Big belly insulingrowth


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Big belly insulingrowth

  1. 1. B.I.G by Lisette Zounon , CC Advanced Communication Manual: Speak to Inform Project #5: The Abstract Concept September 5, 2013 Verbal Expressions
  2. 2. Introduction  What is B.I.G :  B : Belly Fat  I : Insulin Resistance  G : Growth Hormone
  3. 3. Belly Fat  Abdominal fat or also know clinically abdominal obesity  What causes belly fat ?  consumption of more calories and stress .  Excessive fructose (sugar)  Quality of protein consumed in 24 hour .
  4. 4. Health risks & Myths of Belly Fat  Heart disease , Hypertension and diabetes  50% men and 70% women in United States between the age of 50 and 79 have abdominal obesity .  Myths: Sits up Vs. Belly Fat  Sits ups , crunches and abdominal exercises are useful in building abdominal muscles .  No effect , only give the impression of reduce fat  Muscle to fat ration increase .
  5. 5. Insulin Resistance  One of the most important hormone of belly fat is Insulin  Visceral adiopose are more likely to be insulin resistant than other cells on the body.  Cells resistant to insulin can use regular store glucose as glycogen and as fatty acids.  Insulin is required for uptake of glucose into cells of most tissues.  Surge of insulin after ingesting a sugary meal or spike in blood glucose levels.
  6. 6. Insulin Resistance & Diet  The best way to treat insulin resistance is a balance diet centered around food with low Glycemic index  Glycemic index is the measured effects that various carbohydrates have on blood sugar levels.  Compounds that gradually release glucose into the blood have a lower glycemic index (GI)
  7. 7. Growth Hormone  Protein hormone with 190 amino acids synthesize and secreted by cells.  Major role of Growth hormone is to stimulate body growth and metabolic effect.  Growth hormone increases when Insulin level are low  +GH ->- IR  Protein comsumption increase Growth Hormone levels
  8. 8. Growth Hormone Release  Two ways GH is release : Sleep and Exercise  Sleeping: the largest burst of GH occurs during the early hours of sleep, the first 30-70 minutes.  Exercising : Any type of exercise cause increase in GH levels.  But more vigorous exercises like strength training cause greater release than aerobic exercise.  Combination of high resistance and major muscle groups
  9. 9. Conclusion  How to Stop getting B>I>G ??  Reduce Belly Fat , reduce Insulin Resistance , Increase Growth Hormone  Eat moderate amount of low Glycemic carbs  Substantial quantities of protein and copious amount of fruit and vegetables  Intense Exercise like Weight Training  Sleep more
  10. 10. End  Any Questions ??
  11. 11. Resources  glycemic-index-insulin-resistance-and-belly-fat-.html  oNE55 Health and Fitness  How to naturally increase Growth Hormone  Growth Hormone and Aging  Physiologic Effects of Growth Hormone