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AiMA "The Mobile Future for Email"


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  • It’s hard to know where to start with what is wrong with the chart on slide 5. (Sorry, this really isn’t meant to sound snarky!)

    What is the Y axis showing? It starts out at ~50% of ’something’ which appears to be combined email usage (for mobile, desktop, and webmail). Which means what? The remaining ~50% of the dataset did not use email at all? They used something else?

    What I take from this chart (above anything else) is that the trend appears to show overall usage of email drops from ~50% to ~35% in a 9 month period. That’s alarming; it should have been on the news!

    The really tricky thing about this analysis is an assumption that a mobile render = a mobile user; in other words, a user that is mobile and not anything else. Unless there’s an underlying statistical model in this (that say aggregates device opens across unique users to determine what they are most *likely* to read the email on), this data is going to be filled with duplicated users. That means, in terms of final analysis, you can’t really conclude anything meaningful. Dupes it the data set without a proper model to handle them could see horrific skew.

    As a final aside, you can’t represent part-to-whole relationships on anything other than a bar chart. Just stick to showing trend on a line chart.
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AiMA "The Mobile Future for Email"

  1. 1. Welcome! The Mobile Futurefor Email and Your Business #atlantaima
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  4. 4. Mobile Decision MakingIn February 2012,a THIRD of total Webmail Desktopopens were on a 33% 34%mobile device Mobile 33% #atlantaima
  5. 5. Mobile Decision Making83% growth in last 9 months(and climbing!) #atlantaima
  6. 6. Mobile Decision MakingCourtesy Brands #atlantaima
  7. 7. Mobile Decision MakingCourtesy Brands #atlantaima
  8. 8. Mobile MeasurementCourtesy Brands #atlantaima
  9. 9. Mobile MeasurementCourtesy Brands #atlantaima
  10. 10. QR Codes #atlantaima
  11. 11. FSI Total Redemptions: 1.0% of Guests Quantity = 4,415 #atlantaimaGenerated 3,938 New/Validated Email Addresses from QRC
  12. 12. ROPTotal Redemptions ofOR: 0.1% of GuestsQuantity = 443Total Redemptions of$5 off $20: 0.1% ofGuestsQuantity = 510 #atlantaima
  13. 13. Digital Media - E-Club Sign Up Form New Emails from Q2 Promotion: 5,743 #atlantaima
  14. 14. How Do Consumers Behave?Sourc YouTube #atlantaima
  15. 15. Consumer PerceptionIf you receive an email on your phone that doesn’t look good, what do you do?Source: BlueHornet Online Email Behavior Study #atlantaima
  16. 16. No Mobile Resources?Try very long subject lines #atlantaima
  17. 17. Process & Tradeoffs #atlantaima
  18. 18. Process & Tradeoffs #atlantaima
  19. 19. Mobile ContentHome Page Offer Details SMS Page #atlantaima
  20. 20. Questions? #atlantaima