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How To Inspire Action and Build Movements With Video


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How To Inspire Action and Build Movements With Video

  1. 1. How To Inspire Action and Build Movements With Video #startstorytelling Annie Escobar Ethan Goldwater Rob Wu
  2. 2. Download the free e-book and worksheet:
  3. 3. Why stories? Why now? 
  4. 4. We are a storytelling species.
  5. 5. We are the stories  we tell ourselves. 
  6. 6. Storytelling has been democratized.
  7. 8. Your job is to catalyze your audience to be story-sharers.
  8. 9. Why Video for Storytelling?
  9. 10. [VIDEO] 3 Most Common Mistakes Non-Profits Make With Video
  10. 11. Solving Problem 1: Eagerness Without Intentionality Create a plan that is oriented towards your goals.
  11. 12. Step 1: Examine Motivation and Resources
  12. 13. Step 2: Build the Foundation Who is your target audience? What is your vision? What makes you different? What is your personality?
  13. 14. Step 3: Develop the Core Message
  14. 15. Step 4: Refine the Story 1. Brainstorm a story that will communicate core message 2. Define protagonist and the 'train' 3. Confirm visual approach 4. Develop the story structure
  15. 16. Step 5: Check Back In Will this video be meaningful to our supporters?   Is this content sharable?
  16. 17. Step 6: Set Goals Fundraising | Advocacy | Engagement
  17. 18. Step 7: Logistics decide Budget | Outsourcing | Timeline
  18. 19. Problem 2: The Program Trap Solution: Tell Compelling Stories
  19. 20. Tell stories that are SHARABLE. 
  20. 23. There is no such thing as just a story.  A story is always charged with meaning... And we can be sure that if we know a story well enough to tell it, it carries meaning for us.                                                   -Robert Fulford
  21. 24. What videos work? Powerful Non-profit Video Genres
  22. 25. Impact Stories It's not what you do, but why you do it.
  23. 26. Movement Portraits What vision unites your supporters? What inspires them to take action?
  24. 27. Vision Video What kind of world do you want to create? What is unique about how are you making that happen? Theory of Change.
  25. 28. Advocacy Film What is the experience of the people who are affected by your issue?
  26. 29. Campaign Launch Film What big/achievable goal are you trying to achieve & why does your supporters' actions matter? 
  27. 30. Microsites/Online Annual Reports Tell impact stories and create a campaign.
  28. 31. [Ibi's Story]
  29. 32. It's all about vision and impact. Ingredients of videos that inspire
  30. 33. Focus on one individual. Ingredients of videos that inspire
  31. 34. Made to Stick Simple. Unexpected.  Credible.  Concrete.  Emotional.  Story.
  32. 35. Tell anecdotes that demonstrate transformation.
  33. 36. Make your organization  a movement. We all want to belong.
  34. 37. 3 plots proven to inspire
  35. 38. Challenge plot A protagonist succeeds against an enemy.
  36. 39. Connection plot People develop a connection over a divide.
  37. 40. Creativity Plot Someone makes a breakthrough.
  38. 41. Structuring an impact story Protagonists are people, not programs or organizations.
  39. 42. Step 1: Pose a Question Open gaps before you close them.
  40. 43. Step 2: Tell the Story of the Struggle What's at stake?
  41. 44. Step 3: The moment of change What insight or change occurred? (your core message)
  42. 45. Step 4: Resolution with Revelation One step towards your vision.
  43. 46. Step 5: Call to Action What can your audience do & how does their action matter?
  44. 47. Our call to action: Write me an email tonight or tomorrow   with a question, a connection or a collaboration.  [email_address]
  45. 69. Download the free e-book and worksheet:
  46. 70. Continue the conversation. @ListenInPict @causevox