Chaffey geog 5 intro sp 2014


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Chaffey geog 5 intro sp 2014

  1. 1. Geography Five: Physical Geography Lab Section 75442 Mondays 2:00 – 3:50 PM Professor Lisa Schmidt
  2. 2. Important Information • • • • • • • • • • • Spring 2014 Section 75442 2:00-3:50 PM Wednesdays CHMB 209 Professor Lisa Schmidt (909) 652-7090 Voice Mail (760) 440-8977 Text or Voice Mail Office Hours: By Appointment
  3. 3. About This Class… • Physical Geography Lab is field observation and analysis of the physical environment designed to accompany Physical Geography (Geography Four). – The course consists of in class labs an on-site interpretation of climate, soils, landforms, plant distribution, and more. • On-site interpretation means field trips.
  4. 4. Prerequisite • Geography Four (Physical Geography) is a prerequisite for this course. • You must be currently enrolled in or already completed Geography Four to be eligible for this course. • If you drop Geography Four or earn a D or an F, you may receive an incomplete in this course.
  5. 5. SLO’s • SLOs or Student Learning Outcomes for Geography 5: – 1) Recognize geographic landforms in the field such as alluvial fans and volcanoes. – 2) Students will be able to use GPS to orient themselves in the field. – 3) Students should be able to read and interpret topographical maps.
  6. 6. Class Schedule Wed. Jan. 15 Wed. Jan. 29 Wed. Feb. 5 Wed. Feb. 26 Wed. Mar. 5 Saturday March 8 Fri-Sun April 4, 5, 6 Wed. Apr. 30 Wed. May 21 Intro Driver Meeting Lab One Lab Two Meeting/Orientation Field Trip One Field Trip Two Journal Due Journal Return
  7. 7. Attendance • You are required to attend ALL field trips. • Missing a field trip will result in a failing grade.
  9. 9. In Class Labs • Lab One Feb. 3 – Longitude, Latitude, and Time – You will need your atlas. • Lab Two Feb. 24 – Earth Sun Relationships, Topographic Maps, and Compasses. – You will need your California Road Map and your Compass.
  10. 10. Field Trips • Saturday March 8 – 9:00 AM to approximately 7:00 PM – Mormon Rocks/Mojave Desert • Friday-Sunday April 4, 5, & 6 – 9:00 AM April 4 to approximately 4:00 PM April 6 – Northern Owens Valley/Mono Lake
  11. 11. Class Rules • Attendance – Attendance at all class meeting and field trips is required. If you do not attend all class meetings and field trips, you may be dropped from the class and you may receive and F.
  12. 12. Class Rules • Photo Journal – You are required to turn in a photo journal for this class. – If you do not turn in a photo journal, you will receive an F.
  13. 13. Class Rules • Motel Reservation – You must make a room reservation or arrangements to share a room for the second field trip. – Your accommodation arrangements must be made by March 5, 2014.
  14. 14. Class Rules • Food and Money – You must bring money or food for your field trips. – You will be gone all day for the first field trip. – You will be gone for two and a half days for the second field trip. • Plan to feed yourself. • Bring your own food or money for food. • The motel rooms have microwaves and refrigerators.
  15. 15. Strenuous Activity Warning • This class requires strenuous physical activity. • If you have any medical/physical condition which may impair your full participation, check with your physician. • Field Trip One requires approximately 2 miles of walking on a rough trail. • Field Trip Two requires approximately 4 miles of walking on several types of trails, especially up and downhill.
  16. 16. Parental Permission • If you are under 18 years old, your parent or guardian must give written permission for you to go on the field trips.
  17. 17. Class Rules • Drop Policy – If you decide to drop the class, you must do so formally. – Failure to drop in a timely manner will result in a grade of an F. • Late Work – Assignments are due at the end of class or on the stated date and will not be accepted late.
  18. 18. Class Rules • Academic Honesty – Plagiarism includes using someone else’s photographs. – If I see duplicate pictures in photo journals, I have no way of knowing who the original photographer is. – Duplicate photos will result in a score of zero for all parties involved. – Please refer to Chaffey College’s policy on academic honesty.
  19. 19. • If you have or think you might have a disability which might impair your performance in this course, contact the Disability Services Program office immediately at (909) 652-6398. • If you need any accommodations made, you must talk to me about them immediately. • Accommodations will Not be made after February 5, 2014.
  20. 20. Contacting Me • I do not have office hours. • The best way to reach me is by e-mailing me. • My email address is listed at the top of the syllabus • You may text me or leave voice mail at (760)440-8977
  21. 21. Class Rules • Graded Work – It is your responsibility to pick up graded work. – It will be held for 30 days after the end of the semester and then discarded.
  22. 22. Class Rules • Honors Contracts – Requests for honors contracts must be completed by Feb. 5th.
  23. 23. Field Trip Rules • Motel Reservations – Make reservations to check in on Friday April 4th and check out Sunday April 6th. – Make your reservations as soon as possible. – You do not have to pay for the room when you make the reservation, you can make the reservation without a credit card.
