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5 Must Haves for Social Support


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Do you have what you need for a social support solution? Get a quick look at the 5 key elements of a successful social support solution...

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5 Must Haves for Social Support

  1. 5 Must Haves for SocialSupportAug 2011
  2. Social SupportSocial support—the point at which online customercommunities, social networks, and traditionalcustomer service meet—is growing up. 2
  3. Customers are changing…Social customers areimpatient, demanding andfickle. To engage them in areal way, brands must:▪ build their own social presence ,and▪ reach out across the larger social web 3
  4. 5 Must Haves for aSuccessful SocialSupport Solution 4
  5. 1. An Online CommunityAn online community is the heart of a social support solution—a living business toolthat that gets social customers engaged with the brand and each other. Onlinecommunities help brands to get social customers to trust each other, help each otherand advocate for your brand.Community is at the heart of all social customer solutions because the community isthe means by which customers become brand citizens. 5
  6. 2. Reputation managementThe ability to identify and cultivate those who will amplify your brand message—youradvocates, influencers and superfans—is crucial.A reputation management system enables content consumers (and there are way moreof them than content creators) to separate the useful from the non-useful and find thetrustworthy.Networks like Yelp and eBay thrive on user reputation. A strong reputation builds trustamong the community members and makes each social customer more influential. 6
  7. 3. Social Web IntegrationThe most successful social brands today are not shy—they’re diving headlong intosocial customer conversations with gusto. They listen, acknowledge, respond, reward,explore and engage their social customers wherever they are—in online communities,on Facebook and Twitter, and through mobile devices.And they’re tapping a gold mine of business intelligence—spontaneous, unsolicitedmarket feedback. And they’re using it to meet customer needs, improve satisfaction,build long term customer loyalty and maximize customer lifetime value. 7
  8. 4. CRM IntegrationSimply showing up and listening is not enough. Successful social support systems arebased on many ties from the social web deep into the company’s business operations.All parts of the enterprise need to interface with social customers.Today’s most competitive brands are not simply capturing marketing feedback, butleveraging it across the business. They’re folding all the valuable data they glean fromsocial media into their operations, knowledge stores, sales prospecting, and marketingautomation tools. 8
  9. 5. Actionable AnalyticsThe social web is a world at warp speed. Companies must constantly iterate on theirsocial engagement practices, try new strategies and learn from both their successesand failures.Solid analytics are essential for keeping all stakeholders dialed in. Access to greatinformation keeps the team nimble and responsive—giving them huge competitiveadvantage. 9
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