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How to Get Social Business Advantage in 2012


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Based on a survey of over 1,000 consumers and 120 senior marketers, what social customers expect from brands online and what they offer. The gaps will surprise you .... but here's what you can do about it to get competitive advantage in 2012.

Published in: Business, Technology
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How to Get Social Business Advantage in 2012

  1. 1. How to Get Social BusinessAdvantage in 2012
  2. 2. 1Lithium sponsored CMO Council studyLithium, a leading provider of social customer solutions, partnered with the CMOCouncil to survey over 1,000 consumers and 120 senior marketers to discover howeach approach social media.We found significant gaps between what consumers expect from brands online, andwhat brands deliver. Social business advantage in 2012 will go to those marketerswho close the gap sooner rather than later.Download the full whitepaperDownload the infographRead on for finding highlights… #lithcast
  3. 3. consumers are social… 63% 60% 55%“I search forothers with 46% “I wantsimilar problems “I want interaction incentives, promoonline when I with peers “I want product s and rewards”need help” on Facebook” knowledge” @katykeim @LithiumTech #lithcast
  4. 4. …brands aren’t there yet.63% 60% 55% 46% 25% 29% 9% 22%Consumers Consumers Consumers Consumers wantsearch for others want interaction want product incentives, promoonline with with peers on knowledge” s and rewardssimilar problems Facebookwhen they needhelp consumers brands @katykeim @LithiumTech #lithcast
  5. 5. social advantage in 2012 will go to the brands who close the gaps consumers brands @katykeim @LithiumTech #lithcast
  6. 6. bottom line:consumers want more from brands online… better deeper experiences engagement (with each other and the brand) purposeful greater interaction reward @katykeim @LithiumTech #lithcast
  7. 7. …and they use social media to do goodthings for the brands they love “Because of social media, I’m more likely to try 80% new things based on a friend’s advice” “Because of social media, I encourage 74% my friends to try new products” “I use social media to stay 72% engaged with brands I love” “I like brands on Facebook to 38% show I’m a fan” 32% “I use social media to say nice things about my brand experiences.” @katykeim @LithiumTech #lithcast
  8. 8. 4 ways to close the gap 1 2 3 4peer-to-peer social ideation gamificationengagement supportYour customers Consumers Consumers want Your customerswant to talk to expect help to contribute— want recognitioneach other— online fast— ask them for their and reward—givemake it easy for give it to them. ideas. them ways tothem. level up. @katykeim @LithiumTech #lithcast
  9. 9. close the gap with 1 peer-to-peer engagementThe Problem The Solution The AdvantageBrands don’t yet realize Enable peer-to-peer Word of Mouthhow much consumers engagement Marketing—consumerswant to connect over the readily use social mediabrands and products to spread the good newsthey love. about your products. of consumers try new things 80% based on a friend’s advice60%of consumerseach other connect with want to in social media 9% of brands think so. 74% Encourage friends to try new products @katykeim @LithiumTech #lithcast
  10. 10. 1 case in point: Sephora We built our Beauty Talkcommunity on our websiteand, as we opened our doors, it wasflooded with clients dying to talk aboutbeauty with each other. It was exactlywhat we wanted. What we found wasthat clients were not only trying to talkwith us, they were trying to talk with eachother. And they were actually engagingin ways we had no idea they would. -Bridget Dolan, VP of Interactive Media at Sephora @katykeim @LithiumTech #lithcast
  11. 11. close the gap with 2 social supportThe Problem The Solution The AdvantageBrands underestimate Get serious about It costs between $6 andconsumers’ appetite Social Support $75 to resolve customerfor solving their own issues over the phone. Itproblems. costs as little as $.05 to help customers find answers online. 63%Consumers who look for helponline from others like them. 47% “I expect service with in 24 hours” 24%Consumers who want to 33%help online “Great service online keeps me loyal to a brand” @katykeim @LithiumTech #lithcast
  12. 12. 2 case in point: AT&T @katykeim @LithiumTech #lithcast
  13. 13. 2 case in point: Hewlett Packard @katykeim @LithiumTech #lithcast
  14. 14. close the gap with 3 ideationThe Problem The Solution The AdvantageBrands aren’t tapping their Ideate with social A real-time, always onsocial customers for customers focus group that will driveproduct ideas. better, faster innovation for the brand. of social customers expect to 41% share product ideas on Facebook. of brands ask consumers 9% to help them innovate on Facebook. @katykeim @LithiumTech #lithcast
  15. 15. case in point:3 National Instrumetns 2,400 ideas submitted 47,800 votes on product ideas 9.470 customer comments on ideas 99,100 visitors to the Idea Exchange 45,500 uniqueLabVIEW 2011 beta includes13 new Idea Exchangefeatures @katykeim @LithiumTech #lithcast
  16. 16. close the gap with 4 gamificationThe Problem The Solution The AdvantageConsumers know social Gamify the socialmedia is a two-way street. experience.They expect more rewardsthan they’re getting. Increased of consumers advocacy expect incentives and 46% rewards when connecting Higher customer with brands online satisfaction of brands offer social customer 7% incentives and rewards @katykeim @LithiumTech #lithcast
  17. 17. 3 case in point: giffgaff @katykeim @LithiumTech #lithcast
  18. 18. We do this well…call them Superfans superfans consist of of community <1% populations there are >50,000 superfans in lithium communities on average superfans generate 55.95% of all community content @katykeim @LithiumTech #lithcast
  19. 19. we build brand nationsvibrant online communities full of passionate social customers @katykeim @LithiumTech #lithcast
  20. 20. A personalizedinvitation…… to a conversation with LithiumRequest a Lithium Social Media Monitoring(LSMM) report on your brand—we’ll tell you• who’s talking• what’s being said• where the buzz is• how loud it is• emerging trends• how you stack up against the @KatyKeim @LithiumTech #lithcast #Lithcast