Lithium Likes to Loves Tour Orange County


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The Lithium Likes to Loves Tour Orange County - Edelman and Verizon

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  • We’re here to tell you that it’s okay
  • You want context  so we’ll provide educationYou want possibilities  so we’ll show you clients with imagination & moxieYou want a roadmap  so we’ll help you to see what’s next
  • In a brand nation, your customers are part of what you do – deeply involved.
  • And it’schanged a lot.Silicon Valley
  • This presentation will showcase a variety of sections and pages on both and My Verizon that demonstrate the breath and depth of our ongoing transformation... we’ve launched innovative service features, re-designed sections for a better user experience and added brand new content for more robust, rich, value-added customer experiences.
  • # total interactions on our platform.
  • What and How
  • Sephora’s community fans spend twice as much as regular shoppers, and their superfans are spending 40 hrs a week online and spending 10x that of a regular client. Impressive stuff
  • Sephora’s community fans spend twice as much as regular shoppers, and their superfans are spending 40 hrs a week online and spending 10x that of a regular client. Impressive stuff
  • Sephora’s community fans spend twice as much as regular shoppers, and their superfans are spending 40 hrs a week online and spending 10x that of a regular client. Impressive stuff
  • Lithium Likes to Loves Tour Orange County

    1. 1. Building a Brand Nation September 14, 2011 Katy Keim Chief Marketing Officer, Lithium @katykeimOrange County We’re Tweeting! Join the conversation at #L2LTour
    2. 2. breakfastnetworkinginformation 2
    3. 3. contextpossibilitiesnext steps 3
    4. 4. why likes to loves? @katykeim #L2LTour 4
    5. 5. transformation @katykeim #L2LTour 5
    6. 6. to @katykeim #L2LTour 6
    7. 7. reinventing thetelecom company @katykeim #L2LTour 7
    8. 8. the change in the customerfan “I acknowledge you”engaged “I want something from you”advocate “I act for me and for you”superfan “I belong because of you” @katykeim #L2LTour
    9. 9. @katykeim #L2LTour 9
    10. 10. @katykeim #L2LTour 10
    11. 11. from advertisements to peer trust of consumers trust of consumers trust 14% advertisements 90% peer recommendations source: july 2009 nielsen global online consumer survey @katykeim #L2LTour 11
    12. 12. @katykeim #L2LTour 12
    13. 13. the change in the business Passionate, engaged social customers Your Brand who love you, Nation not like you @katykeim #L2LTour 13
    14. 14. we build brand nationsvibrant online communities full of passionate, engaged social customers @katykeim #L2LTour 14
    15. 15. @katykeim #L2LTour 15
    16. 16. real thinkersreal customersreal possibilitiesreal results 16
    17. 17. Michael Brito Rebecca CarrollSVP, Social Business Community ManagerPlanning @katykeim #L2LTour 17
    18. 18. The Growing Influence of the Social Customer Sep 14, 2011 Michael Brito, SVP Social Business Edelman Digital @BritopianOrange County We’re Tweeting! Join the conversation at #L2LTour
    19. 19. Customer expectations on the rise Cone 2009 Study Cone 2010 Study 59% use Social Media to interact with brands 78% of use Social Media to interact with brands 93% believe a company should have a presence in social 37% of users engaging companies or brands via new media at media least once per week 43% of consumers say that companies should use social New media expect companies or brands should not only have networks to solve the consumers problems a presence in new media (95%) but also interact with their consumers (89%). 41% believe that companies should use social media tools to solicit feedback on products and services @katykeim #L2LTour 19
    20. 20. A day in the life of the social customer▪ The customer journey is dynamic; and always changes▪ Brands need to have multiple customer touch points to break through the clutter▪ Customers need to hear things 3 – 5 times before the actually believe @katykeim #L2LTour 20
    21. 21. The social customer & brand experience The Informed (e.g. research products online) Brand Discovery: The Participant (e.g. participate in a brand Google Search, Word of Mouth experience) The Opinion Sharer Brand Participation: (e.g. post review) Fanning, following, liking Brand Sharing: Easy, habitual, publishing The Advocate (e.g. encourage friends to Brand Advocacy: purchase) Creating content, sharing, defending @katykeim #L2LTour 21
    22. 22. The new purchase funnel cycle▪ The goal of every brand should be to transform the social customer into an advocate▪ Advocates talk about the brand, even when the brand isn’t listening▪ Advocates are trusted among their peers and within their micro communities▪ Advocates are aiding and influencing others down the purchase funnel @katykeim #L2LTour 22
    23. 23. Customers seek help when making purchase decisions Consumers turn to product/service information and customer reviews, but blogs are gaining traction. Before deciding whether to purchase, consumers go online to: @katykeim #L2LTour 23
