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SMX Advanced 2012 - Maximizing Enterprise PPC panel - Communication is Crucial - Lisa Sanner

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  • I have been doing paid search with Point It Search Marketing Agency in Seattle, Washington since 2005. We are an independent one-location agency only a few blocks away from here. As an agency, Point It manages over $30 million in ad spend per year. I manage a team of about 10 client managers for an enterprise level client, overseeing US, brick and mortar, and multi-national SEM initiatives. I have been working with this client for nearly 5 years, which started as a little tiny pilot for us.I personally manage our main US Google account which is high volume, and still love getting in the weeds of campaign management. I feel like I cannot manage a team well if I don’t understand from real experience what they need to do to optimize performance and grow accounts..
  • My perspective on Enterprise PPC is from the agency side of things. We provide paid search management for our client who sets overall strategy and provides direction. Simply, they tell us what they would like to do/how they would like to grow, and as agency, my team figures out how to get it done and the online advertising tactics to leverage in order to drive their business forward. It is that simple, yet that complex. My client really has the hard part of the job. Enterprise Clients have to deal with all the internal questions and issues, the domain sharing, the kw negotiating.They Educate, Defends, Advocate, Evangelize our Program throughout the org, and almost always use DATA/performance/efficiency to be persuasive.
  • My success metric, as an agency, is illustrated in the bottom picture on this slide. I know I’m successful when my client can take a two-week vacation and feel good about everything before he leaves and after he gets back.As the team lead for this enterprise client, I manage the tasks, projects and priorities of my team and our publisher and tool reps in order to make sure we all are moving with purpose in the same direction and focusing our efforts on the “right” things.
  • So all that said, how do we do that?In my humble opinion, it’s all about Communication.Communicating to the right people, the right information, the right message, at the right time.Today I’m going to break that communication down into what I think are the most important parts:ReportingAutomationMeetingsPromotions
  • To drive performance, we need to stay on top of multiple initiatives going on with our client. It’s a ton of information and data points to put it mildly.Reporting those data points regularly in a clear, simple, visual way is a primary part of our job as their agency.There is such a thing as reporting overkill, both from a perspective of time required in generating reports and the time that recipients take/don’t take to digest all the information you send them. Check in on a regular basis to understand report needs at the various levels of an org.
  • Take the perspective of your audience for reports for each stakeholder that receives it.What’sImportant Depends on Who’s Looking at It.What are they most interested? What are their KPIs? What nuggets do they need to digest and then make decisions or translate that information to others in the org?Be thoughtful about what you share and what you don’t share.
  • For thisclient, we manage several handfuls of ecommerce sites across the globe, a growing number of brick and mortar accounts driving offline sales, and another global initiative where we are managing accounts in several dozen countries in 17 different languages. We send an aggregate report of metrics, analysis, and an update of current projects to various stakeholders within the company. We convert everything to one currency (US$) to roll everything up and report overall performance; otherwise, it can get really messy.Some of the recipients of that aggregate report are in different business groups and have specific interests regarding their product/market. We do our best to address everyone’s data needs. For example, we also provide mini-monthly reports to international site managers with analysis and updates to service their local needs as well. We do the same for our brick and mortar stakeholders or individual product managers on an ad-hoc basis. It takes a lot of coordination to keep everyone happy and informed, but it is well worth the time to gain everyone’s support, buy-in, and trust.
  • MCCs, automated reporting, and dashboards do help with efficiency, and we count on these to quickly analyze data and identify any problem areas or opportunities in the market, so we can react as needed. Automation helps save time so that we can be responsive and proactive.
