Digital trends in the danish furniture industry


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Survey conducted as part of Marketing Management degree program showing the high level trends and attitudes towards the use of digital tools as part of sales and marketing within the furniture industry in Denmark

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Digital trends in the danish furniture industry

  1. 1. In the Danish Furniture Industry
  2. 2. This survey was conducted by Lisbet Hansen as part of her thesiswritten for the Marketing Management degree at CopenhagenBusiness Academy.The purpose of the survey was to establish the attitude towardsdigital tools as part of sales and marketing within the furnitureindustry in Denmark.The survey was designed in cooperation with LoveMyHome, aspecialist in online 3D product visualization.
  3. 3. o 156 companies were contactedo 71 responses were receivedo Not enough to determine anything withstatistical certaintyo But enough to give a good indicationof certain trends
  4. 4. Websites are a staple andcatalogues, both in physical anddigital form, are common, butthe use of more modern digitalmediums have not caught on56%15%26%1% 2% WebsiteDigital cataloguesPrint cataloguesSmart phone appIpad/Android tablet app
  5. 5. yes51%no13%dont know36%51% declared they alreadyhave plans to implement newmarketing channels.Clearly furniture retailers areready to explorenew terrain.83%want to useSmartphoneapps
  6. 6. 43%15%4%4%2%2%1%1%28%FacebookLinkedInTwitterPinterestYoutubeInstagramOwn CommunityBlogNoneMore untraditionalchannels arehard to find28% is having none of itFacebook is KingLinkedIn
  7. 7. Clever people saycustomer reviews arevery powerful websitemarketing toolsWhy are only 7%using them?Don’t believe me? See for yourself:
  8. 8. 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%Product imagesOnly product imagesZoom functionClick for larger image360 degree rotation36% seem to feel static images are sufficientOnly 6% have 360 degree rotationJeez hun, let’sbuy that sofa wehave only seenfrom the front
  9. 9. On a scale from 1 to 5 how important is a visit to a physical store for a sale?Retailers feel stronglyabout their shops.44% found a physicalstore visit to be absolutelyimportant11% found it not to benecessary0,000,050,100,150,200,250,300,350,400,451 =Absolutelyimportant2 3 4 5 = Notnecessary
  10. 10. No, thatsnot for us31%Yes withina year38%Yes butnot in nearfuture31%80% arebusinesses20+ years oldAll that modernstuff. It will NEVERwork!69% plan to get awebshop at somepoint
  11. 11. Admittedly mostwouldn’t dish outon financial info,the ones that didare obviouslyenjoyingecommerce32%22%28%18%More than 10%Less than 1%Between1-5%Between 6-10%Ka-Ching!!!
  12. 12. Sites with interactive tools had on averagetwice the amount of online revenueCanchangecolour onfurnitureCan buildmodularfurnitureCandesignspacesonline
  13. 13. 78%21%1%Yes, definitlyMaybe a bitNo only a bitPretty much everyoneagrees that online salewill increase over thenext 5 years
  14. 14. 35%22%20%23%Is e-commerce important to you?72%Have experiencedonline growth overthe past two yearsYes, it is veryimportantNo, actually notYes, it is amongtop 5 prioritiesYes, but not atop priorityMaybe youshouldreconsiderthat…Just saying…
  15. 15. 61%35%4%How would you describe selling furniture online?It’s difficult tosell onlineIt’s easy tosell onlineIt’s virtuallyimpossible tosell onlineNobody said itwould be easy.Just be smart anddo it rightThat’s the spirit
  16. 16. For more information on how you can makeyour webshop an online success withinteractive 3D Product Visualization, pleasevisit www.lovemyhome/business