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TennisMatch is a mobile network of tennis players—linking them to their friends, their private clubs, and the greater open network of all tennis players. Find players and matches wherever you go based on age, gender, and playing ability.

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TennisMatch presentation

  1. 1. TennisMatch TennisMatch connects a network of tennis players so they can more easily organize matches, find new people to play with, discover match opportunities, and link up with their club—wherever they go.
  2. 2. How TennisMatch works: Connecting communities of players TennisMatch connects a user’s circle of tennis friends and teammates Download the free TennisMatch mobile app. Register and create your tennis profile Invite your friends to download the app Coordinate matches among your friends and contacts Non app users get match invites via email or text. The TennisMatch website offers alternative access for non smart phone users user’s friend network
  3. 3. How TennisMatch works: Connecting communities of players TennisMatch open network TennisMatch connects users to a greater TennisMatch “open” network Need a sub for your match? Use TennisMatch to find the perfect player based on age, gender, and play level preferences that you set. Traveling and looking to play? See what matches are happening locally that need someone that fits your tennis profile. Apply to play in the match. TennisMatch users pay a monthly subscription of $1.99 to access the open network and other premium features. user’s friend network
  4. 4. How TennisMatch works: Connecting communities of players TennisMatch open network private club-only network TennisMatch + ClubConnect creates a “private” network of club members Clubs create a free ClubConnect account Clubs invite their members into the network via email. Members download the free TennisMatch app and register an account. During registration, the user is verified as a club member. Clubs pay $1.00 per member who registers Club members can now use TennisMatch to connect with each other, arrange matches, book courts at their club, and discover club match opportunities. All TennisMatch users have the option of accessing the open network and other premium features by subscribing for $1.99 per month. user’s friend network
  5. 5. The tennis market is ripe for a mobile networking system Tennis market size and characteristics Tennis is the fastest growing traditional sport in US, growing 31% over past 10 years Total global tennis economy in 2012 was $5.57 billion Total global tennis participation rate of 28 million people Over 6 million of these are “frequent players” (play 21+ times per year) The frequent player accounts for 70% of all tennis commerce spending USTA has 750,000 active competitors (league and tournament players) #1 reason people don’t play as much as they’d like: “I don’t have anyone to play with.” Source: The tennis profile = the smart phone profile There are no tennis mobile networks
  6. 6. The tennis market is ripe for a mobile networking system Tennis market size and characteristics The tennis profile = the smart phone profile There are no tennis mobile networks TennisMatch is targeted at the “frequent player” aged 30–55. Through time, TennisMatch becomes even more relevant as younger players join clubs and find more time to play. 2011 profile Source: 2012 Source: Pew
  7. 7. The tennis market is ripe for a mobile networking system Tennis market size and characteristics The tennis profile = the smart phone profile There are no tennis mobile networks There are a number of “club management” solutions on market. Many offer court scheduling and allow members access to it, but none provide a closed network that allows members to connect to each other to schedule matches among themselves and book the court. There are a handful of tennis “match-making” web sites available, yet none offer a mobile solution, and none can tie into a club’s court booking system. Despite the landscape of near-competitive solutions, no one comes close to the TennisMatch integrated web-mobile club “ecosystem” — nor do they offer the level of brand polish or user-friendliness that TennisMatch provides.
  8. 8. Revenue model TennisMatch subscription TennisMatch is free to download and use among friends. Users, however, can access the open network of players and games, and access premium features such as team management for just $1.99 / month. Our goal is to grow to 1m users by 2016, with a 50% conversion rate of users opting into subscription services. Strava, a cycling app that started in 2009, now has well north of 1m users of which 20% spend $5.99 / month for premium features. ClubConnect SaaS ClubConnect is a web-based application that private clubs can customize and use to power their court reservation system and manage their member database. Clubs invite their members to download TennisMatch and register. During registration, members are verified as club members and placed into a private network just for members where they can connect with each other—and book courts at their club—right from their phone. Clubs pay $1.00 / month per member that downloads TennisMatch and connects to ClubConnect. The app is free to the member, but they can opt to purchase TennisMatch’s additional premium features for $1.99 / month. Our goal is to to have 500 clubs (averaging 300 members) using ClubConnect by end of 2016.