  • So with enterprise accounts there is often a lot of “heavy lifting” – account builds, kw expansions, replications, etc. that needs to happen, especially when launching something new. Use ALL your resources, including third party tool reps and publisher reps to help. They have a vested interest in helping you grow your accounts.Utilize resources within the org as much as you can too, especially for ad copy review on international accounts. You can have a bad kw that you might waste a little money on, until it is bid down by your bid mgmt. tool, but IMHO there’s no excuse for bad ad text. In terms of your own paid search agency staff, take some time here and think about a best plan.Think about continuity and who is managing those relationships given that as a team lead you can’t do it all. Build leaders within your team. Match their skills/interests to the best fit accounts/stakeholders/account needs. For example, I have a client manager on my team who is a tinkerer; he loves trying and testing new things and solving puzzles. I put him right on my product listing ads campaigns to dive in and figure out all those filter and feed attributes to try to optimize that ad format. I have another client manager who is a strong project mgr. and has great communication skills; she’s on a lot of my international accounts
  • We do not overload our client with meetings, unless they request them. They are in enough meetings all day talking about strategy and how everything fits together that we value their time and don’t have meetings just to have meetings. If they read our agency’s reports, which they do, meetings usually aren’t breakthrough. We don’t have a meeting to read through a report. Meetings cost everyone time.We also have bi-weekly call with regional directors who we don’t frequently interact with during the week. If there’s nothing burning or new to discuss, we often cancel those calls if they are not needed.Allthat said, we do have regular weekly updates with our third party tool reps to dig into performance, reporting, and bidding. And also have bi-weekly update calls with Google reps so I can try to pin them down on some of my most top-of-mind, burning questions about the latest features and enhancements they release.
  • Staying on top of current promotions is especially important, especially price promotions or new productlaunches. It’s very important to figure out a process upfront to get this timely information in a structured way so you can utilize it in PPC and be timely with your messaging. And to turn things off, when promotions are suspended. This process and structure will not only help your stress level, it will allow you to be nimble during the holidays and really maximize those efforts, as changes seem to happen at lightning speed during this time period.
  • So I hope you’ve gained some insight into enterprise paid search from an agency point of view and how important strong communication processes are to the success and growth of your accounts. Concentrating on processes for Reporting, Automation, Meetings, & Promotions can really help reduce both your and your clients’ stress levels and allow you to scale your accounts while keeping your sanity. So you and your clients can take a much-needed vacation.Strong and open lines of communication really keeps the big wheels turning.
  • Maximizing Enterprise PPC - Communication is Crucial

    1. 1. SMX Advanced 2012 Maximizing Enterprise PPCLisa Sanner – Director of Paid Search @LisaSanner
    2. 2. Presentation Agenda About Point It• Launched in April 2002 – celebrating 10 YEAR Anniversary!• $30+ MM in managed media/yr.• Servicing clients across many verticals and revenue models• Focus on mid- to large clients where we can add the most value
    3. 3. Enterprise PPC –the Agency Reminder to Self: My Client’s Job is 100X Harder than My Job.
    4. 4. Enterprise PPC – the Agency My Client’s job is 100X harder than my job.My Job is to Make MyClient’s Job Less Hard.
    5. 5. Communication is Crucial Reporting, Automation, Meetings, Promotions
    6. 6. Enterprise PPC Reporting
    7. 7. Provide Meaningful Data• What’s Important Depends on Who’s Looking at It• Be Thoughtful about What Data You DO Share & What Data You DON’T Share
    8. 8. Aggregate & Custom Reporting
    9. 9. Automation Helps A LOT• Dashboards – take the time to build views or scheduled reports• Use multiple MCCs• Automated (web query) Reporting• Automate Bid Management - but understand the levers/fine-tuning• Create Alerts – Performance, Reports, News• Learn Efficiency Tricks from Reps
    10. 10. Manage *All* Resources• Leverage Resources – Tools and reps – Publisher reps – Org resources – especially Int’l translation/local market experts• Staff – Have a Plan with Assignments – Match Skills/Interests with Accts/Needs – Stop Fill Gaps if Turnover or Changes – Train & Communicate Learnings Across Accts
    11. 11. Meetings• Most Impt: Respect People’s Time• Don’t have Meetings, Just to have Meetings• Sync but Don’t Drown in Too Many Meetings
    12. 12. Promotions• Current Promo Doc across Accts• Sync your Promotional calendars• Develop a communication process for new promotions – Templates – Start, End Dates – Allow time for Approval process – Asset requirements
    13. 13. Communication Keeps the Wheels Turning
    14. 14. Thank YouLisa @LisaSannerPoint It Search Marketing