    24. 24. The social customer influences others Negative information is just as powerful as positive in influencing consumers’ purchase decisions @katykeim #L2LTour 24
    25. 25. Next Steps 1 2 3 Prepare to scale Conversational audit & internally i.e. hiring Establish a determine if you can community managers, measurement add value to the escalation/moderation framework conversation and social media policies @katykeim #L2LTour 25
    26. 26. Thank you! Michael Brito Social Business Planning Edelman Digital @katykeim #L2LTour 26
    27. 27. Becky CarrollCommunity Program Manager, VerizonAuthor, The Hidden Power of Your Customers: Four Keys to Growing YourBusiness Through Existing Customers@bcarroll7Lithium Likes to Loves TourSeptember 15, 2011
    28. 28. Verizon OverviewVerizon: IdeaExchange  Verizon is a global leader in broadband, wireline, and Verizon Community Verizon Overview wireless communications. IdeaExchange  Verizon Residential has America’s most advanced fiber-optic network.  Entertainment services  Converged communications  Information services  Diverse workforce of over 196,000  Consolidated revenues in 2010 of over $106 billion Source:
    29. 29. Verizon: IdeaExchange Social Media is not a campaign. It is a Relationship.
    30. 30. Expanding from Support to EngagementVerizon: IdeaExchange Verizon Community IdeaExchange Launched: August 2008
    31. 31. Open Innovation: Anyone, anywhereVerizon: IdeaExchange IdeaExchange Launched: July 2010
    32. 32. ObjectivesVerizon: IdeaExchange  Identify new product and service enhancement opportunities  Facilitate customer-driven product/service enhancements or new products/services  Enhance Verizon brand as establishing innovative ways to engage with and serve customers
    33. 33. Example: FiOS TVVerizon: IdeaExchange  FiOS TV is Verizon Residential’s flagship product, providing top-rated, high quality TV viewing via our fiber optic network  Includes our Interactive Media Guide (IMG)  IMG 1.9 - New feature release - Wanted to focus on customer requests
    34. 34. Collecting Customer InputVerizon: IdeaExchange Collaboration via social media tools  Verizon Forums  Verizon Idea Exchange  Twitter via @FiOSTV  Verizon FiOS Facebook page  Forums Sneak Peek Collaboration Refinement Co-Creation
    35. 35. FiOS TV IMG 1.9: A Huge Success With CustomersVerizon: IdeaExchange “Love the new guide!:)” “Wow. Impressive.” “I IMG 1.9.” “Whoohoo. The guide is finally in HD.”
    36. 36. Verizon Ideation Process Leverages Social MediaVerizon: IdeaExchange  We listen to customers  We open our product development process “85% of our latest release has been suggested, or refined by our customers.”
    37. 37. Measuring SuccessVerizon: IdeaExchange  Number of ideas submitted: 1700  Number of ideas in progress: 250  Number of ideas implemented: 31 Since launch…  107% growth in comments  403% growth in votes  555% growth in visitors
    38. 38. Our Brand NationVerizon: Success Measures Verizon: IdeaExchange Support Engagement Insight IdeaExchange  Able to self-serve  Get closer to the Customer  Look for issues (early  Insight to help take action detection)  Connect with Verizon  Customer retention  A place to be heard  Be affiliated with the brand
    39. 39. CommunityVerizon: IdeaExchange IdeaExchange Call to Action: Start by Listening
    40. 40. Next Step: Go DeeperVerizon: IdeaExchange Verizon: Community IdeaExchange  Use tools to listen beyond your own website  Incorporate social media into your strategies  Co-opt your customers
    41. 41. the must haves in a brand nation▪ engaging▪ scalable▪ everywhere▪ measurable @katykeim #L2LTour 41
    42. 42. engaging through interaction styles forums ideas reviews contests q&a videos @katykeim #L2LTour 42
    43. 43. engaging through reputation & recognition @katykeim #L2LTour 43
    44. 44. scalable through peer to peer @katykeim #L2LTour 44
    45. 45. scalable through superfans’ influence Aandms KachiWachi RealGeorgeW Distinguished Trusted Contributor Counsellor Logitech LegendMember: 3/2010 Member: 2/2009 Member: 5/2006 2161 Kudos 322 Kudos 748 Kudos 9,369 Posts 4,527 Posts 45,136 Posts 378 Total Tags @katykeim #L2LTour 40 Total Tags 45
    46. 46. scalable through superfans’ influence @katykeim #L2LTour 46
    47. 47. scalable through superfans’ influence @katykeim #L2LTour 47
    48. 48. everywhere. where your customers are. owned community sites Facebook & Twitter mobile enhancing the in-Store experience @katykeim #L2LTour 48
    49. 49. everywhere. definitely on facebook @katykeim #L2LTour 49
    50. 50. measurable insights, engagement and response @katykeim #L2LTour 50
    51. 51. Sometimes, love isnot enough. 51
    52. 52. Sometimes, love isnot enough. 52
    53. 53. brand nations grow brand loyalty @katykeim #L2LTour 53
    54. 54. brand nations drive sales @katykeim #L2LTour
    55. 55. brand nations reduce costs @katykeim #L2LTour
    56. 56. brand nations accelerate ideas @katykeim #L2LTour
    57. 57. next steps1 today 2 this month 3 before Dec 1 3 months free let’s discuss your let’s discuss your 3 months free meet customers meet customers with a one year with a one year needs and brand needs and brand and view demos and view demos subscription to subscription to report report LevelUp or SMM LevelUp or SMM @katykeim #L2LTour 57