  9. 9. Marketing Digital marketing We will target digital marketing efforts (Google AdWords, Facebook) on regional locations where tennis is popular. Our market contacts at Head and Wilson have confirmed our initial targets (So Cal, the Bay Area, the Northwest (Seattle and Portland), Sacramento and Bakersfield, Texas metro areas, Atlanta, all of Florida and the East Coast, and otherwise large urban city areas such as Chicago). Our initial targeted digital marketing tests proved a 3x return on investment. Our marketing budget will assume a 2x return. We will also conduct email marketing campaigns to our extensive email list of all USTA coordinators captains across the nation. Event marketing We have secured a booth at BNP Paribas Open (Palm Desert, Ca) and the Sony Ericsson Open March 2014. Over a two week period, 382,227 tennis enthusiasts walked the grounds at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden, visiting booths in between match play. Direct club sales ClubConnect will be beta tested at both Flint Canyon Tennis Club in La Canada, Ca and Longwood Cricket Club in Boston, Ma. When ClubConnect launches, we plan to reach out directly to our database of 3,500+ private tennis clubs across the US. In addition, our co-founder Carla Tamborini has long-standing relationships with many clubs in the Southern California region, which will be among the first targets for direct sales.
  10. 10. TennisMatch 2.0 UI
  11. 11. Comparable companies Strava Strava, founded in 2009, is an online service that tracks and gives in-depth feedback and analytics for GPS-tracked exercise. In its current form, Strava caters to cyclists, but the company is expanding to runners. In January 2011, Strava received first round financing of $3.5m after they had 10k users. In July of 2011, Strava raised an additional $12.6m in Series B funding led by Madrone Capital and Sigma Partners. In Jan of 2011, Strava’s cycling community had 10,000 users as was growing by 20 percent each month. Currently, Strava charges a monthly $5.99 subscription fee for premium services. They estimate 20% of their now 1 million+ members pay this monthly fee. Open Table OpenTable is a leading provider of instant online reservations system for restaurants. OpenTable delivers the convenience of booking reservations online to diners as well as the functionality of a computerized reservation system to restaurants. Founded in 1998, OpenTable has more than 20,000 restaurant customers and has seated more than 200 million diners around the world. OpenTable went public on May 21, 2009 with an IPO offering at $20 per share.
  12. 12. Comparable companies Meetup Launched in 2001, Meetup is a local community organizing network that makes it easy for anyone to organize a local group or find one of the thousands already meeting up face-to-face. Over 9.5 million people have created and joined long-lasting local Meetup Groups around shared interests and purposes. In 2002, Meetup received $1m in Series A funding. In 2003, Meetup received $5.3m in Series B funding. In 2006, Meetup received $4.5m in Series C funding. In 2008, Meetup received $7.5m in Series D funding. Like TennisMatch, Meetup’s initial revenue model was to charge $1.00 per successful “meet up.” The company quickly changed to a subscription fee of $19/month for meeting organizers—which apart from bolstering revenue also served as a “filter” to ensure quality meetings that would provide a good customer experience to the Meetup user base.
  13. 13. TennisMatch founders Lisa Lopuck Digital creative executive with 20 years of experience leading digital strategy for consumer brands Author of 8 books on interactive media, including Web Design for Dummies Avid 4.0 USTA league and tournament player Tennis weapon: A ridiculous backhand return of serve Carla Tamborini Carla and her family own Flint Canyon Tennis Club in La Canada, Ca. Private and public club business management consulting Extensive club ownership and management connections in Southern California Former D1 tennis player at UC San Diego, where she received a degree in business management Tennis weapon: A punishing forehand
  14. 14. TennisMatch strategic partners Technology partner for TennisMatch Over 15 years providing web, mobile, database technology solutions for companies such as Disney, GE, NBC Universal, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Mattel, and Sony. CEO Bahman Zakeri is an investor in TennisMatch Flint Canyon Tennis Club and Longwood Cricket Club Flint Canyon Tennis Club is a private tennis-only club in La Canada, Ca Longwood Cricket Club in Boston is the oldest tennis club in the US. Flint Canyon and it’s membership will serve as the beta test for ClubConnect. Longwood will follow. owns and maintains a library of 100s of tennis instructional videos. These videos will be featured on the TennisMatch website which will add a significant SEO boost to the site while providing value-added content to the TennisMatch user base.
  15. 15. TennisMatch next steps Investment To fund the development and marketing of TennisMatch 2.0 for Android and iPhone, the TennisMatch web site, and the ClubConnect system, we are seeking an investment of $500k for a 27% share of the Company. Exit plan The goal of TennisMatch is to build a substantial user database of “frequent players” (who account for 70% of all tennis spending), with extensive profile data, that a sporting goods company or retailer would view as a strategic acquisition. Alternatively, like Strava, Meetup and OpenTable, the TennisMatch digital networking and scheduling platform could also be viewed as a strategic acquisition by a consumer brand company such as Nike as a way to unite their customers by their shared passion for various sports, and obtain a means of delivering highly targeted and customized advertising, products, and services to the user base.
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