000 -Young Entrepreneurs Award - $750 -Hogan Award for Athletics - $750 -Bui Engineering Award - $750“Dad! I’ve got 4 of them!” Elijah called out as he pushed away from the computer with asmile.“That’s great, Elijah. Well done.”
  62. 62. The moment her brother was off the chair, Ericka quickly claimed it for her own and broughtup her emails. Here is the list of scholarships you have been awarded with: -SimCity Scholars Grant - $1000 -Young Entrepreneurs Award - $750 -Hogan Award for Athletics - $750 -Bui Engineering Award - $750“Me too! I’ve got 4 as well!” She laughed while jumping to her feet and Jesse grinned proudlyat her.“I’m so proud of you, both of you.” He admitted and Tara nodded in agreement.
  63. 63. “Okay. You’ve got $4750 between the two of you plus the $1000 from me and your mother that leaves you with $5750 to live on until youhave to get a part time job. That means your going to have to be careful.” Elijah warned as he pulled Elijah into a tight hug, Tara following hisexample straight after.“Don’t worry Dad! We’ll be fine.” Elijah laughed but didn’t pull away from the attention.
  64. 64. “We’ll always be here if you just want to talk.” Tara whispered quietly into her daughter’s ear and Ericka blinked back her tears as she hugged hermother tightly.“Be careful. I don’t want you two getting into any more trouble.” Jesse warned but he still hugged Ericka tightly especially when the sound of ahorn echoed from outside.
  65. 65. With many teary hugs and happy waves, Elijah and Ericka jumped into the taxi with pockets full ofscholarship money and allowed themselves to be taken to their new home for the next 4 years.Académie Le Tour.
  66. 66. Jesse discovered that being a Chef meant he needed more creativity skills than he actuallypossessed; instead of painting random things though, Jesse decided to paint the one thing hehad admitted his love out loud too.His children.
  67. 67. All of the kids had inherited Tara’s terrible cooking skills but it turned out that Cecelia waseven worse than her mother.She was the first one to start a fire in the house by trying to cook some ramen; lucky enoughit was put out quickly by the fireman so no one was hurt.
  68. 68. When the house wasn’t threatened to be burned to the ground, the remaining 4 Juniors were constantly working.As if was with Elijah and Ericka, Cecelia and Oliver quickly toped their chosen career paths making them overachievers.Tara also got her final promotion making her the new Chief of Staff and also allowing her to complete her 2nd Life TimeWant.
  69. 69. Strangely enough both Oliver and Cecelia ended up getting abducted by aliens.Oliver was able to summon them to himself but Cecelia was randomly chosen.After he aches and pains wore off they were surrounding their mother sharing details of their abduction whileJesse rolled his eyes and walked away, muttering about how ‘weird’ his family was.
  70. 70. “’Lijah! Eri’!” Cecelia laughed as she was pulled into tight hugs by her older siblings.She wasn’t expecting either of them to visit but with her and Oliver home alone, it wasdefiantly a nice surprise.
  71. 71. “It’s good to see you, Cee. How have you and Oli been? How about Mum and Dad?” Erickaquestioned; her brown hair now long and curly from her constant use of bunches.“They’re fine. Mum achieved her 2nd Life Time Want the other day and Dad is getting prettyclose. What about you, have you found someone yet?” Cecelia questioned and quicklyducked Ericka’s playful swipe with a giggle.“No I haven’t but ‘Lijah has got some news, haven’t you brother?” Ericka questioned causingElijah to roll his eyes before he held out his hands for Cecelia to take.
  72. 72. Brown eyes widened in shock as she stared at the beautiful diamond ring resting on her bigbrother’s finger.“You’re engaged?! To Puck, right?” Cecelia questioned with a grin causing Elijah to narrowhis eyes in irritation.“Of course it’s Puck! Who else would it be?” He grumbled but Cecelia knew he was onlyteasing.“Come on! You’ve got to show, Oli!”
  73. 73. Of course the youngest son of Jesse was just as happy for his older brother, if more so thanCecelia because of his Family aspiration.The Junior siblings spent the day together happily until Ericka and Elijah had to return back tothe campus; while they were sad to see them go both Cecelia and Oliver were happy theyhad managed to come round.
  74. 74. “My Dad told me about you, you old fart! Don’t think just because I’m a girl you can comehere and shove me like that! I won’t stand for it just like he won’t!”“God they’re multiplying.” Mortimer Goth muttered to himself before he turned and ranfrom the house in fear.As one would say, like father like daughter, ne?
  75. 75. Jesse decided to take advantage of the chocolate maker he had received from his boss atwork.As expected he turned out pretty good at it and everyone welcomed the smell of freshlymade chocolate that settled around the house.
