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Sample of Work done at CollaborateMD

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LR Promo Materials

  1. 1. Developed new print ads incorporating a new, cleaner, branded look along with communicating a greater emphasis of the Meaningful Use messaging.Lisa Roman407.803.2479
  2. 2. Created new EHR Selection Guide developed in conjunction with new webinar initiative.Lisa Roman407.803.2479
  3. 3. Created over 40 datasheets and brochureswithin the last 4 months. All writing, creative,and production managed internally.
  4. 4. Created new brochure that presents the CollaborateMD Medical Billing services in a concise and easy- to-understand format.Lisa Roman407.803.2479
  5. 5. Created new brochurethat presents theCollaborateMD Medical Practiceservices in a concise and easy-to-understand format. Lisa Roman 407.803.2479
  6. 6. Developed new Employee Newsletter incorporating new branding and fresh new design format. All writing, creative, and production managed internally.Lisa Roman407.803.2479
  7. 7. Created a new Corporate Overview sheet that presents CollaborateMD’s products and services in a concise, direct format. Prospective customers can now learn about all the CMD offerings in one easy-to-read document.Lisa Roman407.803.2479
  8. 8. Created a new more professional Customer Referral Program brochure. The new copy and design makes the program easier to understand, and communicates program incentives and terms and conditions more clearly.Lisa Roman407.803.2479
  9. 9. Overhauled training and reference materials. Developed new sales tools that communicates CollaborateMD’s software functionality as well as the application’s functionality in one easy-to-use look-up sheet.Lisa Roman407.803.2479
  10. 10. Developed new stationary design. Creative is now fresh and clean, correspondence is easier to read, and conveys new branding that will integrate with all the new digital and print collateral as well as the website.Lisa Roman407.803.2479
  11. 11. Created branding and logo for all promotional collateral materials for 2010 User Conference. Includes creating all content, copywriting, and promotional campaign.Lisa Roman407.803.2479
  12. 12. Created new seriesof promotional andeducational webinarswith our businesspartners. Wrote allnew content, built andedited presentations,developed “Fax BlastCampaign” and helpedto manage all thewebinar logistics. Lisa Roman 407.803.2479
  13. 13. Developed new branded Sales Tools and Sales Collateral documents that are more professional, better designed and easier for the customer to, use and understand.Lisa Roman407.803.2479
  14. 14. Created quarterly direct mailcampaign integrated with theweb and emails, to increaseour profile and establishbetter communication toPAHCOM Assoc. members. Lisa Roman 407.803.2479
  15. 15. Redesigned and rebrandedthe PPC landing pages toincrease website conversion.Completely reworked allof the content and graphics.Also improved the flowand made the navigationof the pages easier to useand more intuitive. Lisa Roman 407.803.2479
  16. 16. Redesigned and rebrandedthe corporate website,completely reworked allof the content and graphics.Also improved the flowand made the navigationof the pages easier to useand more intuitive. Lisa Roman 407.803.2479
  17. 17. Developed brand standards and a Brand Usage Guide and initiated guidelines and created consistency across all graphic design and sales and promotional ide sage Gu communications. Brand U e of the CollaborateMD Bra nd d Usag Approve Primary Color Pa le tte for L o go Artw ork Pantone Process Blue U Pleas uses a 60 e note that taglin Pantone % tint of Pantone e text 307 U Process Blu Please no e U te uses a 74 that swoosh art Pantone % tint of Pantone work 2995 U in the ble 307 U Please no nd te that sw uses a 71 % tint of oosh art work Pantone Pantone 375 U in the ble 2995 U Please no nd te tha a 91% tin t logo artwork us t of Panto es ne 375 U 60% – Pa ntone Pr ocess Blu e U 74% – Pa ntone 29 osh ark Swo 95 U rm for Wate 71% – Pa ntone 29 r Palette 95 U olo ndary C 91% – Pa ntone 29 Seco 95 U 152 U Pantone rk Swoosh Waterma 2 U 375 U te that the Pantone 15 Please no 100% of Pantone rk Swoosh uses a rule Waterma 5 U rth 1 pt. Yellow te that the for the fou Process ne 37 Please no % tint of Panto rk Swoosh uses a 50 1 pt. rule s Blue U Waterma w for the third oces te that the Yello Pantone Pr Please no 100% of Process e rk Swoosh uses a ond 1 pt. rul Waterma s Blue U for the sec te that the ProcesPlease no Pantone % tint of t 1 pt. ruleuses a 50 firs for the olors alette C PMS Process Blue U in final art work. ndary P s of Secouse 100% values of the PMS 152 U or atche lette, do not 100% Sw lor Pa condary Co for the Se s above lor value ly use the co Please on 152 U Pantone 100% – ntone 375 U 10 0% – Pa Yellow U Process 100% – Blue U Process Pantone 100% – Lisa Roman 407.803.2479
  18. 18. Created a new Pricing Sheets for both sides of the business. The information is presented in a simple, easy-to-read format, while still being aligned to the established brand guidelines.Lisa Roman407.803.2479