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How My Shortcomings in WordPress Make Me a Better Contributor


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Want to get involved with WordPress but don't think you have the technical skills or know-how to do so? ANYONE, and I mean ANYONE can contribute to the overall success of the WordPress project!

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How My Shortcomings in WordPress Make Me a Better Contributor

  1. 1. How My Shortcomings in WordPress Make Me a Better Contributor Lisa Melegari @lmelegari
  2. 2. A Quick History • Started learning WordPress in 2008. • Got involved with the WordPress Orlando Meetup in 2012. • Became an organizer of the WPORL Meetup and WordCamp Orlando in 2013. • Advised WordCamp Tampa during one of their first organizer meetings. • Now lead organizer of WCORL.
  3. 3. My Technical WordPress Experience
  4. 4. Why Non-Technical Contributors Matter • We bring a ton of unique talents to the mix. • At the end of the day, most WordPress projects are used by non-technical people. • The technical people are often busy with that “technical” stuff to take care of other important “non-technical” matters.
  5. 5. How do you contribute so much to WordPress while barely being able to make a viable site?
  6. 6. Ways to Contribute • Support those who can • Channel your talents creatively • ABC (Always Be Connecting) • Be “that guy/gal”
  7. 7. Supporting Those Who Can • Help test new plugins. • Provide feedback on WIP designs. • Offer your devices for live testing. • Write constructive reviews on plugins. – Don’t miss “Plugin Reviews Demystified” at 2PM! • Submit bugs.
  8. 8. Supporting Those Who Can • Take care of each other. – Feed your fellow WordPressers. – Offer lodging to your traveling WP buddies. – Collaborate on WordCamp travel plans. – Always have time to lend an ear. Don’t miss “Invest in WordPress by Investing in Yourself” at 3PM!
  9. 9. Channel Your Talents Creatively • The WordPress Community is built on more than just technical know-how. • Instead of focusing on your WordPress shortcomings, identify your strengths. • Practically any interest/talent can be put to use to improve WordPress.
  10. 10. Channel Your Talents Creatively • Do you speak more than one language? You’re a Polyglot and we need you! – Translate WordPress core • – Subtitle videos on •
  11. 11. Channel Your Talents Creatively • Speaking of they need people to subtitle videos in English as well! • Can you edit video? There are tons of videos that could use your help!
  12. 12. Channel Your Talents Creatively • Do you like to travel? Are you good at planning events? Fundraising? Networking? • The Community Team is always looking for people to help grow the WordPress community and help establish new Meetup groups and WordCamps!
  13. 13. Channel Your Talents Creatively • Do you like to troubleshoot and investigate things? Have a good attention to detail? WordPress core needs testers! Visit to join the WP testers mailing list. No developer knowledge needed!
  14. 14. Channel Your Talents Creatively For a full list of how to Get Involved visit
  15. 15. Always Be Connecting • Spread the Word(Press). • Get to know your neighboring Meetup groups and WordCamps. • Join other local tech groups. • Collaborate with your local tech scene. • Invite speakers outside of the WordPress realm.
  16. 16. Be “That Guy/Gal” • Find your niche and stick with it. • Make a name for yourself by providing your help however you can. • Be the one people turn to when they need... – Venue ideas for Meetups – Help transporting/storing equipment – Volunteers at conferences
  17. 17. Final Thoughts • Give generously of your time but not to the point where it impacts your life negatively. • Do not contribute with the expectation of getting something, contribute because you love WordPress! • Still feeling lost? Ask your local Meetup/WordCamp organizers where they need help!
  18. 18. Wapuu design by Michelle Schulp. Get more here! Questions? @lmelegari Get the slides here: (that’s an uppercase ‘i’ after the ‘EF’ and yes it’s case-sensitive)