99 Reasons Why Email Rocks


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We all have our reasons. "When I grow up ..." ended with "email marketing" (said no one ever). And yet, here we stand together with (at least) 99 reasons why we do what we do and love what we do.

At the Email Design Conference 2014, Jay Jhun from BrightWave helped us highlight, laugh, cry, snicker and chortle our way through some (or all) of the reasons why the future is so bright for a craft that will continue to be at the center of the digital marketing universe.

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99 Reasons Why Email Rocks

  1. 1. #TEDC14 99 Reasons Why Email Rocks Jay Jhun, BrightWave @emailrocks
  2. 2. 99 109 Reasons Why Email Rocks #TEDC14 Jay Jhun, BrightWave @emailrocks
  4. 4. #TEDC14 #Passion @emailrocks
  5. 5. We are Digital marketers who’ve gone email @emailrocks #TEDC14
  6. 6. Email • Social media • Brand management • Content management • Mobile’s impact on consumer behavior • Leveraging audience data • Scalable dynamic content • Direct response principles • Leveraging video • Testing and optimization • Fueling customer relationships • Driving revenue • How many !#$@# environments? @emailrocks #TEDC14
  7. 7. “If you build it, they will come …” #TEDC14 @emailrocks
  8. 8. #BADASS #BRINGIT @emailrocks #TEDC14
  9. 9. #TEDC14
  10. 10. #TEDC14 @SherylSandberg did you know people use email more than they use Facebook on their smartphones? bit.ly/EmailisWhat and IDC Always Connected | How Smartphones And Social Keep Us Engaged An IDC Research Report, Sponsored By Facebook
  11. 11. #TEDC14 $6 BILLION Invested in email software in 2013 @emailrocks
  12. 12. #TEDC14 @Anthonytackett
  13. 13. #TEDC14 When looking at tracking I often see a subscriber who has Opened the same email 50+ times. Either I sent a hell of an email or they are really bored. Ha. @MCTweets
  14. 14. @megtiffany @NathanMynarcik #TEDC14
  15. 15. #TEDC14 I didn't have to go back to school (again) in order to do email design--my 2005 skill set is perfect for it! @ravuun
  16. 16. Because you can plaster your co-workers with #TEDC14 20,000 test emails on April Fools Day @meganmerrifield
  17. 17. Email … is the ONE constant (sort of) in an ever-changing space. I've been in online marketing for #TEDC14 nearly 20 years and while the shape of every aspect of what I have done has changed … compared to every other medium I use (websites, social media platforms, PR) to reach my clients' audiences, email is the one thing I know I can depend on to provide solid ROI for our efforts. @108degreesmktg
  18. 18. It's a challenge everyday, requiring new thinking every line of code. Being part of a worldwide team working our asses off to show people that email is not dead, and it has as much potential as any other form of marketing. These points coupled with the fact that this is such a collaborative community, makes my fight worth the struggle and makes me #TEDC14 work harder. @Nivicious88
  19. 19. It gives us marketers the ability to merge art with science - making it trackable and prove once and for all that marketing does not equal #TEDC14 making things pretty. Anonymous
  20. 20. My [Gmail] promotions tab is like a customized #TEDC14 news feed for me. @sullaura
  21. 21. #TEDC14 Email can be beautiful. Very beautiful. And great design always matters. @sullaura
  22. 22. #TEDC14 Email waits for subscribers. It is the most personal communication available to marketers. @thatslydia
  23. 23. Just like all the articles say, Email is D-E-A- D. #TEDC14 D - direct E - engaging A - artistic D - driving growth and evolution @David__Carpio
  24. 24. #TEDC14 Part Art, part Science, always fun and constantly evolving @David__Carpio
  25. 25. Email rocks because its subject line is like a #TEDC14 tweet to grab attention @ala_manzana
