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ListenArabic - Promoting Arabic Artists


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Are you an Arabic artist and want to become famous ?
Advertise online with
Let the world see what you have for them, you can reach the whole Arabic community at the right time and the right place.

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ListenArabic - Promoting Arabic Artists

  1. 1. www.ListenArabic.comDOCUMENT: ONLINE MARKETING PROPOSAL 2012 ©
  2. 2. Why advertise with us !? History: is by far the leading Arabic Music website online for more than 6 years now and is the reference for the latest Arabic Music releases_songs & videos; and updated News of Arabic singers and Arab entertainment over the Internet. Radio ListenArabic is an online Arabic Music Radio; launched in Lebanon and reaching the world. Radio ListenArabic is also available for mobile apps, through all Operating Systems.
  3. 3.  Quick Facts:  310,000 average Visitors/day  More than 714,733 daily pages read  Visits come from 234 countries  Top Countries: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Algeria, USA, UAE, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, India, Italy, Syria, Germany, France, Spain …  All numbers certified by Google Analytics Reports
  4. 4. Online Marketing Overview ListenArabic Online Radio ListenArabic Mobile Apps Display space on website and mobile app Video platforms: ListenArabic and YouTube Content: news and pictures Social Media: Facebook & Twitter
  5. 5.  ListenArabic Online Radio  Non-stop Arabic music, 24 hours a day  450 000 monthly active listeners worldwide  Free Arabic radio online  Offering recorded Ad on radio 5 times a day  Streaming your songs 10 times/day
  6. 6.  Mobile Apps ListenArabic Radio is available on many Mobile operating systems: Apple, Android, OVI and Blackberry. It is also available on iPad, iPod and Windows Sidebar Gadget . In 2011:25% of the population in the MENA region owns a smart phone. Radio ad & artist’s songs will be broadcasted on website and all applications.
  7. 7. Available in many languages: Display Space on English, Arabic, Swedish, French, Italian, Spanish …  Ad Banner on Homepage & artist’s page. Size of leader board 728*90  Cover Site Takeover Ad NB: This design is just an example
  8. 8.  Ad on Mobile appsRotating ad onRadio ListenArabic mobile app
  9. 9.  Video platforms Videos of artist will be available on and ListenArabic Channel on YouTube, and will be distributed on all video platforms.
  10. 10.  Content: Providing biography of the artists, update news of your songs, albums, events, latest pictures and video releases.
  11. 11.  Social Media: Content will be shared on social media, like ListenArabic Facebook Page, ListenArabic Facebook App, artists own page, and tweets. ListenArabic Facebook Page More than 72,100 Fans
  12. 12. Fans can send your songs as gifts to their Facebook friends; and the song goes viral through sharing. ListenArabic Facebook Application has more than 57,000 monthly users
  13. 13. helps commit your fans andpotential fans with high quality content to keep your presence active & interactive at the same time
  14. 14. Project starts after your request for the invoice is done and payment hasbeen received and all the required information, documents and artwork(best quality photos and videos) have been delivered to us.
  15. 15. Premium Package Make Songs available on ListenArabic Make Video clips available on ListenArabic and Youtube Channel Broadcast Song 10 times/daily on Radio (website and apps) Recorded ad on radio 5 times/daily Banner ad on website and mobile apps News, Pictures, and Video clip shared 5 times/daily on social website (Facebook – Twitter) Campaign Fees:  Duration: One month period listing  Monthly Fees: _________USD
  16. 16. Standard Package Song 10 times/daily on Radio (website and apps) Make Songs available on website News, Pictures, and Video clip shared 5 times/daily on social website (Facebook – Twitter) Campaign Fees:  Duration: One month period listing  Monthly Fees: _________USD
  17. 17. Contact details:Samar KaiMobile: +961 3 014596E-mail: