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Facebook anto

  1. 1. FACEBOOK
  2. 2. Facebook user: Name: Jade Healy Age: 20 Occupation: Student and Waitress I only got a Facebook account honestly to keep in contact with my friends that went to university in England and Scotland and to more honestly have a little nosey on other peoples profiles. Facebook for me is something that I never wanted to have but Ican see the positives in it. I no that I like seeing what my friends are up to whilst being awayand seeing pictures of all them. I also like being able to see what is taking place in businessesand being able to find things I wouldn’t have perhaps found out elsewhere. For example I ama big fan of Lomography (type of photography) and I follow them of Facebook, from this Iam able to see what’s knew and what people are doing with their Lomo camera’s. This inaway helps me to stay creative with my Lomography and gives me ideas for my own personalinterest. Also helps me by giving me ideas for my university work. It’s good to be able tojoin Fan pages and be able to see what artist’s are up tp. I would follow a lot ofphotographers, graphic design companies and artist’s, I like to see what they are doing toinspire me.Considering that I want to have a career as a graphic designer/ photographer it was pointedout to me that Facebook is a good way to network. I can use my account to place work that Iconsider good enough to put online and let people see what I have to offer. I can go and addcompanies and work places seeing what’s happening in their lives and in turn they can seewhat I am producing. Plus with other people being able to see that I have placed work onlinethey could recommend me to others that are looking for someone with my skills. Also if Iwanted to I could set myself up a Facebook promoting my work, which wouldn’t be a badidea. I do though try to direct people to the likes of my Blogger, Tumblr, Flicker, Jalbum andTwitter accounts to see my work my than placing it directly on Facebook.With my account I know I could use it more but I don’t really like people knowingeverything about me, I know I post about things I want people to know and didn’t mindpeople seeing. I know that with my account I could be more proactive with trying to get mywork out there but I don’t think it’s time yet. I also think that Facebook could be a possible
  3. 3. way to help me find a placement for next year. I’m not a fan of people that are constantly onFacebook posting every minute. I have been known to ‘unfriend’ them even if they are one ofmy genuine friends. I’m also not one of these people who places picture up of everythingthey do. I don’t think you should necessarily post about everything you do and put a pictureup of it, I believe that’s people with to much time on their hands. I do pictures up maybe ofwork I’m doing or of things I see that are of interest but I will admit that I have the oddmomently repels and place things up like of a fire in my house.I mainly only use Facebook on my phone when I’m board. It’s something to fill time and Idon’t really ever use the webpage verse unless I’m in the computer labs at university. Ihonestly couldn’t be bothered to be on it when I am the computer because I don’t really likethe layout of social network site. Also when I’m on the computer its not something thatinterests me to be on it. I have better things to be doing and I’d rather be doing that than be onFacebook. I don’t even like the app version but its something to fill time while walkingsomewhere or waiting for something.
  4. 4. Motivations: Ability to talk to people for free Seeing what people are at Contact with friend (able to see all contact details of friends) Being able to connect with artists of all types Filling in time Task (placing work up) Promote self (network)Interface: Contacts all in place Phone Computer/ iPad Searching Private messages Twitter like timeline at side of page (stupid idea) Listing friends Apps Suggested friend Joining groupsInteractions: Contacts Searching of people, business and artists Access to other blogs linked into their Facebook page Easy access to friends posts and photographs Ability to use my phone to go on Place photos on line Direct people to my other blogs Placing links up Being able to join fan pages
  5. 5. Visual: Layout awful Phone visual awful Colour (boarding) Size Communication Graphics Logo Blogs Posts for friends Others pictures/ work
  6. 6. Facebook user: Name: Scott Galbraith Age: 35 Occupation: Contract Manager Scott is my brother-in-law, he’s a 35 year old male and has far different uses for Facebook compared to myself. Scott is Contract manager and is currently one of the people involved in all the road works happening all over Northern Ireland at this moment of time. Scott is original fromScotland but moved to Dongel when he was 7 and met my sister, Dawn, when he was 20.Since my sister was moving to Glasgow at that time for university, Scott went with her andthey lived and worked in Scotland for over 10 years, were Scott worked for one of the biggestcontract companies in Glasgow.Since my sister and Scott decided to start a family they moved back to Derry. Scott would useFacebook to keep in contact with his friends and family that are in Scotland. He can see whatthey are up to and in turn they can see what is happening in his life back home. It’s also awayto keep in old contacts in the business industry because you’ll never know when you’ll need afavour. The company in which Scott works for was able to get a few contracts over inScotland because of Scott and his business contacts over there.Scott has an older sister that moved to Australia around the same time that Scott moved backto Scotland. Scott uses Facebook to keep in contact with her, to show her what is happeningin his life and see what is going on in his sister’s life. Audrey has a son which she would postabout and place pictures up of him to show him growing up to her family back home. In turnScott would do the same about my niece so that she and other external family members cansee her growing up. Because of this Scott would place a lot of photos up on Facebookshowing what he and his family would be up to. For instance placing photos up of my niece’sbirthday or her making buns along with him. Facebook is important in this way for Scottbecause he gets to keep in contact with his family, family is important to Scott and he doesn’twant to miss out anything that is happening in his sister or nephews life.
  7. 7. Since Scott would be traveling around a lot with his job having to be all over NorthernIreland over seeing that jobs are done properly and having a busy family life when backhome, he would mainly be on Facebook with his phone. It’s when Scott gets a bit of downtime he would have a flick through Facebook. With the likes of other applications like Skype,Scott would use this to properly talk to his sister. Facebook is just something that helps keepin contact but it would be much help to have a proper long conversation with someone.Scott has become an advent runner and runners in aid of charity. Scott is currently trainingfor his 7 marathon. He uses Facebook to help rise awareness of the charity he’s running for sothat his friends will sponsor him to do the run. With him being in a running club also, theycan all keep in contact with each other and help one another out with trying to raise moneyfor the charities they are all running for. They would post a lot of different sites to oneanother about running techniques, running gear and videos about things they have found. It’saway that the community of runners can help one another out and see what the other is doingwith their running. Most of the people Scott runs with are like him, family people and cantalways make it to the running sessions so it’s away to that they can see what was missed andwhat they need to do. It’s also away for Scott to see where different runs that are taking placeand if he can take part in them. He would often post and comment on others about runninglike his training progress or charity. Its away to gain support for one another and help whencoming up to events like the marathon, seeing where each are staying and when they areleaving.Facebook is something that Scot would use when he wants to, he’s not one of them peoplethat are constantly on it or posting on it. It’s simply just away for him to keep in contact withhis friends and family.
  8. 8. Motivation: Keep in contact with people To help with getting sponsorship To find old friends Enjoys seeing what others are up to Task to keep in contact with family Ability to find out information on activitiesInterface: Phone Computer Messaging Forums Apps chatInteraction: Place links up Upload pictures Talk to friends and family Search for people Looking at others post and photographs Finding information on races Checking running clubs pagesVisual: Colour (not a lot) Layout Blackberry app: scenes to small for the page Logo Graphic
  9. 9. Other picturesPagesWritten communicationStyle