Lithium Cozi Case Study: The Big Picture of Social Success


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Using their social tools, Cozi empowers
their customers to do what they already
love and support what they already value.
They do well by doing good, and fans help
them in return as loyal customers and
passionate brand advocates

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Lithium Cozi Case Study: The Big Picture of Social Success

  1. 1. Cozi Case StudyThe Big Picture of Social Success
  2. 2. Cozi Case StudyThe Big Picture of Social Success About Cozi Cozi is a free, web-based organizer that helps families manage crazy schedules, track shopping and to-do lists, organize chores, and share memories. Its thriving, brand community is also brimming with useful discussions and content, like meal planning resources or calendars of the best up-and-coming, family-friendly movies. Parents are one of the busiest, most passionate, schedule-juggling audiences out there. So Cozi’s outstanding social engagement with its customers—a relationship with mutual benefits—stands testimony to its excellent social media tools and practices. Fanatically family-focused, Cozi is a three-time winner of the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval and the Parents’ Choice Recommended Award, a two-time Mom’s Choice Award Gold Recipient, and a winner of the Washington Technology Industry Association 2010 Consumer Product of the Year.Business Challenge “Once we began that effort in earnest,” much more meaningful insight into the says Schiller, “we saw relevant discussion. And we needed a much bigger,In its space, Cozi is the leading family conversation about our brand taking more sophisticated picture—not only ofcalendar by far. But online, its primary place on every key social network.” ourselves, but of our competitors, over time.”competition is Google. How does a The free or inexpensive tools simply weren’tsmaller enterprise compete against Like a lot of companies, they started out up to the task.giants, win over its audience, and achieve using all kinds of free or inexpensivea level of commercial insight—the tools like Google Alerts, Twitter Manager, Her team started to look into alternatives,competitive advantage formerly only and TweetDeck to monitor and analyze and in November 2010, they picked Scoutmuch larger companies could expect their customer activity. For a while that Labs, now a part of Lithium Social Mediato get? seemed like enough. But as their user Monitoring. base exploded and the online, peer-to- peer conversations took off—not only The secret of Cozi’s social success is firstA Cozi Story on Cozi’s brand pages, but in blogs, in having a product that delivers, but alsoThe first goal was to get a lot of people on Facebook, Twitter, and all across involves two crucial social choices:excited about the product. Cozi’s Social the social network—the spreadsheetsMedia Director, Carol Schiller, knows that became totally unwieldy. The freeware 1. Having the right SMM tools to givewhen the pay model is in advertising, a just couldn’t keep up. them the best, most advantageouslot comes down to winning eyeballs—and view of the whole field: their ownnot just the one-time eyeball, but the “That was how we began,” says Schiller. business, promotions, fans andloyal, repeat returns. Her team began “I could know what people were saying buzz, and their competition’s explore creating a meaningful online about us today, and I had a sense of whatpresence and how best to use social people had said about us yesterday. But 2. Smart promotions and incentivesmedia as a key part of their to meet our competitive goals and really that deeply engage their passionatemarketing mix. engage our customers online, we needed community. 1
  3. 3. Cozi Case StudyThe Big Picture of Social SuccessUsually you’d have to be at a much bigger company with a muchbigger budget to get this level of insight. We’re able to competewith bigger guys by using this tool. For us, it’s a significantspend, but it’s worth it because we want to lead in our space.Carol SchillerSocial Media Director, CoziThe Coign of Vantage ways to measure it all, so that her team’s a thousand new features they might conclusions relied not on hunches and add to improve their product. ButWhat They Needed hype, but on hard data. now that Cozi could catch real-timeTo get the most strategic perspective conversations comparing their producton themselves and their competition, What They Got to their nearest competitor’s, they couldSchiller wanted a more robust, Before, Cozi didn’t have a good way to more quickly respond to customerstreamlined tool set, a package with evaluate discussions except to have demand and maintain feature parity.deeper capabilities, and more advanced someone go to a competitor’s Facebook Cozi uses its community to help themfeatures. She needed their competitive page or Twitter feed and manually scan brainstorm, choose, and prioritizeanalyses to be more efficient, too, the through what was there. Now they had which developments will be the mostteam could spend less time measuring tremendous visibility and insight into meaningful to their customers.and more time coming up with fantastic forum discussions—one area where thepromotions to better engage their free tools had been particularly weak. As significantly, keyword searches ofcommunity. They could now nimbly track down buzz their community inspire ideas for content about their brand and their competition’s, and features tailored to their customers’Specifically, she wanted a clear and both the positive and the negative, and real-time interests, needs, and concerns.immediate understanding of what was they could see who was using what For example, knowing that meal planningbeing said about Cozi and its competitors, technique. is a huge issue for parents, they searchedboth real and potential. But she also their forum discussions and found thatneeded to know how seriously to take With the Share of Voice feature, keyword customers were talking a lot about “slowthose conversations. If a competitor got a searches proved very powerful too, cooking”. As a consequence, they ranbig bump in buzz, she wanted to be able directly influencing product development. an article on the Ten Best Slow Cookerto track it and understand exactly where As with any company, there are always came from. Finally, she needed reliable 2
