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Lisa Simmons' Technology Action Plan


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Lisa Simmons' Technology Action Plan

  1. 1. EDLD 5352 Instructional Leadership: The Technology Link Lisa Simmons EA1191 March 14th DALLAS ISD ORGANIZATIONAL CHART (TECHNOLOGY FOCUS) Superintendent of Schools and Board of Trustees * A decision making body that is responsible for insuring thedistrict follows and implements all National and State standards Internal Audit *Reports back to community constituents Does internal audits to assure the district is *Evaluates and approves District Technology Integration following National and State standards, Initiative focusing on budgeting *Accountable to TEA Superintendent of Schools *Responsible for implementing board policy and overseeing day-to-day district procedures, curriculum, budgeting, laws, departments, and district personnel * Reports to District Board of Education the Final Report of Technology Integration Initiative Teaching and Learning Chief Operating Officer*Responsible for core and enrichment curriculum instruction, academic services, teaching and learning, college career readiness, Multilanguage enrichment, professional development, student services, and special education * Evaluation and accountability reports to the Superintendent Core Curriculum and Instructional Services *Responsible for social services and core curriculum advisors, coordinator, directors, and counselors in core subjects * Trains the Campus Instructional Leadership Teams in core subject areas *Provides campuses with materials and resources * Designs curriculum plan guides *Develops Benchmarks District Wide Technology-State Director *Responsible for district wide technology coordinators, classroom applications instructional technology specialists, and classroom applications coordinators * Writes and posts online Instructional Technology Curriculum Plan Guides *Develops and provides technology professional development * Provides campus support Campus Administrators *Manages the budgets for equipment, supplies, and professional development activities * Works with stakeholders to develop long-range and short-range goals and objectives based on data analysis * Evaluates teachers * Models 21st Century learning and skillsCampus Instructional Leadership Team (CILT) Determine campus needs and provide curriculum training and supportSBDM Evaluate data for needs and develop a mission with goals and objectives to meet these needsTeacher Participates in professional training to enhance instructional skills; incorporates technology TEKS intocurriculum; follows the online technology Curriculum Plan Guides; integrates technology into classroom; provides arigorous,1 – Revised October 2009 Page student-learning environment; teaches internet safety and acceptable use policies; supports technology withdifferentiated instruction; and role models 21st century skills for students and parents
  2. 2. EDLD 5352 Instructional Leadership: The Technology LinkLisa Simmons EA1191 March 14th Dealey Montessori and International Academy Action PlanMission Statement: The mission of George Bannerman Dealey is to provide anexemplary education that develops and empowers all students to become productivecitizens in our global society.Technology Statement: The mission of George Bannerman Dealey is to incorporatetechnology in all content areas ensuring that students have the knowledge and skillsto responsibly utilize technology as a tool for communicating, problem solving,creating, and connecting learning to global awareness.Goal: Teachers that integrate 21st century skills into their instruction and usetechnology to support differentiated instructionPage 2 – Revised October 2009
  3. 3. Objectives Action Steps Person/s Materials and Location Timeline Responsibl Resources EDLD 5352 Instructional Leadership: The Technology Link e Lisa Simmons EA1191 March 14thASSESSMENT: 1)Analyze SBDM team AEIS report Designated May,To determine AEIS reports, meeting 2011 –instructional the campus CILT STaR Chart place STaR Chart members 2011needs results Survey results Computerassessments 2)Do an Principal Laband inventory inventory of Asst. Prin. District’sequipment campus tech. Technology Planneeds. equipment Campus 3)Review Technologist Texas Long- District Range Plan Technology Campus staff Initiative Plan, 4) Survey parents, teachers, and studentsTeachers and 1) Review the Librarian Copyright Laws Library Aug,administrators copyright laws handouts 2011will know how to and discuss Campus Power Pointfollow and teach any areas of Tech Internet Safetyappropriate confusion. http://www.youtonline safety, 2) Watch the use, and YouTube ?copyright laws videos v=EhV93zG8xland policies. 