New sqa leadroles


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New sqa leadroles

  1. 1. Software Quality Assurance by Lisette Zounon
  2. 2. Outline 1- Introduction 2- Software QA Lead Responsibilities 3- Objectives 4- QA implementation 5 Q&A
  3. 3. Introduction About me  Education background Work experience Why Quality Assurance ? “Quality is value to some person.” ~ Jerry Weinberg
  4. 4. SQA Lead Responsibilities Develop quality standards and process for all applications Manage software quality assurance activities for the projects and programs Oversee the development and execution of software tests plans Define and implement test methodologies and processes Ensure final product meet highest quality standards and are delivered to customers on schedule Define efficient and effective standards for testing activities Define and deliver quality metrics for projects and programs Make recommendations on processes , tools and training that will support improvement of software Work with application team , project manager, QA Analyst, data scientist to ensure quality of software application , and on time delivery for each project Provide formal sign-off on all testing deliverables and testing events Review of testing results and defects to determine/assess impact to overall project plan and implementation schedule Facilitate all scrum ceremonies as scrum master
  5. 5. Responsibilities Responsible for management of all quality assurance functions include planning , strategy , testing execution and tools. Ensure that QA process is documented and communicated and adequate to ensure agreed quality levels for the application Works with Project Managers , application developers , applications developer manager to establish time tables and agree on a Quality Assurance Plan for the various applications implementation. Ensure traceability of test cases to business requirements , working with the project Manager and Business Analyst to ensure all requirements are tested Work with application developers , data scientists to indentify unit testing coverage and ensure any gaps are documented and addressed. Review Test cases and Use cases develop by QA analyst to ensure testing coverage Work with QA Analysts to ensure testing of functional areas is completed, tracked and on-schedule
  6. 6. SQA Roles ● ● ● ● ● ● Allocate QA analysts to address defects/issues during testing phases. Oversee determination of need , selection and implementation and maintenance of QA tools and QA environment Oversee and serve as point of escalation for issues/defect tracking for all testing phases . Facilitate demo meeting , acceptance testing and “dog fooding” with project managers and business analysts prior releasing application to customers. Selectively review test results for completeness and accuracy. Facilitate daily stand up , sprint planning , sprint review and lead scrum team during sprint cycle (2 weeks).
  7. 7. QA in a nutshell
  8. 8. QA Implementation Client App on-baording plan  QA test cases for all applications Functional Testing Regression Testing Integration testing Automated Testing
  9. 9. QA Implementation Bug Scrub / review Dedicated test environments Release notes & Release management Defect tracking :Bug Life cycle and Issue tracking guidelines QA sign-off process Run book for deployment
  10. 10. Bug Life Cycle
  11. 11. Summary
  12. 12. Software Testers aren’t the Guardians and Gatekeepers of Quality. I am not perfect. Everyone is under pressure to deliver and if you act like an unreasonable gatekeeper of quality, you’ll quickly gain enemies or have people simply go around or above you. And that’s no fun
  13. 13. Q&A