  4. 4. Cozi Case StudyThe Big Picture of Social SuccessI want to be able to say that we get better levels ofengagement than the biggest brands out there. Now Iconsistently can do that. It’s very rewarding for a smallcompany like ours to be able to deliver on that. And I meanfinancially rewarding, not just that I feel good about it.Carol SchillerSocial Media Director, CoziAnd when they’re dominating the via our social networks,” says Carol not only allow them to monitor the mostdiscussion above their competition, now Schiller. “So it’s very important that we important conversations and respondthey can quantify it. “It’s not just my can measure that well, and maintain it.” quickly, but to respond personally. “Thehunch based on what I see,” says Schiller. fact that you cared enough to answer“I can actually go into the tool and see Their success in generating an their question is hugely meaningful,”who’s getting conversation, and when, exceptionally high level of community says Schiller. “Customers want to hearwhere, and why they’re getting it.” Once, engagement, on Facebook in particular, back from a live human being, whoshe traced a competitor’s spike in buzz comes from a savvy mix of knowing their understands her situation and candown to a particular paid sponsorship. “It customers extremely well, offering clever answer her question—or who simplywas immediately clear to me what they incentives, and in providing an extremely cares enough to try.”were doing. It was very comforting to high-touch customer service.know that I could analyze that and knowwith quite high level of certainty how they There’s nothing new about that business The Mutual Benefits ofwere achieving it.” model except the strategy: Cozi is doing a Personally Engaged it through their online community. “The Community strategies we developed were veryA Deeply Engaged Community thoughtful in making sure we captured It’s the easiest thing on the web to ignore moms online where they really were,” a company. Over 90% of email users haveOne of the more interesting stories about “un-Liked” a brand! That’s why Cozi’s says Schiller, “and not just the onesCozi is how they’ve managed to win over highly engaged community—whether who were super techy, passionate abouttheir online audience—the technophiles you’re looking at its most whimsical blogging, or being online per se.”and casual users alike. “It’s meaningful chatter or their most serious socialto advertisers when we can demonstrate commentary—is no small achievement. They also understand the importancethat we really understand our customer of having a human company. Their tools 3
  5. 5. Cozi Case StudyThe Big Picture of Social SuccessThey understand that once a customer our social customer intimately, and About Lithium‘Likes’ their page, it’s the company’s job we use Lithium SMM to further that We help great companies build brandto provide a great reason to stay, return understanding.” nations for their most engagedwith friends, and actively participate— customers. With Lithium, clients suchbecause a “Like” doesn’t matter unless it Cozi also offers some highly successful as Best Buy, AT&T, Research In Motionleads to action...and then interaction. As bricks-and-mortar incentives to engage Limited (RIM), Univision, and PayPala result, only a small percentage of Cozi’s and grow their base. For instance, every turn their customers’ passion intoFacebook content actually discusses year they donate money to PTAs, knowing marketing, product development, sales,Cozi or how to use the tools. Instead, it’s how much busy moms care about their and customer service assets. For moremuch more of an authentic peer-to-peer schools. Furthermore, being aware that information, visit, or connectconversation around issues that moms parents often have to rely on friends and with us on Twitter, Facebook, and ourtend to care about. Sometimes it’s just neighbors as much as family, they give own nation—the Lithosphere. Lithiumfor fun. away funds around the country to host is privately held with headquarters in block parties. Emeryville, California.For example, recently Cozi asked momson Facebook, at noon, how many people “Those programs also motivatewere still in their sweatpants (lots!) customers to tell other people aboutOr they pose Fantasy questions, like them—and us,” says Schiller. “If you getasking customers to imagine what everyone on your block to sign on, notthey would do if they had no childcare only are we getting you to “Like” the page,duties this weekend. This isn’t random but there’s a high likelihood that if you’reor impersonal chit-chat, though. It isn’t participating in the PTA or a block party,spam. The questions demonstrate an you’re also in our target audience.”empathy with what their customers’schedules and lives are like. And those Using their social tools, Cozi empowerscustomers respond. their customers to do what they already love and support what they already value.“What’s great about those Fantasy They do well by doing good, and fans helpconversations is that they also deliver a them in return as loyal customers andlot of insight into who our customers are, passionate brand advocates.what their passions are, and what theycare about,” says Schiller. “In turn that For more information about Cozi, visit:helps us decide what sort of content to cozi.comdeliver in the future. We now | 6121 Hollis Street, Suite 4, Emeryville, CA 94608 | tel 510.653.6800 | fax 510.653.6801© 2011 Lithium Technologies, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 4