Ancient chinese folklore


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This is the POWERPOINT PRESENTATION (SHOW) of the slide with the video clips and summary of: Butterfly Lovers, Madame White Snake, The Zodiac, The Four Dragons, the Dragon Princess, and Journey to the West (or the Monkey King).

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Ancient chinese folklore

  1. 1. Butterfly Lovers • ZhuYingtaidisguises herself as a manto enteran academic institution;unexpectedly, she falls in love withLiang Shiangbo. • A tragic story • The spirits of thetwo lovers become butterflies • They fly intothe sky, togetherand free
  2. 2. MadameWhiteSnake
  3. 3. MadameWhiteSnake • Bai suzhenis a whitesnake demon whofellin love with a human,xu xian. • Fa hai, a monk, sensed the true natureof bai and convinced xu xianto have herdrink wineto reveal her demon form. • In some versions, bai suzhenand her companion, thegreen snake Xiao qing, defeatedfa hai and she was reunited with her husband and son.
  4. 4. MadameWhiteSnake • In other versions, however, wife and husbandwere not reunited:bai suzhen became an immortal –-no longer a demon-but she could no longer be with xu xian. • In some, whitesnake was imprisoned for 1000 years; this version hintson reincarnation • “demons fallingin love with humansand becoming good because of humanlove interests is a popular theme in ancient folklores.
  5. 5. Chinesezodiac
  6. 6. Chinesezodiac • One version of how the 12 zodiac signs came to be: • 1st- rat: heand cat got a ride from the ox, but rat pushed cat into thewater and jumped on theground before the ox could finishtherace. • 2nd-ox • 3rd-tiger
  7. 7. Chinesezodiac • 4th-rabbit: had hopped on steppingstones and rode a floating log to theshore • 5th-dragon: came in late because he had to send down rain for people and animals;he was also responsible for blowing the wind to carry thelog thatrabbit was on to shore • 6th-snake: frightenedthe horse and sneakedinto sixth place
  8. 8. Chinesezodiac • 7th-horse • 8th-goat • 9th-monkey the threeof themrode on • 10th-rooster a raft together • 11th-dog: took a bathin theclean water • 12th-boar: got hungry and stopped to eat; had a short nap afterwards
  9. 9. The four dragons • The four dragons wanted to help thepeople who needed rain for their crops • They wentto the jade emperor for help, but even after many days, there was no rain. • The dragons decided to carry thewater from thesea in their mouthsand pour it down from the sky. • This angered thejade emperor who had the dragons imprisoned.
  10. 10. The four dragons • The four dragons were imprisoned under mountains,but they did not regret what they did. • Stillwantingto help the people, thefour dragons became the four great rivers of china. • Yellow dragon, long dragon, black dragon, and pearl dragon
  11. 11. The four dragons
  12. 12. The dragonprincess • A fishermanfell down a hole and found a dragon castle; however, he was notallowed to enter. • Eventually,hefound another way out. He told anofficial about thecave and thedragons. • The official informed theemperor, who called for a wise man. • The wise man advised theemperor in his desire to obtain treasure from thedragon.
  13. 13. The dragonprincess • A messenger was sent to thedragon princess with jade caskets and 400 roasted swallows • The dragon princess, withthe help of a 1000- year-old dragon who could transform into a human,gave themessengers a giftin return. • The messengers delivered thegifts to theemperor. • The giftswere pearls of differentkinds
  14. 14. The dragonprincess • A wishing pearl, black dragon pearl, serpent-pearl,sea-crane pearl, and mussel-pearl • Since theserpent-pearl and thesea-crane pearl were similar in appearance, the emperor asked thewise manto help him differentiatethepearls. • The wise man told him to bring a serpent and a sea-crane. The serpent went to the serpent-pearl, whilethe sea-crane went to thesea-crane pearl.
  15. 15. The dragonprincess • This version tells us the advantage of being “wise. Throughout thecourse of the story, many people did not believe thewise manand thoughtthathe was makingthings up. • It was only whenthemessengers delivered thetreasure to the emperor thatthe people realized thatthewise man had been telling the truth.
  16. 16. The dragonprincess • Another version of thestory of thedragon princess: therescue of the dragon princess • The legend of Liu Yi delivering a letter for thedragonprincess • A Youngscholar LiuYi was on his way to Beijing to take the annualimperial examinationfor a civil servant position. • Moving along, heheard someone weeping.
  17. 17. The dragonprincess • He saw a young woman, surrounded by sheep. • She was holding a whip in her hand. • He asked her why she had been crying • She told him thatshe was thethird daughterof theDong Ting Lake dragon king and thethird princess in theDong Ting Lake palace. Her father had married her offto theyoungest son, thelast of 10 princes, of theJingheRiver dragon king.
