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Live Aloha is a lifestyle and a frame of mind. Learn why Hawaiians are one of the most content people in the world and how you can create the same mindset where ever you live.

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Live aloha

  1. 1. Live
  2. 2. In the Hawaiian language, can mean many things love, hello, goodbye, welcome, sympathy
  3. 3. Aloha, loosely translated, means joyfully sharing life
  4. 4. On a deeper level, aloha also translates to:   “the joyful (oha) sharing (alo) of life energy (ha) in the present (alo).”
  5. 5. When you share this life energy (which the Hawaiians call mana), you become attuned to the Universe.
  6. 6. and you become a part of the beauty and wisdom of the universe and nature.
  7. 7. To live aloharefers to a life style of openness and friendliness
  8. 8. a willingness to work together
  9. 9. and showing consideration for others.
  10. 10. by relating to people as people, and treating them all with respect, affection and warmth. You live aloha
  11. 11. When you live aloha, you live in the present, create a life that is meaningful to you and joyously share it with others.
  12. 12. I hope you will embrace the aloha spirit  in your everyday life, for it is a gift not only for those who live in Hawaii,   it is a gift which can be lived  throughout the world.
  13. 13. For more information on how you can live aloha please visit my website at Lisa Michele Fonseca Certified Personal Excellence Coach