  26. 26. #TEDC14 Email rocks because it may be Entertaining Measurable Attractive Informative Loyal #TEDC14 @ala_manzana
  27. 27. Email can't be ignored. It lives in the inbox until it's either read or deleted. You have to action #TEDC14 on it. @JimMacLeod
  28. 28. Email rocks because we have @mparkerbyrd #TEDC14 (who invented the #TEDCNTACC) @meladorri
  29. 29. #TEDC14 I love email because it is manic. Tables for structure & hacks to open the email to everyone - even Outlook. @veronicaw
  30. 30. Email rocks because I get cool, free t-shirts at #TEDC14 #TEDC14 every year! Not one, but two! @meganmerrifield
  31. 31. Email rocks because through AB testing you #TEDC14 can find answers for problems - #alwaysgettingbetter @cassidyfred15
  32. 32. Email rocks because I can save everything I've #TEDC14 ever sent or received! Oldest email in my account is 7/7/04. Yours? #TEDC14 @ThomasGrimes
  33. 33. Email rocks because we can learn today and #TEDC14 test tomorrow. #TEDC14 @ThomasGrimes
  34. 34. #TEDC14 Email allows for the gamut of personal connection - intimate poetry to quick pokes to detailed information sharing. It is US. <3 @_blakemonkey
  35. 35. Email rocks because we get the satisfaction of #TEDC14 hitting that big red send button @gc_denis
  36. 36. Email rocks because it's NEVER boring... Always #TEDC14 a challenge to be conquered #TEDC14 @danielle_dcoded
  37. 37. It's the mobile generation's answer to a print #TEDC14 DM package @justin_herren
  38. 38. Because we can actually test the "genius" of #TEDC14 marketing fools Anonymous
  39. 39. #TEDC14 I love email because it's available on my schedule. It's less invasive as a communication tool. Ulta sends me daily emails that I mostly ignore. But, when I'm ready to shop, I know there's an email in my inbox with a coupon code or a great sale. @aka_des1gn
  40. 40. #TEDC14 Working in email lets you feel like an archeologist and a rocket scientist at the same time. #TEDC14 @FreshInbox
  41. 41. Email rocks because email people make the most friendly, welcoming, helpful conference. #TEDC14 Ever. @oiche
  42. 42. #TEDC14 Email rocks because only we understand why this is hilarious @oiche
  43. 43. #TEDC14 Email saves trees. And ponies. @thompsonjoshd
  44. 44. Email allows grandma's to stay in touch. For #TEDC14 free. Everyday. @thompsonjoshd
  45. 45. #TEDC14 Email rocks because it’s not proprietary @leemunroe
  46. 46. Email rocks because without it, we wouldn't #TEDC14 know about this conference #TEDC14 @theallenchan
  47. 47. #TEDC14 Email rocks because we all here at #TEDC14 rock! @ala_manzana
  48. 48. Email rocks after being tested with @litmusapp ;) #TEDC14 #TEDC14 @ala_manzana
  49. 49. Email rocks because it's extremely fast and #TEDC14 the word nowadays is fast and demanding prompt response #TEDC14 @ala_manzana
  50. 50. Without email, we wouldn't have #TEDCNTACC #TEDC14 #TEDC14 @RodriguezCommaJ
  51. 51. #TEDC14 Email rocks because there's never a dull moment. Thanks, Gmail & mobile design & Big Data & social & you name it #TEDC14 @chadswhite
  52. 52. Email rocks because no closed platform like Facebook will ever be able to match it's scale #TEDC14 and reach. #TEDC14 @chadswhite
  53. 53. Email rocks because it's just hard enough that #TEDC14 only the cool kids are into it. :) #TEDC14 @chadswhite
  54. 54. Email rocks because it's the true OG. #TEDC14 #TEDC14 #emailnerds @kzkotval
  55. 55. Email rocks because there's a community that #TEDC14 fosters sharing. We are not cut throat. @meganmerrifield
  56. 56. Email rocks because even with new devices and ways to interact digitally its still relevant & #TEDC14 engaging for users @shanij
  57. 57. Email developers are like the master artisans #TEDC14 of the web world @Anthonytackett
  58. 58. #TEDC14 Email rocks because of the incredible developer community. We're weird, cool, and nobody understands what we do. #emoAF #TEDC14 @linguartisan
