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Lisa Kuhn Phillips (260) 437-0859 ▪
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3Rivers Federal Credit Union
11.09% Average Cap...
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Lisa Kuhn Phillips 2014 resume


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Published in: Economy & Finance
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Lisa Kuhn Phillips 2014 resume

  1. 1. Lisa Kuhn Phillips (260) 437-0859 ▪ ORGANIZATIONAL STRATEGY ▪ CORPORATE CULTURE ▪ LEADERSHIP Organizational Change ! Strategic Planning ! Social Marketing Team Building ! Talent Development ! Performance Management Communications ! Vendor Relationships ! Operations Operations and Corporate Culture Senior Executive with over 25 years of experience leading organizations to provide optimal client and customer experience. Designs and implements progressive systems, solutions and resources while maintaining cost-effective operations and services. Growth focused, strategic thinker and creative problem solver distinguished for creating quality operations and teams to success. Courageous leader of change and persuasive in person and on paper. SELECTED HIGHLIGHTS • Led team of financial professionals to grow 3Rivers Federal Credit Union from $150M to $665M • Created a progressive business model, collaborative environment and fully designed an organizational transformation • Restructured IT area, redeveloped Marketing brand, evolved Member Resource e-Center and led change. • Selected and developed organization from a staff of 50 to an engaged and empowered team of 225 resulting in a 300% active customer base growth and infrastructure growth from 2 to 18 sites • Grew 3Rivers as a professional sales and service business and became a Top 3 brand (behind Chase Bank & Wells Fargo) What Others Say… “…at 3Rivers Lisa…possessed a comprehensive awareness of how we must collaborate effectively to capitalize on our distinct advantages. Of particular value was her work in the development and implementation of a new, distinct business model formulated at the outset of the recent recession to transform 3Rivers into a viable, member-centric prototypical financial cooperative positioned for success in the present and the future. ” Jeff Meyer, Former CEO – 3Rivers Federal Credit Union EXPERIENCE Inavision, LLC Founder and President 2012-Present Founded Inavision to assist businesses -including credit unions and community banks- refine strategy, realign culture and transform into leaner, focused business enterprises. Advising leaders in the 21 st century on more agile operations, better social connectivity and a sustainable bottom line. STAR Financial Bank Vice President of Marketing and Communications 2013 Marketing Leader responsible for brand awareness, integrated marketing strategy and communication plan for a $1.6B community bank. Directed profitable, effective campaigns with agency. Led new product development. • Guided social media awareness to engage and interact with b2c and eventual b2b through a connected approach using channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter • Involved in e-commerce initiatives and integration of disparate databases for business intelligence
  2. 2. Lisa Kuhn Phillips (260) 437-0859 ▪ ▪ Page Two 3Rivers Federal Credit Union 11.09% Average Capital Ratio ! Strong Asset Quality, ROA Solid 1% Annual average operations expense increase ! 10.43% Market Share Growth CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER COO focused on organizational growth through Support, Service, and Sales. Led IT, Finance, Marketing, Member Service, Risk, Project Management, Branch Sales, Support, and HR teams to evolve infrastructure to achieve organization growth, team development and increase credit union profile. • Achieved organizational goals and advanced strategic plans and a strong corporate culture. Led the organization to a new business model based on customer experience and business relevancy • Initiated “Young & Free” program to increase Gen Y and Millennial customers and combat aging customer base • Originated involvement and approval for a premier downtown financial space and business lender presence, as well as signing on as a key local FI partner in the new economic development partnership • Planned, co-designed and oversaw two LEED certified facility builds and the development and co- design of a “work collaborative culture” space for the 53,000 sq. ft. corporate campus resulting in “Best Practices Award for Facilities and Strategic Planning” SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT OF OPERATIONS 2007-2010 SVP Operations responsible for steering the organization in a new and innovative direction to address aging member population and position the credit union throughout NE Indiana and NW Ohio. Grew the senior executive team with diverse leaders. • Restructured IT Enterprise team from a reactive team to a proactive trusted business partner and driver of multiple projects. Increased member online services utilization by 64% • Led strategic direction of Marketing Department for brand refresh, website revamp, branch branding, and organizational brand training to grow our 10.43% market share while reducing expenditures to 75% of prior years’ marketing budgets • Created separate Risk Governance and Project Management Business Units focused on enterprise risk, operations and prioritization • Evolved Human Resource area to a Human Resource Development team to increase development, organizational responsibility and loyalty resulting in an 80%-90% employee loyalty score while containing Human Resource investment increases to less than 4% annually • Revamped the Finance area to turn from an accounting and reporting structure to an analysis team by hiring CFO leader focused on resource allocation, better analysis, improved policies, budgeting and ALM performance resulting in an increased average yield on investments of 95% • Implemented Member Service Resource and Response Center to be a hub for e-commerce resulting in a 56% increase in shares per member and 28% increase in loans per member
  3. 3. Lisa Kuhn Phillips (260) 437-0859 ▪ ▪ Page Three VICE PRESIDENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES 1996-2007 VP of HR who created a strategic HR Business Resource Center while increasing the 3Rivers team by 400% from 50 to over 220 team members. Developed, implemented and led HR, Training and Development and Deposit Compliance. • Increased employee opinion scores to the 80 th -90 th percentiles rivaling national firms’ “Best of the Best” rankings. Increased Net promoter scores of customer base from mid- 30’s to 66%. • Recognized as an Employer of Choice company resulting in employee-rated honors as “Top 20 Best Place to Work” and “Top 10 Best Small Businesses to Work For” • Created an employer of choice culture through strategically creating a competitive, progressive total HR system: policies, compensation, benefits, incentive/variable pay and recognition programs and processes. • Worked with city government and authored plan for the 1 st Community Development Credit Union in Indiana Additional 3Rivers Federal Credit Union positions from 1987-1996 include: Training Director/Compliance Manager; Retail Branch Manager; Various Accounting, Credit and Retail positions PROFESSIONAL RECOGNITION YWCA Woman of Achievement Award Future 40 of Northeast Indiana Award VOLUNTEER ACTIVITIES 2014 Advisory Board Member, Communication Director, Mentor Mentoring Women’s Network 2013 Advisory Committee Member Creative Arts Incubator, Artlink 2013 Mentor and Advisor Better Fort Farms and Urban Grow Additional previous volunteer positions with: Junior Achievement, United Way, YWCA Self Sufficiency Program, SCAN EDUCATION Bachelor of Science, Finance Indiana University, Bloomington Management Development Institute National Association of Federal Credit Unions