  24. 24. Drivers • I will require five volunteers to drive. • You must have a valid drivers license. – Drivers will meet on Jan. 29th at the Human Resources office on the main campus to fill out forms. – If drivers do not show up to this meeting, they will be dropped.
  25. 25. Field Trip Rules • STRONG WARNING: You may be removed from this class and left at field trip sites if you violate Chaffey College's rules while on field trips. All of Chaffey College's rules apply when we are out in the field.
  26. 26. Materials • • • • • • World Atlas California Road Map Compass Camera Hard Cover 1-inch, 3-ring binder OR Optional: Internet Access for Digital Journal – Recommended but not required: A physical Geography textbook – See syllabus for materials required to complete the photo journal. – A handout will be given that lists what should be in your photo journals.
  27. 27. Class Web Page • A web page has been created for this class. • All course documents will be posted. • Other important information is posted there too. •
  28. 28. Digital Photo Journals • I encourage the use of technology for your photo journals. • You may make your photo journal digitally, but you must do it the way I want it. – PowerPoint – Posted to – See syllabus and web page for more details.
  29. 29. Field Trips • Our field trips will leave from the main campus. • You must be on time.
  30. 30. Grading Lab One Lab Two Field Questions Photo Journal ________________ Total 10 points 10 points 20 points 60 points ________ 100 points
  31. 31. Grading 100-90 points 89-80 points 79-70 points 69-60 points 59-0 points A B C D F
  32. 32. For Your Success • If you want to be successful in this course: – You will not use your cell phone in class, remember when we travel in the vans, that is your MOBILE classroom, and when were are at field stops, that is also your classroom. – You will pay attention to lectures at field trip stops. I will refuse to repeat myself continuously and you will have to rely on other students to help you if you do not pay attention. – You will actively participate and you will have a good attitude. • Remember people come from all over the world to see the places you will be going, you are lucky to see them AND get college credit for it.
  33. 33. Contacting You • I would like to be able to reach all of my students by e-mail or phone. • This is just in case there are any problems such as weather or road conditions that might prevent us from making our scheduled trips. • Please list your phone number and e-mail address on the contact information page of the syllabus provided for you and let me know which is the best way to reach you. – Make sure to hand that page in!
  34. 34. Academic Honesty • Plagiarism includes using someone else’s photographs in your journal. • Students are not to share photos. • If I see duplicate pictures in photo journals, I have no way of knowing who the original photographer is. • Any incidences of plagiarism will be reported to the dean. • Should you use ANY photographs or images in your journal that are not your own, the source MUST be cited.
  35. 35. • You must reserve a room or make arrangements to share a room by March 5th. • At the March 5th, class meeting you are required to have a motel reservation. – We will be staying at Bristlecone Motel 101 North Main Street (US HWY 395) Big Pine, CA, USA 93513 Phone: (866) 609-3785
  36. 36. • This course is designed to accompany Physical Geography. – At each stop there will be many points of interest that relate to Physical Geography.
  37. 37. • We will travel to different climate regions: – Mojave Desert – Sagebrush Desert – Alpine Regions • We will also see evidence of past climate change – Fossil Falls – Mormon Rocks – Mono Lake
  38. 38. • We will study the distribution of plants and animals in Eastern California. • We will travels through different biomes: – Mojave Desert Biome – Sagebrush Biome – Alpine Biome – Riparian Areas
  39. 39. • We will travel across the San Andreas Fault. • We will travel across the Garlock Fault. • We will see tectonic landforms such as tilted fault blocks at Mormon Rocks and a sag pond at Diaz Lake.
  40. 40. • We will travel to the Coso Volcanic Field. • We will see lava flows, cinder cones, and many other volcanic landforms. • We will also travel to a geothermal area, Hot Creek.
  41. 41. • The southernmost glacier on the planet, The Palisades Glacier, is on our route. • Glaciers shaped the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. • We will study the landforms left by the glaciers.
  42. 42. • Manzanar is on our route and we will stop there. • A trip through the high desert also provides for a lesson in suburban sprawl, and leapfrog development. • No trip to the Eastern Sierra Nevada would be complete without a lesson on imported water.
  43. 43. Expectations for Photo Journals 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. You will be given a list of objects to photograph. Your journal must include ALL of them or you will not receive full credit. You will be given instructions for your journal, you MUST follow them or you will lose points. Photo Journals are required to be typed and must look professional. When you are asked to write one-page about a topic in your journal, if you do not have one page, you will lose points. As an alternative to the ‘paper’ photo journal, you may create a digital photo journal-but it must be exactly as instructed.
  44. 44. Field Trip Stops
  45. 45. Mormon Rocks
  46. 46. Kramer Junction
  47. 47. Cinder Hill
  48. 48. Diaz Lake/Lone Pine
  49. 49. Manzanar
  50. 50. Big Pine
  51. 51. Mono Lake and Panum Crater
  52. 52. Hot Creek and Convict Lake
  53. 53. • Next Class Meeting Jan 29th – For drivers only – 1:00 PM at the Human Resources office on the main campus. • Feb 5th Lab One – Bring your atlases.