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Beyond digitisation: sharing digital resources, linked data and Schrodinger's cat


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Background slide set for Beyond digitisation, a Birds of a Feather session at dha2014.

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Beyond digitisation: sharing digital resources, linked data and Schrodinger's cat

  1. 1. dha2014 BoF Beyond digitisation: preparing non-digital resources for the digital world and curation of digital resources in the GLAM sector
  2. 2. Which Flock are you?  A murder of GLAM practitioners  A mob of historians  A parliament of DH practitioners.
  3. 3. Are we moving from an archive and library perspective - making resources available, but leaving the question of the contents open – to a museum and art perspective?
  4. 4. Managing Schrodinger's Cat: an archival approach
  5. 5. A library perspective Erwin Schrödinger (1887 – 1961) Die gegenwärtige Situation in der Quantenmechanik (The present situation in quantum mechanics), Naturwissenschaften (translated by John D. Trimmer in Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society), 1935.[peer reviewed journal] Subject: History of Science; Philosophy Notes: may contain a cat Q530.112
  6. 6. A museum perspective Schrödinger's cat is a famous illustration of the principle in quantum theory of superposition, proposed by Erwin Schrödinger in 1935. In the experiment, which Schrodinger put forward as a thought exercise, a cat is placed in a box with a decaying atomic particles. The question of whether the cat is alive or dead is problematic until the box is opened. Box – 2014/001. Cat on loan from RSPCA
  7. 7. The galleru Splitreason – Schrodinger's cat t-shirt. Transfer, 2014. (Gallery collection 2014/13)
  8. 8. Are we digitising the right things, and are we presenting them in the right way?
  9. 9. Case study - #GovHack
  10. 10. We barely create time and momentum for people to interrupt their busy lives to consider visiting a museum with their precious spare time – how can we expect it to be an different with our online content? Seb Chan content-attention-time/
  11. 11. Some further reading I have a Zotero library - DHA2013 (yes, a typo) FD9PJER