Lithium White Paper: Five Steps to Serious Social Response


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Are you one of the 91% of brands who customers claim they never hear back from at all, or one of the 9% who do —in an average of 11 hours? Join the 9% folks with these 5 tips on social response.

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Lithium White Paper: Five Steps to Serious Social Response

  1. 1. 5 steps to serious social response
  2. 2. % 3 8 One quarter of your customers expect to hear from you after tweeting about your brand, good or bad. Are you one of the 91% of brands who customers claim they never hear back from at of social customers will abandon a purchase because of poor customer service. all, or one of the 9% who do1 —in an average of 11 hours2? Closing in fast on email and telephone, social has fast become one of the Big Three customer service channels. 3 If you’re not putting the finishing touches on your social response solution now, early-mover advantage may already be out of reach. Social customers now expect your brand More than 15% of customers will abandon your company after one negative customer service experience—40% will after two. to be present and responsive across social media. Fortytwo percent expect a response in 1 hour—57% expect your response times to be the same 24/7. Yep, you’re now expected to give the same level of service in the middle of the night and on weekends as you do during the business day. 4 If you are getting your social response solution in order, step it up. The time for dabbling has long past—your slow or nonexistent social responsivness is costing you. Consumers tell an average of 53 other people about their negative customer experiences. Source: Social Media Today 1
  3. 3. The good news is that social customers are as giving as they 1. assign service roles to social teams are demanding—when you do right by them. Eighty-seven The most productive service agents have specialized roles— percent say that positive online social interactions positively Agents, Supervisors and Managers are typical of large impact the likelihood that they’ll purchase again from a brand, customer service organizations. Use roles with access levels and that the responsiveness of the service representatives that match skill sets to get teams up and running efficiently were key to that satisfaction.5 and effectively. As each service agent matures within their To deliver the positive social interactions your customers now expect, you need a social response tool for high-volume role, expand them. Design a dynamic team with opportunities for growth. customer service interactions—one that scales as your team 2. prioritize and route social posts (and social volume) grows. And that’s just your ante—table Automation is a beautiful thing. When done correctly, stakes for getting in the game with social customers. automation works behind the scenes doing all the heavy lifting To win, you need to go beyond just meeting customer expectations—you have to exceed them. Here are five steps so agents can work on the most important posts while less important, unactionable posts are filtered out of the system. to getting serious about your social response solution so you The concepts introduced and perfected by high-volume can gain competitive advantage with social customers: contact centers such as IVR menus, call routing and message queues can now be applied to social customer support applications. Before an agent even sees a post, workflow, automation and prioritization engines running behind the scenes should deliver the right message to the right agent at the right time. 2
  4. 4. 3. actively manage social conversations 5. unite on- and off-domain content Nothing turns a social customer off more than a brand Apps that unite off-domain posts (eg: customer posts on treating social media like a broadcast medium. Canned Facebook, Twitter & Google+) with on-domain content (eg: responses over social media are a big no-no and social community posts, accepted solutions, knowledgebase customers will call you out to all their fans and followers articles) give social customers a three-fold benefit: if you make the mistake of “talking at” them instead of “speaking with them.” The millions of tweets and posts out there aren’t just announcements, they are conversations and should be treated as such. Your social response tool should thread conversations and automatically route new comments in existing threads to the appropriate agent. 4. report on what matters 1. Quicker access to more information 2. A more cohesive customer service experience, and 3. Access to trusted content—content that comes from people like themselves. When 90% of customers trust their peers and just 14% trust brands6 , a social response solution that connects Mentions, fans, followers, trending topics, word clouds—all customers with trusted content from others like great data, but your social response solutions is all about themselves is a must have. response. You need to know how well you’re meeting customer need, and for that, you need actionable intelligence. Measure social response success with metrics like time to agent response, queue backlog, customer satisfaction and flush rate. 1. Redshift Research 2012 survey of 1,000 consumers 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 3
  5. 5. About Lithium Technologies: Lithium social software helps companies unlock the passion of their customers. Lithium powers amazing social customer experiences for more than 300 iconic brands including AT&T, BT, BestBuy, Indosat, Sephora, Skype and Telstra. The 100% SaaS-based Lithium Social Customer Experience™ platform enables brands to build and engage vibrant customer communities to drive sales, reduce service costs, accelerate innovation and grow brand advocacy. For more information, visit lithium. com,or connect with us on Twitter, Facebook and our own community–the Lithosphere. Lithium is privately held with corporate headquarters in San Francisco and offices across Europe, Asia and Australia. The Lithium® logo is a registered Service Mark of Lithium Technologies. All trademarks and product names are the property of their respective owners. request a demo Lithium social software helps the world’s most iconic brands increase loyalty, reduce support costs, drive word-of-mouth marketing, and accelerate innovation. Lithium helps brands to build vibrant customer communities that: reduce service costs with social support grow brand advocay with social marketing | © 2013 Lithium Technologies, Inc. All Rights Reserved drive sales with social commerce innovate faster with social innovation 4