3) Break in to A&feature=relat small groups to ed or do an activity http://www.yout on cyber bulling ?v=UdLIgHf- RI4&feature=B F&playnext=1& list=QL&index= 1 Objectives Action Steps Person/s Materials and Location Timeline Responsibl Resources eHelp teachers to 1) Instruction Central Staff Laptops or Computer Training:understand and on logging on Instructional desktop Lab Sept,utilize the and utilizing Technologist computers 2011district’s online Curriculum s Specialists ClassroomsCurriculum Planning Access to CPG’s Oct, 2011Planning Guides Guides 2) Campus onlinein technology. Incorporating Specialists Nov, CPG’s into 2011 lessons PLC teams 3)Pair up or PLC team up with team your meetings departments or ongoing grade level PLC teams toPage 3 – Revised October at lesson look 2009 planning 4) Work with teams to create
  4. 4. EDLD 5352 Instructional Leadership: The Technology LinkLisa Simmons EA1191 March 14thNOTE: This plan is based on my evaluation of the STaR chart information and Texas Long-Range Plan form weeks 2 and week 3: According to our campus data I would select OnlineLearning, TL6, because STaR Chart data shows that over 73% of campus staff are classifiedEarly Tech or Developing Tech. Most teachers are not using activities that incorporate web-based activities. Campus teachers are familiar with online TEKS based resources and ourdistrict’s Curriculum Plan Guides, CPG, that incorporate online learning activities; yet they arenot comfortable using them. Our campus does not support 24/7/365 access to onlineopportunities or digital resources.”The Web certainly opens us up to all sorts of conversationson a global scale. But this new Web also makes it much easier to tap into resources just downthe road as well” (Richardson, W. 2007). Our students are denied an abundance of expertsources outside the walls of our campus. With the staff, I would like to examine the standardsand the curriculum guides to see what we can immediately implement in our instruction. Thenmake a plan for the future with a timeline. I began my plan with a needs assessment, which was stressed in our video week 3,roundtable discussion. Ms. Crawford advised us to begin with assessment during this videointerview (roundtable discussion, March 7, 2011). After reading about internet safety, bullying, and copyright laws I am going to add thiscomponent to my action plan. According to Adelman H. (2004) a recent study showed that onein five youths “received a sexual solicitation or approach in the past year” (p17). Teachingchildren about online safety needs to begin as soon as possible. I teach about “StrangerDanger’ to my prekindergarten and kindergarten classes; this seems no different. In addition,administrators and teachers need to know copyright laws and fair usage rules. “For school anddistrict administrators, today, copyright should be front and center on the agenda.” (Davidson H.2005, pS2). As educators we set the tone in our classrooms and we must role modelacceptable behaviors.Resources:Texas Education Association. (2006). Texas star chart: Campus chart. Instructional Materials and Educational Technology Division. Retrieved from Education Agency, (2010). 2010 Progress report on the long-range plan for technology, 2006-2020: A report to the 82nd Texas Legislature. Retrieved from, W. (2007). The seven C’s of learning: A c-change in education. District Administration, 43(3), 97.Adelman, H. (2004). Teaching online safety. Voices From the Middle, 11(3), 17-22.Davidson, H. (2005). Copyright primer for administrators. Technology & Learning, 25(11), S2-S8.Page 4 – Revised October 2009
  5. 5. EDLD 5352 Instructional Leadership: The Technology LinkLisa Simmons EA1191 March 14th DEALEY MONTESSORI AND INTERNATIONAL ACTION PLAN EVALUATION FORM Evaluate Person/s Assessment Tool or Timeline Responsible MonitoringEquipment needs: Campus Tech On-going surveys May, 2011 –digital, May, 2012presentation, PC Principals Up to date inventory/laptop,accessibility, All Staffand/or connectivity Teacher’s use of CS, Instructional Walk-through or September, 2011 –the Curriculum Technology Learning walks December, 2011Planning Guides Specialists(online) in their Formative evaluations/instruction. Principals PDAS Lead Teachers Peer observations Peer mentors Lesson plans Campus Tech. District Project PlanIntegrated Principals Student-centered September, 2011 –technology projects or products May, 2012activities and Lead Teacherstechnology support Communication Logs,for differentiated Campus Tech Blogs, Grade bookinstruction Peer mentors Lesson Plans STaR Chart, AEIS, AYP Reports Formative achievement tests Summative evaluations Student/Teacher made rubric Student surveysPage 5 – Revised October 2009