PR For Your Personal Brand


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This presentation was delivered to a local group of Women in Management. The presentation includes PR tips on how to find your way to success.

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PR For Your Personal Brand

  1. 1. PR for your ! personal brand! presented by Lisa Cruz, Red Shoes PR!
  2. 2. What is PR?! The methods and activities employed to establish and promote a favorable relationship with the public.!
  3. 3. In other words ...! How others perceive you! The image you project!
  4. 4. Don’t kid yourself !   Actions speak louder than words!
  5. 5. What do I mean by that?!   I read a story about a colleague that projects a favorable image of him!   But I know better, I’ve worked with that person!   And what I know and what the story says are two different things!
  6. 6. In today’s transparent world!   Be who you are, consistently, among your target audiences.!   It’s everything!   Your employees, clients, family !
  7. 7. You can’t afford to be any different!   From Olympian to!   dope smoker!   What happened to his credibility?!
  8. 8. CEO Exposed ...!   BP’s Tony Hayward!   “I’d like my life back”!   Goes on vacation!
  9. 9. My keys to ersonal PR? !
  10. 10.   Be who you say you are!
  11. 11.   Always give 110 % ... always!!   “I might not get it right but no one can ever say I didn’t give it my all.”!
  12. 12.   Follow through with action!   Talk is cheap!
  13. 13.   The world is your stage!
  14. 14.   Use your passions to drive your personal brand forward!   Otherwise, people can tell when you aren’t engaged!
  15. 15.   Learn from your mistakes, otherwise they are just that ... mistakes!
  16. 16.   Stay on the path while others wander off!
  17. 17.   Listen to others how you want to be listened to!   and never forget the Golden Rule!
  18. 18.   Take a risk and you might be surprised about what you learn!
  19. 19. What I didn’t know 16 years ago!   That I had been building the business for years!   Each single action added up to today’s success through positive PR!
  20. 20. Share your story!   in person!   online!   don’t be shy!
  21. 21. Most importantly "!   let others share your story!   Word of mouth is the most valued PR there is.!
  22. 22.   "Desire is the key to motivation, but it's the determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal that will enable you to attain the success you seek." Mario Andretti !