Lithium Social Media Monitoring Brand Report - SAMPLE


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A sample of the brand reports available using Lithium Social Media Monitoring.

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Lithium Social Media Monitoring Brand Report - SAMPLE

  1. 1. NetflixLithium Social Media MonitoringBrand Report
  2. 2. Netflix LSMM Brand Report Using Lithium Social Media Monitoring (LSMM), we searched Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, and millions of discussion groups, forums, and blogs to find out what social customers are saying about Netflix. We set up a query and generated a concise report on Netflix’s online brand presence (next page). Here’s what it all means:Volume of MentionsThe top graph shows a real-time look at how much buzz there is, and how it’s distributed across blogs,forums, Facebook, Twitter and news sites. You can see here how it’s been trending over time and whenyou’re in the application, you can zero in on hot periods to find out what the buzz was all about.Sentiment BalanceNatural language processing gives an on-the-fly assessment of the tone and sentiment social customersuse in their conversations. The Sentiment Balance here shows the ratio of positive to negative mentions.Frequent Words AnalysisThe middle graph shows how often words relevant to the brand are showing up in social media mentions—which words and topics are hot now and which appear to be catching on.Comparative DataLSMM brand reports include the ability to look at comparative data. We chose to compare Netflix toBlockbuster, but you can also use it to find out how your campaigns are doing against each other, which ofyour products is most popular, even what share of voice your brand has across the entire industry.QuotesFind the needle in the haystack. Quotes identify customer testimonials and rants and raves in real-time soyou can connect with fans that love your brand and convert them into Superfans, reach out to influentials,and resolve issues.Contact LithiumFor more information on what your brand can do with Lithium Social Media Monitoring,
  3. 3. Netflix LSMM Brand Report
  4. 4. Netflix LSMM Brand Report About Lithium Lithium helps top brands find their social customers, give them experiences they love, and build brand nations— vibrant online communities full of passionate customers. For top brands such as Best Buy, AT&T, Research In Motion Limited (RIM), Univision, and PayPal, Lithium is the leading provider of social customer solutions that deliver real business results. The Lithium Social Customer Suite offers complete social media monitoring, a comprehensive community platform, customer intelligence and social analytics across millions of blogs, forums, and social networking sites. For more information, visit Lithium 6121 Hollis Street, Suite 4, Emeryville, CA 94608 | Tel: 510.653.6800 | Fax: 510.653.6801 | ©2011 Lithium Technologies, Inc. All Rights Reserved.