  76. 76. Tara smiled as Jesse joined her on their bed and wrapped his arm around her shoulders,pulling her close to him.“Just a few more days now.” Tara mumbled and Jesse tightened his grip as he heard thetiniest bit of fear in her voice.
  77. 77. “And you can guarantee I will still be by your side.” Jesse whispered in return before heleaned forward and kissed Tara with all the love he could.
  78. 78. It was true what Tara said though; their finale Age Transition was fast approaching and in justa few days he and Tara would be entering the finale stage in their life.Jesse though, refused to think about it; he had long since accepted that would happen and hedecided to live the rest of his life to the fullest. For one thing he had to make sure his bodystayed in shape even after he started to get grey hairs.
  79. 79. Cecelia continued to burn things but her parents were just glad that she didn’t start anymorefires.They can live through eating burnt food but even Tara had to wonder how Cecelia managedto burn something as simple as soup.
  80. 80. Tara had also found herself becoming strangely attached to the Cow Plant Jesse ‘acquired’from the Secret Society.Myrtle, as the plant had been named for reasons only known to Tara, seemed to enjoy Tara’scompany and danced whenever Tara appeared with a huge slab of meat.Jesse on the other hand thought the thing was, in his own words, ‘F**ckin’ creepy’ and headmitted the only reason he took it was because something as lame as the Secret Societydidn’t deserve something as cool as a Sim eating plant shaped like a cow.
  81. 81. When Jesse did finally got back to work, he was surprised to be greeted by his boss whooffered him the job of Restauranteur; Jesse was quick to accept meaning not only did he geta higher pay but he also got another 3 days off work.
  82. 82. Time was quick to pass and before they realised what was happening, Tara’s and Jesse’sbirthday had arrived.“Jesse, I’m scared.” Tara whispered fearfully and as Jesse pulled her close, he could feeltrembling.“Tara, I am too. This is a big step but I promise you, no matter what happens I will be rightbehind you.”
  83. 83. “Jesse...”“You are my soul mate and I will be with you forever, even when we pass over. I promise.”Jesse whispered in return as he let Tara fall backwards in his arms before he kissed her.
  84. 84. Surrounded by their family and friends Jesse and Tara walked up to the two cakes. Togetherthey blew out their candles.
  85. 85. And together they spun into their final years of their life.
  86. 86. All in all the two admitted they didn’t turn out too bad. Sure Jesse’s eye sight got so bad hecouldn’t wear his contacts anymore and Tara admitted she wasn’t impressed with her nosebut at least the two of them were happy; and in the end that’s all that matters.
  87. 87. Have you ever hated yourself for staring at the phone?Your whole life waiting on the ring to prove you’re not alone. Have you ever been touched so gently you had to cry? Have you ever invited a stranger to come inside? Glitter in the Air- P!nk
  88. 88. The last few days of Spring covered Bellandonna Cove in a huge thunderstorm that didn’tmove for many days.Some people were smart enough to stay inside but others, like the friend Tara brought back,decided to try out the hot top with obvious results.
  89. 89. Sadly the end of Spring, brought the end of someone who Tara believed would never leaveher side.“W-what? Say that again, Ellie.” Tara demanded breathlessly and I sighed on the other end ofthe phone.
  90. 90. “Tara, your father passed away last night. I’m sorry I didn’t call you sooner but Armand was avery good friend of mine, I needed to get myself together before contacting anyone.”“No! You’re lying!” Tara cried out sharply and I sighed sadly again.
  91. 91. “I wish I was Tara. You think this makes me happy telling you this news? I’m sorry Tara but Iwouldn’t lie about this.” Tara swallowed hard and she felt as if something hard was stuck inher throat.“Would you like his urn brought over?” I questioned quietly and this time Tara couldnt holdback her sob.“N-No! K-keep it there. D-daddy wouldn’t h-have w-wanted to leave the apartment.” Tarastuttered and knowing full well she wouldn’t last much longer I decided to say goodbye.“I understand. I’m sorry for your loss Tara, I really am.”
  92. 92. “Tara? What’s wrong?” Jesse questioned as he saw Tara staring at the phone blankly, herbrown eyes filled with tears she refused to let fall; the moment she looked at Jesse though allher restraint left her and she started sobbing.“Daddy...Daddy...he’s...” Tara couldn’t get her words out but Jesse quickly understood and heclosed his eyes sadly.“Oh Tara, I’m so sorry.” He whispered and wrapped his arms around his wife as she sobbedher heart out.
  93. 93. 3 weeks passed and all though the blanket of sadness still covered the Junior house slightly,they were slowly starting to move forward once again.It was Cecelia who took the first leap into officially getting out of mourning and had her FirstKiss with fellow college Tank Grunt.It turns out the two of them had perfect chemistry and it didn’t take long for the youngestdaughter of Jesse to convince Tank to go to Académie Le Tour with her.
