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Spring Cleaning: How to De-Clutter Your WordPress Content


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There’s a thin line between a content-rich WordPress website and a content-cluttered one. When your list of posts or pages goes beyond a few screens, it’s a sign that you might want to do some spring cleaning. In this talk, I’ll share strategies to reviewing your existing content, purging or updating old posts, and how to re-structure your content plan to help keep things organized in the future.

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Spring Cleaning: How to De-Clutter Your WordPress Content

  1. 1. Spring Cleaning: How to De- Clutter Your WordPress Content Lisa Melegari Content Writer & Social Media Manager We Do Web Content
  2. 2. 1. Page and Post URLs 2. Tags and Categories 3. Content Plans 4. Cleaning Up Existing Content
  3. 3. Page and Post URLs
  4. 4. Page and Post URLs
  5. 5. Page and Post URLs WordPress SEO by Yoast
  6. 6. Tags and Categories
  7. 7. Tags and Categories
  8. 8. Tags and Categories
  9. 9. Tags and Categories
  10. 10. Content Plans
  11. 11. Content Plans
  12. 12. Cleaning Up Your Existing Content
  13. 13. Quick Clean SEO Clean Deep Clean Deepest Clean
  14. 14. Quick Clean
  15. 15. SEO Clean
  16. 16. Deep Clean
  17. 17. Deepest Clean
  18. 18. Questions? Contact me: @lmelegari