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WordCamp US 2016 - How to Talk Content: A Guide for Developers


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Content can make or break a great WordPress site. While developers aren’t always in control of creating the content, it’s an integral part of their jobs. If you are tired of getting vague specs on content demands and want to learn how to communicate with your content creators, the tips covered in this talk will get you speaking their language! No more fuzzy constraints or unknown variables, when you learn effective communication skills with content creators you’ll reduce stress AND development time!

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WordCamp US 2016 - How to Talk Content: A Guide for Developers

  1. 1. How to Talk Content #WCUS A Guide for Developers Lisa Melegari @lmelegari
  2. 2. Why do I need to learn to talk content? How many times have you…  Had a project held up?  Had a project go over estimates?  Had to go back and re-do significant amounts of work?
  3. 3. This does not have to be your reality!
  4. 4. EXAMPLE
  5. 5. I need an approval of this wireframe of your home page before we can proceed.
  6. 6. What do those boxes and numbers mean? And what’s that nonsense text?
  7. 7. Are those pictures of Bill Murray going to stay that way?
  8. 8. “The blank slate paralyzes clients.” - Karina Kreger
  9. 9. So what do we do about this?
  10. 10. Determine Where Your Client is in the Content Development Phase Don’t use the word “content” – break it down into the actual things you need. Have them fill out a content onboarding questionnaire. Ask for access to their existing assets or someone in charge of producing those assets.
  11. 11. Probably a picture gallery, maybe some videos. I’m not sure yet, I’ll figure it out once you finish the site. Isn’t that your job?
  12. 12. I want a full image background that stays when you scroll down. I’m going to be using a lot of pictures in my blogs and posting at least once a week. I might have a logo later, but not right now.
  13. 13. Offer Some Assistance Provide basic, relevant filler content and encourage them to make it their own. Work with a creator friend and have them make some samples.
  14. 14. Help Them Get Inspired Find sites with similar goals or uses in your portfolio. Show them some sites you think have great visuals or write a good block of text. Give them homework.
  15. 15. Any questions? @lmelegari Download this presentation and my speaker notes here: (that’s an uppercase ‘i’ in front of the T, it’s case sensitive)