  94. 94. Jesse was the next one to start moving on; he returned home with a content smile afterachieving his finale promotion making him a Celebrity Chef.With Jesse and Cecelia moving on from Armand’s death it wasn’t long before Oliver and Tarasoon followed their lead; just in time too.
  95. 95. Here is the list of scholarships you have been awarded with: -Hogan Award for Athletics - $750 -Will Wright Genius Grant - $750 -SimCity Scholars Grant - $1000 -Extraterrestrial Reparation Grant - £1500 -Young Entrepreneurs Award - $750“5? I got 5? Oh wow! Mum! Dad! I got 5 of them!” Oliver laughed and accepted the hug Tarahad for him happily.“That’s my little guy!” She whispered kissing Oliver’s forehead, ignoring the way he tried tosquirm away from her in a way only teenager boys could.
  96. 96. Here is the list of scholarships you have been awarded with: -Will Wright Genius Grant - $750 -SimCity Scholars Grant - $1000 -Extraterrestrial Reparation Grant - £1500 -Young Entrepreneurs Award - $750Cecelia pouted slightly as she realized she didn’t have as many scholarships as her brotherbut she cheered up when she realized she still got quite a lot.“I got 4!” Cecelia announced and listened to her parents cheer her proudly.
  97. 97. “Be good and be safe.” Tara whispered as she pulled her youngest son into a hug; the momenthe was freed Oliver found himself pulled into another hug by his father.“Take care of yourself, give our best wishes to your older siblings and behave.” Jesse orderedwith a smirk causing Oliver to laugh.
  98. 98. “Take care, honey.” Tara whispered tearfully as she hugged Cecelia tightly before Jesse quickly stole a kissfrom her.“You watch out for yourself you hear me, Baby girl? Don’t do anything to rash and if that boy ever hurts you,just come to me.” Jesse ordered and Cecelia giggled.“I love you two so much. I’m going to miss you.” She whispered and Oliver nodded in agreement behind her.
  99. 99. It wasn’t long before the taxi pulled up outside.With one last finale fair way the youngest twins of Jesse and Tara jumped into the vehicleand made their way to Académie Le Tour.
  100. 100. “We did it, Tara.” Jesse whispered as Tara reached out and started running his shoulderscarefully; she smiled happily in response.“I know. For the first time in 19 years we have the house to ourselves.” She pointed outinnocently and knew it wouldn’t take long for Jesse’s Romance Aspiration to click to it.“Really? 19 years has been a really long time.” Jesse mused as he turned out and pulled Tarain his arms; the woman hummed in agreement.“And Elijah isn’t coming back home for another 2 ½ years yet.” Jesse said as he leaned closerand Tara giggled lightly.“Mrs Junior, what do say we take advantage of this empty house?” Jesse questioned and thistime Tara’s laugh was a full one.“Why Mr Junior. I thought you would never ask.”
  101. 101. Have you ever thrown a fistful of glitter in the air? Have you looked fear in the face and said “I just don’t care.” It’s only half past the point of no return, The tip of the iceberg The sun before burn. The Thunder before the lightning, And the breath before the phrase Have you ever felt this way? Have you ever wished for an endless night? Lassoed the moon and the stars and pulled that rope tight?Have you ever held your breath and asked yourself will it ever get better than tonight? Tonight. Glitter in the Air- P!nk
  102. 102. “So you came back, huh? I bet you though that now I have grey hair that I’d be weaker but I’mstill younger than you, you old fart!”“Why you...”-And Generation 1 is finished! With Oliver and Cecelia now off to college this brings an end toJesse’s and Tara’s storyline; our attention is now fully focused on the heir Elijah and his futurespouse Puck! I’ll update as soon as I can you guys and until then, I hope you enjoyed Jesse’sand Tara’s story!Oh and about the Elven added in, well the Summerdreams are elves so why shouldn’t theyspeak in Elven? Don’t worry, Puck won’t be using the language much because he actuallydoesn’t like being reminded who’s he related too. He’ll only use it when he needs it.Anyway that’s it for now! I’ll see you next time guys! Happy Simming!”
  103. 103. I would like to say thank you once again to...Joemulcahy for creating Lt. Frantisek Shiroyama; make sure to check outhis videos on Youtube!Swordsmasterguy for creating his Simself Vince Lopane and also creatingthe relationship between Vince and Fran. Make sure you check out hisvideos too!If it wasn’t for these two creating those 2 Sims, Jesse, his siblings and hismany (many) cousins wouldn’t have existed and I wouldn’t have beenable to write this story.As you can see I have all the pictures for the Lopane family tree so I willbe able to get to work on that ASAP!I’ll see you next time guys!