  59. 59. We're the most creatively adaptive industry out #TEDC14 there. Constantly finding hacks and unique ways to achieve success. @mishis
  60. 60. #TEDC14 People are more willing to give email addresses vs. home. It allows the marketer to communicate quicker & more often #TEDC14 @MaiaPapaya83
  61. 61. #TEDC14 If you have a phone with Web Access your email coupons are always with you. #TEDC14 #savemoney @MaiaPapaya83
  62. 62. Email rocks because it can be a customized, relevant hug from your favorite brand. #TEDC14 #TEDC14 Get relevant or die tryin' @AutShan
  63. 63. Lends itself to great puns, such as prison cell… #TEDC14 via @KEVINgotbounce #TEDC14 @meganmerrifield
  64. 64. #TEDC14 The happy medium between art and geek. #TEDC14 @meganmerrifield
  65. 65. It's still new, we are basically in the madmen #TEDC14 age of free-for-all and hacks. #TEDC14 @meganmerrifield
  66. 66. Hitting send is the cheapest way to get the #TEDC14 feeling of skydiving. #TEDC14 @meganmerrifield
  67. 67. Email rocks because it’s a growing, living being #TEDC14 that keeps us on our toes and engaged #TEDC14 @tgormtx
  68. 68. You can completely change a person's day with #TEDC14 one timely, well-planned email @dcaro12
  69. 69. It is easy to deliver a truly personalized and #TEDC14 helpful message based on data #TEDC14 @kmminnick
  70. 70. Noone taught us how to do it. We figured it out and helped each other. Email is Crowd Sourced! #TEDC14 #TEDC14 @oiche
  71. 71. Email is a way to achieve the same goal as a print piece, except a lot cheaper. It's lean. and #TEDC14 trackable. #TEDC14 @meganmerrifield
  72. 72. The start to send cycle is much shorter than #TEDC14 other web work launches, and so is very satisfying and u feel extra productive! @oiche
  73. 73. The Litmus team sure know how to host an awesome conference! Who's glad they're not at #TEDC14 MarTech across the street? (me!!) @oiche
  74. 74. We're are super scrappy. 'No' and 'not possible' doesn't exist in our language, @flcarneiro just #TEDC14 hasn't figured it out yet :P @oiche
  75. 75. #TEDC14 It's more black magic than science (Outlook & Gmail & Galaxy anyone?) @oiche
  76. 76. Email is an equal opportunity employer! Not #TEDC14 often you see as many girls at a tech conference as boys! @oiche
  77. 77. Email rocks because only through email can #TEDC14 your iPhone have hallucinations and start drawing little white lines all over your content #TEDC14 @oiche
  78. 78. The Swag is stylin' - 3 free t-shirts??! It's not my #TEDC14 birthday until January, you shouldn't have! @oiche
  79. 79. Its not boring. So many innovative things yet to be explored/discovered. Really exciting stuff!!!!! #TEDC14 Can't wait. #TEDC14 @EkoDesignPhotog
  80. 80. Tomorrow's one more chance to send one more #TEDC14 killer email #TEDC14 #backtoittomorrow @GreerHall
  81. 81. #TEDC14 Platforms and networks come and go, but email is still standing @forepac
  82. 82. Without email, the @ symbol would still be on #TEDC14 the B list of keyboard characters. Totally an A-lister now. @forepac
  83. 83. #TEDC14 Email rocks because it's environmentally friendly. Keepin' it green peeps! :) #TEDC14 @_blakemonkey
  84. 84. Because there's a new challenge every day! #TEDC14 #TEDC14 @duchess4216
  85. 85. #TEDC14 No weird glue taste involved with sending @MichaelKumlin
  86. 86. Email rocks because creativity flourishes under #TEDC14 constraints. #tedc14 @lydiaroberts
  87. 87. #TEDC14 #emailrocks because I love debugging :) @pixeln3rd
  88. 88. #TEDC14 The email community is among the nicest, most welcoming people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working and learning from. @tedgoas
  89. 89. Email rocks because if you're not part of the #TEDC14 solution you're part of the problem... @beckysoll
