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  1. 1. Mammals
  2. 2. They are vertebrates  Mammals have a skeleton inside, so they are vertebrates
  3. 3. They are viviparous  This means that mammals are born alive from their mother’s womb.
  4. 4. Babies drink milk  Baby mammals drink their mothers’ milk when they are born
  5. 5. They breathe with lungs  Mammals have lungs and they breathe the air
  6. 6. They have fur  Mammals have their bodies covered with fur. Fur is usually smooth and soft.
  7. 7. Most have four legs  Most mammals have got four legs and they live on land
  8. 8. Special mammals  Some mammals live in the sea, like the dolphin and the whale  Others can fly, like the bat  Others have got two legs, two arms, they can talk and think… They are people!
  9. 9. Humans are mammals
  10. 10. Some mammals are…         Felines: lion, cat, leopard, tiger… Canines: dog, wolf, fox… Rodents: mouse, squirrel, rabbit… Giraffe Elephant Bear Bat And many more!
  11. 11. Summing up!  Mammals are vertebrates  They are born from their mother’s womb (they are viviparous)  Baby mammals drink their mother’s milk  Mammals breathe with lungs  Their body is covered with fur  Mammals usually have four legs and live on land.