  18. 18. The dragonprincess • Her husbandwas ruthless and cruel.She triedto changehis wicked attitude,buthe became annoyed and angry at her. Her parents sided with her husband and they banishedher. They turned her into a shepherdess. • They took away the magical instrumentthatcould help her keep in touch withher family. • The young woman asked themanif he could deliver a letter to her parents.
  19. 19. The dragonprincess • She was hesitanttopress him for help,considering thathe still hadsomeplaceto go, but Liuyi wantedtohelp. • she tore offa piece ofher dress and wrotewith a smallamountof bloodfrom her finger. • Father:Yourthirddaughterislivinginmisery,belittledandtreated badly.Shemightdieatanymomentbecauseofthecircumstances shehastoliveunder.Pleasecomeandrescueyourdaughteras soonaspossible.”
  20. 20. The dragonprincess • Liuyi wentto thedong tinglakeand stood by thesacred orange tree at thelakeside. He knocked 3x, clapped 3x and called 3x: dong tingjun, I have a messagefor you. • The water of thelake separated and a crab-like creature asked him his purpose. • He followed the creature into the lake. • He saw a beautifulpalace withgardens.
  21. 21. The dragonprincess • The dragon king wept at thefate of his daughter, but he had to consider his friendship withthejingheriver dragons. • But his court wantedto takeaction. • Qiantangjun, brother of the dragon king was short-tempered but warm and loving. He decided to rescue his niece. • In no time, he changed intoa dragon and foughtthejinghe river dragons.
  22. 22. The dragonprincess • The dragon princess was restored to her family. • A banquet was prepared forliu yi, but he was humbleand wantedno reward. • Whenthe dragon princess came to thankhim, he was so astoundedat her beauty. • Qiantangjun told liu yi thatthe dragon princess wantedto marry him.
  23. 23. The dragonprincess • But liu yi said thathe did notwant theworld to thinkthathe helped her only because of her beauty. • He leftthe palace withouttakingany of thegiftsoffered to him • When he had arrived home, he told his mother all that had happened. • After one year had passed, his motherdeclared her wish to see him get married.
  24. 24. The dragonprincess • His mother had chosen a matchfor him. The daughterwas from thelu family. • On thenight of thewedding,liu yu was surprised to see that his bride looked exactly like thedragon princess. • He told his bride thereal story. She was deeply touched and revealed thatshe really was the dragon princess.
  25. 25. The dragonprincess • Liu Yi stands as an example for theold, traditionalChinese saying thata gentlemandoes not look for areward when giving help or benefitsto others. This saying provides a standard for those who do good deeds to live up to.
  26. 26. The monkeyking • sun wukong -awakened to emptiness
  27. 27. The monkeyking • Also known as journey to the west • A novel written bywu cheng en • Sanzangor tripitaka, whose namemeans3 baskets, is a buddhistmonktaskedto retrieve the sutra or religious scrolls from india. • Buddha revealed to him thathe needed companions to protect himin his journey
  28. 28. The monkeyking • Sandy or sha wujing is a sand demon • Pigsy or zhu bajie is a demon pig who eats people • Sunwukong is the monkeyking, thestrongest and most skilled monkey warrior intheentire realm.
  29. 29. The monkeyking • Althoughthestory is about the journey ofsanzang or xuanzangto retrieve the sutra, the novel actuallyfocuses on sun wukong
  30. 30. The monkeyking • Sunwukongwas born from theearth and lived in the mountainof fruits and flowers • He was taughtby a master scholar and warrior, from whom he obtained hisnyo-bo or bo staff and fromwhom he learned to use clouds as meansof transportation • Sunwukong was very proud and rebellious
  31. 31. The monkeyking • He disrupted a banquet of thegods and ate their fruits and drank their wine • The heavenly army tried to burn him, butbecause he had drank from their cups, hehad become immortal. The attempt had only made his eyes look like gold coins • To try to containhis naughtybehavior,buddha struck a deal with him
  32. 32. The monkeyking • If he could travel a specific distancein only one leap, hewill become the great sage of heaven • Monkey agreed and leapt. He landed on a pillar and peed on it. • When he looked up he sawbuddha and realized thathe was stillinbuddha’s palm.
  33. 33. The monkeyking • Because he lost thedeal, monkey was imprisoned in thefive- fingers mountainuntilsanzang came to free him. • Sunwukong thenbecame his bodyguard and friend.
  34. 34. Let’s think... • Compare andcontrasteuropean and asian dragons • Describethe protagonistsof butterflylovers, whitesnake,and rescue ofthe dragon princess • Why doyou thinkthere are manystoriesabout human-animal transformationsinchinesestories? • Whatmakessunwukongan interestingand unique protagonist? • How differentare thesefolktalesfromour ownphilippine folklore? © 2013 Jee Ann Guibone