  90. 90. #TEDC14 Email rocks because I got 99 problems, but lovin' email ain't one! #TEDC14 @stacy_blackman
  91. 91. #TEDC14 You can't get results faster with any other piece of marketing. #TEDC14 #emailmarketing @SimoiSpencer
  92. 92. It can be animated which is more attention #TEDC14 grabbing than a postcard @MaiaPapaya83
  93. 93. #TEDC14 Email rocks because it is eco friendly. #savethetrees @MaiaPapaya83
  94. 94. Email rocks because if you forward certain ones to at least 10 friends you will find the love #TEDC14 of your life in 10 hours #nolie @MaiaPapaya83
  95. 95. #TEDC14 Email rocks because you can send cart abandoned emails to buyers #ohyeah @MaiaPapaya83
  96. 96. Email rocks because it can be animated which #TEDC14 is more attention grabbing than a postcard @cod3nameduchess
  97. 97. #TEDC14 Email rocks because there are so many opportunities to test, optimize, and improve the user experience! #TEDC14 @jesuisandrea
  98. 98. The number 1 reason is because of events like this and the people you get to meet #TEDC14 #TEDC14 @tconti22
  99. 99. #TEDC14 @baffoobird
  100. 100. Email rocks because it’s so cool that no one #TEDC14 can actually explain why it’s so cool! @Paul_Airy
  101. 101. Oh yeah! It evokes so much passion, emotion, and jump up in the air excitement, that you just #TEDC14 have to tell somebody about it! @Paul_Airy
  102. 102. Email rocks because its designers, developers and marketers are some of the most amazing #TEDC14 people in tech. #TEDC14 @skoobly
  103. 103. Because other conferences don't serve quinoa #TEDC14 at lunch. @brent_walter
  104. 104. Email rocks because we all work together to #TEDC14 find a way to just get it done. #hackTag @CamillePalu
  105. 105. Its an mildly happy median between print and #TEDC14 web. With disfunction. @maWristich
  106. 106. #TEDC14 It's such an iterative process, allowing for constant improvement and means no day in email is ever the same! @starrrwars
  107. 107. #TEDC14 It keeps lonely lotus notes developers employed #TEDC14 @anotherjonah
  108. 108. #TEDC14 You can nest tables 15 levels deep!!! @nivuagcire
  109. 109. Email rocks because without it I would have spent the last 6 years creating a program that #TEDC14 creates web pages for 2004 #TEDC14 @EmailMasterOmri
  110. 110. Email rocks because it becomes acceptable to #TEDC14 be a misfit, both organisationally and technologically. We're the underdogs together at #TEDC14 @pageheaven
  111. 111. Unlike all other digital marketing methods, we #TEDC14 can guarantee a qualified audience and accurately report on it. #TEDC14 @pageheaven
  112. 112. Email rocks because Yahoo email outlasted Yahoo chat rooms of the 1990s. #ASL #tedc14 #TEDC14 @maddynorton
  113. 113. Email rocks when that one subscriber takes the time to reply and say "Your emails look so nice." #TEDC14 #smallbutbiggratification @Lauren_Jones_M
  114. 114. Email rocks because it doesn't limit me to an #TEDC14 arbitrary, artificial, *+%~&$! 140-character message limit @AllenWyatt
  115. 115. Email rocks because it provides ways to foster #TEDC14 lasting relationships @AllenWyatt
  116. 116. We work with the widest range of HTML/CSS support, from Apple supporting newer features #TEDC14 to Outlook ignoring bg images. #TEDC14 @CourtFantinato
  117. 117. Email rocks because it forces us to use both sides of our brain, which literally makes us #TEDC14 smarter than everybody else, in the entire world. @corihemmah
  118. 118. Email rocks when used with a well planned behavior program I get emails that actually #TEDC14 fulfill my needs #YouReallyLoveMe @MaiaPapaya83
  119. 119. #TEDC14 Email is swell cuz it's not snail mail, tho broken images make me want to yell, but with Lotus Notes u never can tell. #TEDC14 @justin_herren
  120. 120. #TEDC14 Thank you! ^_^ Jay Jhun jjhun@brightwavemarketing.com @emailrocks VP of Strategic Services